Worst Things About Sports

I hate sports. I say sports are behind me. I did Karate and PE in the past and sports made me look like a idiot and stupid. Let all of your troubles out here.

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1 It's Just Kicking a Ball Into a Net

I hate sports and this is what I think every time I do football in PE or see it on the T.V.. The person who created this list has the right mind about it! - HollyRolo

Oh My Why do people enjoy kicking a ball in a net - Jake09

Everyone who wrote a negative comment about sports shut up! You don't know what you are talking about! Sports are awesome!

2 Physical Education

PE is made to take people's ID away - Jake09

3 You Can't Change Your Mind About Doing the Sport After You Sign Up for It

Yep Signed Up for Karate Didn't like from Day 1 So I was stuck in it for 3 months and a last I'm out of that stupid class. - Jake09

4 The Games Cost Money to Watch

Get a grip! Go and watch your local team then. However I think the prices are a bit unreasonable. As for this quiz I can not believe I clicked on it! I love sports so much. Keeps you healthy and fit instead of fat and lazy. Anyone who complains obviously is rubbish at sport. This is the only slightly reasonable one. As opposed to the lazy excuse of 'its tiring'. Duhh.. But you wont be as tired next time you participate in a sport.

Well, so you're saying Stephen Hawking is bad for not playing sports then? - Skullkid755

Whoever wrote that I need to participate in PE and I get tired. - Jake09

5 It's Tiring

This can make you fall alsleep when you're busy - Jake09

6 You Can't Take Breaks

Me: Oh I want a water break. Coach : No Play the sport Now. Me : Curse You Coach. See that's why it's bad - Jake09

7 Bad Calls
8 Flops

Di Maria in a nutshell. - CoolCat999

9 They Are Mean to You

When I did Karate my Karate Teacher didn't like me. He called me Jake Posing. That was bad. - Jake09

Totally agree, Jake09! Really, what's the point?!?! - PositronWildhawk

10 They Expect You to Remember Every Rule and If You Forgot 1 Rule by Accident They Yell.

Ok I hold the hockey stick in the wrong direction. So I'm the worst student in history over a hockey stick getting held the wrong direction. - Jake09

Ik jake it's stupid. Jeez everyone make a mistake once in a while it's not like the teachers themselves r completely perfect and devoid of making errors

The Contenders

11 Annoying Teammates
12 Bad Coaches
13 Injuries
14 Losing a Big Game

I was taught to always win

15 You Run Every Time You Go to the Sport

OK you didn't sign up to run every day so why are we doing it then? - Jake09

16 The Other Team/Player Getting Highlights
17 Not Being Able to Keep the Lead
18 You Have to Go Even If You Are Sick

If I was sick I should be home not at a stupid sport. - Jake09

19 Too Much Overtime
20 Your Parents Choose What Sport You're Doing

My parents let me choose.

21 They're Expecting You to Not Be Late
22 They Expect You to Enjoy It

Yay, more running around, having my classmates yell at me for 'not trying' and getting hit in the head by stray balls. Please, can we just have something else?

23 You Have to Get Changed
24 The Other Team's/Player's Fans
25 Sports Fans
26 Losing a Game When Your Team Was So Much Better
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1. It's Just Kicking a Ball Into a Net
2. Physical Education
3. You Can't Change Your Mind About Doing the Sport After You Sign Up for It
1. Bad Calls
2. Flops
3. Annoying Teammates


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