Worst Things About Star vs the Forces of Evil

The Top Ten

1 Star Kills Animals

Since when PETA joins in the page?

2 It's a Random Show
3 It's a Disney Show

Really guys?! There is nothing wrong with SvTFoE being a Disney show. - GamerBoy

4 It Isn't Funny
5 It's Stupid

Not as stupid as Jesse or Austin and Ally.

6 It Is Way Too Violent for a Kids Show
7 It's Violent
8 Ripoff of Steven Universe

No it's not

9 Ripoff of the Fairly Oddparents

NO WAY! FOP is Nick and svtfoe is Disney! How could it possibly be the copy of it! They both have different plots and characters as well as other things. Involving magic to both of these shows doesn't mean it's a ripoff.

They both involve magic

How did it get green lit - TheKirbyCreeper999

10 The Pony Head Gimmick

The Contenders

11 Star, Brittney Wong, Marco and Mewberty Are All Ugly
12 Horrible Intro

Is the intro song a guy screaming like Breadwinner or Fanboy and Chum-Chum? Nope! I like it.

I HATE THIS LIST! These reasons are terrible.

13 Mewberty is a Racist Episode
14 Ludo Tries to Take Over the Universe
15 It Doesn't Get Enough Attention

Get it off the list cause if it did it would be overrated whoever added this is - TheKirbyCreeper999

16 The Knight Star Scene and Blood Moon Ball Are Very Frustrating
17 It's a Ripoff of Doraemon

Even more stupider than the why pickle and peanut is better than over the garden wall list

18 They focus on the romance too much (except season 3)

This is true. I also feel that shipping underage characters is wrong.

19 Mewberty

Must be number 1 - TheKirbyCreeper999

20 Scissors That Cut Into Another Dimension Makes No Sense at All
21 It's Overrated
22 Lazy Animation
23 Daron Nefcy kept adding new characters

Janna is okay BUT NOT THAT PERSON WITH THE BLUE HAIR AND BROWN SKIN. This show is supposed to be like Miraculous like the relationship. Adrien only like Marinette and Marco like Star including other girls. If I have a wish, I wish she adds characters that don't focus on dating Star or Marco like it's a love triangle. Also, there are far too many girls in that show which makes it a lot harder for Starco to develop. We need more boys. Like other boys from Gravity Falls. We want Star and Marco to date each other.

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