Another Rant on Porgs!

MegaSoulhero UGH!!! I have had it with the Porgs! What is the deal with them!? Why are they so special!? When they were first announced, I already didn’t like them. Even though the Last Jedi hasn’t come out yet, I can tell that these things are probably gonna be the Ewoks of the film. They just don’t really feel like they belong in Star Wars! But they got a lot of attention because of how cute they are and there’s a lot of merchandise involving them! But ever since the release of the Last Jedi trailer, the Porgs have reached meme status!

I’m not kidding! The Porgs are officially a meme! In the trailer, we literally only see one clip of a Porg making a dumb and annoying sound. And that seemed to have gotten more attention than anything else in the trailer! Now I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts on Twitter of people joking about these creatures! Someone changed the poster to make each character on it a Porg! Someone made a few Photoshopped pictures of Disney World rides named after the Porgs! I somehow knew this was gonna happen! I knew that putting creatures like these in a Star Wars film would be a bad idea! We know nothing about them and they might not really have that important of a role in the film! But people will still fall in love with these things because of their cuteness! It becomes a distraction for people! It causes them to lose focus on what is actually important! Sure, we have Rey being trained by Luke Skywalker, we have Finn facing off against Phasma, we have Carrie Fisher making her final appearance, but who cares about those things!? The only thing that matters is a Porg! The movie has a chance of being great, but I feel like the Porgs will be the weakest part! They probably won’t add anything to the film! They seem like they’re only there to sell toys! That’s understandable, but it’s gotten out of control! People are becoming overly obsessed with these things!

I have a very strong hatred for the Porgs! Even more than I originally did! Why did these things have to become a meme? They’re starting to remind me of the Minions from Despicable Me! I’m still excited for the Last Jedi, though!


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