Top 10 Worst Things About Stardoll

The Top Ten

1 People keep spamming you to click the fake stardoll hacker thing

The good thing is that I'll keep reporting them to get their accounts closed.

2 No other ways to get stardollars other than free offers and buying them
3 Everything is overpriced
4 Superstars get better stuff
5 You can't buy anything if you don't have the right phone

I don't know what phone you're supposed to have to buy superstar but I tried to but it said my phone is unreachable which isn't true.

What is stardoll

6 Hard to get noticed on Stardoll

I have been playing Stardoll since 2010 on different accounts and I think my highest level account was level 17 and she's not noticed or anything.

7 Removal of the closet in suites

Now we have to put our clothes in our inventories which sucks. The closet was handy because you can find your clothes easier.

8 Slow loading and lag
9 Lack of items costing starcoins

Starcoins are easy to get but when you get a lot of starcoins and you want to spend them and you see a nice item you want but it costs stardollars...

10 Lack of updates for stardesign clothes

They also really need to update the clothes you can design.

The Contenders

11 Lack of updates for default hairstyles

I have seen the same hairstyles on stardoll since I joined on my first account. They really need to design new ones and some of them are just plain ugly. I can't create my own hairstyle because I just don't have that talent.

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