Worst Things About the Stomach Bug

The Top Ten

1 You can't eat anything

Yeah if you eat anything little your stomach will hurt - DrayTopTens

Yeah, because I eat anything, I will vomit. - SpinelliFan

I hate the stomach bug and also love this list 100%! - Jake09

There was one day a few years ago where I just couldn’t bring myself to eat in the morning, but I didn’t know why. As the day progressed, I felt more ill, and my stomach started hurting. Eventually, the throwing up set in, and so I had developed a stomach bug I’d have for days - PackFan2005

2 You vomit every 5 seconds

I never wanna get the stomach bug Ever again! - nintendofan126

3 It really hurts
4 You can miss a day at school and mess up your grades
5 You feel terrible
6 It's not your fault you got it
7 You can have it for days
8 You can get another person sick with it
9 It's actually inflames your stomach
10 You can't go near people
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