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1 Extreme heat

The season just transitioned into summer and I'm already sweating more than profusely... I need to take showers twice a day because of this.. In my country summer usually starts in may. - aqua84

This is why I don't like summer. - Misfire

Yeah it too hot today it kinda sucked, and last wenesday, but at least you can still go outside in heat, you can't in extreme cold - trains45

Ugh! I can feel my breasts getting sweaty! It's so uncomfortable! - Stazemar000

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2 Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .

I don't see much mosquitos in Texas, but I went to Maryland and there were lots! - Luckys

Mosquitoes are common in the philippines, I get bitten a lot by mosquitoes and used to be very afraid of them as a kid. they could get very annoying but I gradually got used into it. - aqua84

I hate mosquitoes their the worst thing about summer - trains45

Yes, this one of the worst things about summer because at my Cottage in the Summertime. They fly around me, leave itchy bites on me that could make me scratch the itchy bites for a very long time and they make that irritating buzz! They are the most irritating insects in the summertime!

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3 Summer isn't very long

True it may now june in 6 days, and you think of it september is 3 months away from june, and sometimes it could feel like, it june 21 or the last day of school, then it flies by and it already september and kids are back in school, one year felt like it was 2 weeks for summer it went by too fast

I feel like these years are getting faster, I still remember stuff on the day of new years of eve before 2017. - Luckys

Yeah it goes by so fast, today june 17, 2019, before you know it it probably be september - trains45

That's good! If it's long, then it means more time to suffer the heat! - Misfire

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4 Wasps

The wasps were so bad last summer, I almost got stung once - trains45

I am real scared of wasp I run away as fast as I can, I know I should probably just stay still and it is weird when a people see a person (me) sprinting across the grass when a wasp is chasing me and I literally knocked someone down to get away from a wasp that was chasing me

I frockin hate wasps. - AlphaQ

I am scared because I have no idea if I am allergic a lot. I'm just terrified. I just wanted to say that. If you are allergic, good luck in summer. Well, they won't say this is good quality enough yet, so wait, no, wait! Okay, and... Good.

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5 Sunburn

I'm black...sooo I can't say this has happened

Even on cloudy days with an inch thick layer of sunscreen walking for 5 minutes leads to sunburn and heatstroke consequently resulting in weeks of constant pain and humiliation as people tell you to wear sunscreen and then they don’t believe you when you show them how you put on an inch thick layer of factor 50.

I used to get sunburnt a lot but then I decided to not use sunblock. - AlphaQ

I get sunburned real easily even though I have sunscreen and a hat. In 2016 I actually got a bad sunburn ON A CLOUDY DAY! How is that even possible?

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6 Sweaty people

I Hate Them! They're Filt

I sweat the most in my family

Can't tolerate the sultry, sweaty days of summer.

Totally true, I'm putting that on my project

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7 Nothing to do

I watch T.V. because Summer and Fall are when the good T.V. comes. I go on vacations, so I have stuff to do. - Luckys

My summer is 99% stuck at home

That awkward moment when one month is gone and you realize... I just spent half the summer doing nothing!

First 2 weeks: It's summer!? HELL YEAH! Let's go eat all kinds of ice cream and watch movies all day!

Pretty much after that: It's summer? Ugh...I'm desperate to do something just take me to school already... - Lina1028

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8 Humidity

My family hogs all the air conditioning >:(

It's basically heat that makes you moist and sweaty. - AlphaQ

I hate humidity as an asthma sufferer, The humidity makes it unbearable to breathe sometimes, especially in rammed places like buses, when all the windows are shut it is awful, The humidity gets to your lungs and causes an annoying repetitive ticklish cough. I hate that.

Really Hate humidity, people with asthma struggle to breathe, there is no air around, gnats and insects are everywhere, also you get frizzy hair and sticky skin. Yuck.

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9 Summer homework

Summer reading, but it takes me two days to read a novel. - Luckys

This is exactly what summer reading is

Homework of hell has ruin your summer

That would be terrible! - 3DG20

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10 The Heat

Where I am here, I can't live or bare or even try living here in summer.

Here in Australia it's hot. It can get over 40 degree sometimes. - AlphaQ

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? When It Rains Too Much

Summer 2013 and 2016 and june and july 2018 and the last 2 week of june 2019 we had rain non stop, it sucked, but we still got the sunny days too, and a few in the last 2 weeks in june 2019, including today on june 26 2019 but it may rain later - trains45

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11 Either Nothing To Do Or Too Much To Do

tea - Luckys

For me it's nothing to do

! Yes!

Temmie flakes!

12 Allergies flare up

I'm allergic to sensitive people who snitch on me. - AlphaQ

I thought these yellow stuff appears during spring time!

I got an allergy shot in summer 2016 due to my extreme sunburns :(

13 Hurricane season

How can mosquitoes be above this? I'm from Washington, a place where hurricanes can't happen and even I know how horrible they are.

I'm terrified of hurricanes - Celestius

I live in Florida. Granted, we've had good luck with hurricanes for the last few years, but it seems that luck will change soon with Irma. - Absolite

Really? Hurricanes come during the summer?

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14 It's Boring After a While

For me it’s already boring FROM THE START


I will admit that it can be, but I wouldn’t want it any other way if it means I don’t have to go to school. - 3DG20

15 More creepy perverts

Lol I'm dead

16 Ice Cream Melts Quickly

Then shove the ice cream in your mouth and get brain freeze. - AlphaQ

Lick lick lick lick lick lick yum um! Yummy yummy in my tummy! What no my ice cream's gone

Which retarded person wrote this

Their is somfing rong with u peple

17 Summer school

I never had to go to summer school, it would of sucked if I ever had to go - trains45

Then just skip summer school lmao. - AlphaQ

Yes I can goof off all summer. And comes summer school and I have to go? Dang it school how dare you do that it ruins summer time you stupid stupid school. You just don't do that that's insulting whats next winter school?

I really don't wanna stay in the same school in summer times, it makes my life a living hell!

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18 Summer Clothes

I hate shorts that aren't jean shorts/ - Luckys

You can't wear hoodies or pumpkin masks or chains either. But it's alright. - AlphaQ

I hate summer clothes, it's like people think Hey summers here! then you see all overweight disgusting men with there tops off and there huge bellies and moobs on display. Nobody dresses modest in the summer it's like everyone just strips off. Some girls walk around in just a pair of shorts & bikini top in City centers among business people, office workers, shoppers, old people etc.. It's like put it away, save that for the beach!

Personally, I don't like seeing people (including myself) dress up in summer clothes at all, regardless of age, weight, or anything like that. - LemonComputer

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19 Getting Left Out Of Stuff

My cousins always goes out nearly every week during the summer but my sister and I are always stuck at home with nothing to do. Sometimes they do fun stuff that I could've been doing! They rarely invite us but when they do my mom usually says no so as a result I get bored way too easily during the summer :(

U don't have a life so it doesn't mater

20 Over-air-conditioned buildings

Bla bla so boring and its boiling

21 Sun Tans

I'm already dark-skinned so I don't need a Tan. - AlphaQ

If it butrns - Adventurur2

22 No school

School sucks - Luckys

School is horrid I can't believe you put this. I is a daft input it is the best thing about the summer holidays

School sucks lol - AlphaQ

The person who put this on the list is an idiot! This is one of the best things about summer!

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23 Crowded Public Pools

I go to the pool a lot, but I kind pf hate it because I see people from my school and the popular girls and boys, which is just awkward. - Luckys

All I see at public pools are 2-7 year olds who slide on waterslides for children from ages 8 and up. The rules are even in the public pool. BUT people are "too lazy" to read them - MinecraftHater

24 Horrid smells
25 Ice Cream Truck Song

The song got annoying after while - trains45

Play NWA instead haha. It'll Ben much better I promise. I'm not even sarcastic right now. - AlphaQ

I find it kind of annoying, but at least the ice cream makes up for it. - 3DG20

I HATE THAT SONG! No offense to people who like it.

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26 Summer depression
27 Bumble Bees
28 Morning Cups Of Coffee Make You Sweat

I don't drink coffee I drink beer…haha just kidding, I drink juice. - AlphaQ

29 Back to school commercials

This is super annoying about summer, when I was in school, it made me think about school and made me nervous, I was trying to enjoy my summer and not think about school - trains45

Yeah when I go to the store like to use target gift card from Christmas and I see schools supplies um like why are school supplies here so early they should be showing summer things like pool noodles floats beach balls bubbles pool toys

I not in school anymore I still get sick of seeing back to school commercials makes me feel like summer is almost over it only the begining of aug different if it was the middle of aug to show them

One summer they came up in the middle of July it was way too early

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30 People Moaning When the Weather Isn't Perfect

Yeah when it rains for 5 days in a row or 10 days in a row them some one companies it raining too much it gets annoying to hear after while - trains45

I agree it gets annoying when someone complains if it rains too much for like days - trains45

Just take one day where it's twenty degrees and cloudy. It's quite comfortable, but everyone's all like "Where's the summer gone? " and "Oh, isn't the weather horrible today? ". Please. In some places in colder countries, temperatures like that are the warmest they get and they live with it. - Entranced98

31 Long Lines at the Water Park

Me: goddam queues
Also me: *cuts queues*

Always think of solutions. - AlphaQ

Oh wait! I want to go to the crazy river! *sees 500 people* what?


32 No Football (Soccer)

I want soccer season now! - soccerobsessed

33 People take their shirts off

Vile vile vile. Obese fat men walking around bare chested, it should be indecent exposure!

Girls walking around in bikini tops or loose sling tops with no bra, Put it away love.

What if it's your crush? - Captaincrunch2015

34 Cicadas are a bit loud

here in china, cicadas really suck. last summer, I couldn't get any sleep thanks to the constant buzzing -. -

35 People expecting you to go out

My mom is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. She makes me stay home in fear that I'll get sunburned.

36 Metal at the Playgrounds and in the Car Burn You

I once touched a car unknowingly it was so hot! - Ananya

It is so irritating!

37 Summer Camp


Consider yourselves fortunate. Summer camp can lead to suicide from boredom (just like algebra class).

Go to bed early wake up early trinity summer camp sucks the teachers shouldn't get paid even have to go on dad's day off

It's trash but parents every year force their children to go

This year nobody goes to summer camp. - Captaincrunch2015

38 No Hockey

Yeah I enjoy hockey, but no hockey until the preseason, but I can enjoy seeing my favorite MLB teams all summer - trains45

39 All your friends are gone

All my friends are dead.
~ Lil Uzi Vert

(I don't like him though) - AlphaQ

Every time I make a new friend in the beginning of the school year, they always move away.

40 All cloudy days

The worst of all

41 Bugs

I wanna kill all the bugs! - toshdeluxe

42 Smoke from wildfires

This seems to happen every summer, sometimes I stuck inside all day because of asthma

Today it smokey in my town, not even summer yet amd it already been too smokey

43 Hay fever

Because I have hay fever, summer is unpleasant for me. - 50

I don't think that make sence

44 Basketball season is over

I miss it sooo much!

45 The Hype Makes Summer Seem Less Fun
46 School's Out

I like this, but the most annoying part is that my Asian parents keep forcing me to study for THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR. They think that anything that's not studying is a "complete waste of my time and life"

Mom: why you on YouTube? Go review for next year
Me: But mom it's summer! I worked so hard! I deserve a break!
Mom: You always on YouTube! That waste your time, waste your life. Review is better. Make you smarter.

I wish that my Asian parents can cut off some slack here... :(

That is a good thing. Why is it even on the list? Better yet, why are there duplicates of it on the list? - 3DG20

I love school so much I miss my freinds so bad I hate it that schools out I want it back its not fair I love work so much and I have to go to babysitter her house very nice but I get in trouble sometimes I love school nothing better than school I hate bullies though

Get this off the list now!

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47 Vacation with a girl who annoys you

! I did that once and my life turned out to be MISERABLE!

48 It is 52 degrees celsius but it feels like boiling water in Doha, Qatar
49 Power cuts
50 Boring

My parents don't like going on vacations so summers are boring for me :(

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