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1 Mosquitoes Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are insects that have been known to cause various diseases. A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus.

Yes, this one of the worst things about summer because at my Cottage in the Summertime. They fly around me, leave itchy bites on me that could make me scratch the itchy bites for a very long time and they make that irritating buzz! They are the most irritating insects in the summertime!

I don't hate them as much as I hate deer flies, but they are quite annoying from their high-pitched buzzing to their desperate attempt to suck your blood out.

Mosquitoes are common in the philippines, I get bitten a lot by mosquitoes and used to be very afraid of them as a kid. they could get very annoying but I gradually got used into it.

I hate them they love summer and its terrible they can caused dieseases. They should die due to the blood sucking abilitys. Can't they leave us alone? We can't go back to schoolgeting bug bites everywhere.

2 Extreme heat

Even in London the heat is unbearable in summer! We don't have mosquitoes or venomous spiders, thankfully, but even the harmless flies and wasps are annoying enough!
Why do people go places that are even hotter?! It's just plain stupid! Why would you get away from the London heat by going somewhere like Texas or India?! If you want to go somewhere like that, go in the winter (assuming you're both in the same hemisphere). But the cold is the lesser of two evils, so it's logically better to go somewhere cooler!

I hate the summer, Especially working in the summer. It is horrible to work when you are doing a physical job and you get sweaty & dirty it's just disgusting, then your clothes stick to you and you have no choice but to keep your clothes on & continue working because you need your clothes to protect you from things in the work place.

I hate the heat, you get hot, sticky & sweaty & it's unhygienic & uncomfortable. Also germs multiply in the heat so germs on the ground multiply in hot/humid weather, where as in the winter the ice and ground frost kill them all.

I live in Philly and it can get heat waves here over the summer. Same as NJ. Once it was 102 degrees and the heat index was like 115 degrees.

In Vegas it's over 100 EVERY SINGLE DAY due it being right in the middle of a desert.

3 It isn't very long

seriously, you don't want a year round summer, in florida it's very hot and humid, it feels like 6 of the 7 layers of your skin are burning, and on top of that the humidity makes it feel like you're glue. Pretty much the only way to get away from the heat is to go inside

Oh no! We have year-round summers in South India. From 15th May to 10th June, the average maximum temperature is 40°Celsius. What's more? High humidity. In January, the average maximum temperature is 29°Celsius and average minimums are 20 degrees Celsius. During peak summer, the minimum temperature can go as high as 30°Celsius. But still we have only the heat problem and During November to February me and my friends stay and play outside most of the time.

Sniff... It 3 days here until it over and it's getting colder, why mummy why? Laugh out loud I hate all things like weather, but I love thunder and sun! The BBQs the paddling pools, the things, but sun cream is just CRAP!

Summer all year long? No snow, no ice, warm weather all the time, we on't have to close our pool, we can cook out more often,...I can live with that! It's still Christmas, in the places where it doesn't snow in December.

4 Wasps

I am scared because I have no idea if I am allergic a lot. I'm just terrified. I just wanted to say that. If you are allergic, good luck in summer. Well, they won't say this is good quality enough yet, so wait, no, wait! Okay, and... Good.

Here in UK they are so small and their stings don't even hurt but still so scary. Can't help but run like a little girl if one is following me.

Worst animal ever, even worse than mosquitoes. Now, I'm listening to "know your enemy" by Green Day, and it make me think about those d***.

All I do is stand still.
The wasp just wants something to eat.
It stings you if you annoy it.
Just my opinion...

5 Sunburn

I get sunburned real easily even though I have sunscreen and a hat. In 2016 I actually got a bad sunburn ON A CLOUDY DAY! How is that even possible?

I used to get sunburnt a lot but then I decided to not use sunblock.

I've lost count of how many sunburns I had last summer.

I got sunburned once when I was on vacation. It hurts!

6 Sweaty people

Can't tolerate the sultry, sweaty days of summer.

Or when you're sweaty. I hate sweating a lot!

What's more worse?!

7 Nothing to do

First 2 weeks: It's summer!? HELL YEAH! Let's go eat all kinds of ice cream and watch movies all day!

Pretty much after that: It's summer? Ugh...I'm desperate to do something just take me to school already...

That awkward moment when one month is gone and you realize... I just spent half the summer doing nothing!

My typical summer vacations (when I'm not flying):

1%-day trip to NJ shore, NYC, etc...
4%-go out to eat/party
6%-shopping, errands, etc
90%-stay home and play on the computer all day

I watch T.V. because Summer and Fall are when the good T.V. comes. I go on vacations, so I have stuff to do.

8 Summer homework

I'm in honors English and over the summer, we had to watch a TED talk, read a book, and write an essay. It was TORTURE!

My school always gives us a "summer math paket" to do over the summer and they also make us read a REALLY boring book and write a book review on it. I'm also gonna have to be tutored this summer becuase I have a learning disabillity

Teacher's can take break all day when we are just gonna do homework... really?

Summer reading, but it takes me two days to read a novel.

9 Humidity

I hate humidity as an asthma sufferer, The humidity makes it unbearable to breathe sometimes, especially in rammed places like buses, when all the windows are shut it is awful, The humidity gets to your lungs and causes an annoying repetitive ticklish cough. I hate that.

My family goes to Florida for summer vacation every year and it's very humid. I have curly hair, and it's always frizzy when we go to FL

Really Hate humidity, people with asthma struggle to breathe, there is no air around, gnats and insects are everywhere, also you get frizzy hair and sticky skin. Yuck.

The humidity is so bad that I have straight silky hair and it makes my hair frizzy. Sigh

10 Summer school

Who wants to go to school in summers?! Even my school's first week is in summer. I usually get bored.

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11 Back to school commercials

These ads start in mid-to-late July and end in late August or early September. They're super annoying.

Yeah when I go to the store like to use target gift card from Christmas and I see schools supplies um like why are school supplies here so early they should be showing summer things like pool noodles floats beach balls bubbles pool toys

One summer they came up in the middle of July it was way too early

These commercials are so annoying they drive me nuts, they also play too early as well

12 Ice cream melts quickly

Then shove the ice cream in your mouth and get brain freeze.

13 Bugs

The worst bug to ever exist, I wish we got rid of all flies, and the world would be a better place. The flies also deserve a painful death not just by a swatter. Flies are evil.

The only thing flies are for is for spiders to kill and frogs to eat.

14 Hurricane season

How can mosquitoes be above this? I'm from Washington, a place where hurricanes can't happen and even I know how horrible they are.

I live in Florida. Granted, we've had good luck with hurricanes for the last few years, but it seems that luck will change soon with Irma.

Really? Hurricanes come during the summer?

Hurricanes aren't even strong where I live, but I still hate them

15 More creepy perverts
16 Summer clothes

I hate summer clothes, it's like people think Hey summers here! then you see all overweight disgusting men with there tops off and there huge bellies and moobs on display. Nobody dresses modest in the summer it's like everyone just strips off. Some girls walk around in just a pair of shorts & bikini top in City centers among business people, office workers, shoppers, old people etc.. It's like put it away, save that for the beach!

Personally, I don't like seeing people (including myself) dress up in summer clothes at all, regardless of age, weight, or anything like that.

I hate the summer dress code, nobody wears enough clothes & modesty goes out the window.

You can't wear hoodies or pumpkin masks or chains either. But it's alright.

17 People moaning when the weather isn't perfect

Just take one day where it's twenty degrees and cloudy. It's quite comfortable, but everyone's all like "Where's the summer gone? " and "Oh, isn't the weather horrible today? ". Please. In some places in colder countries, temperatures like that are the warmest they get and they live with it.

I remember when it rained for 3 days once someone was upset that it was raining it was annoying

18 Crowded public pools

All I see at public pools are 2-7 year olds who slide on waterslides for children from ages 8 and up. The rules are even in the public pool. BUT people are "too lazy" to read them

I go to the pool a lot, but I kind pf hate it because I see people from my school and the popular girls and boys, which is just awkward.

19 Getting left out of stuff

My cousins always goes out nearly every week during the summer but my sister and I are always stuck at home with nothing to do. Sometimes they do fun stuff that I could've been doing! They rarely invite us but when they do my mom usually says no so as a result I get bored way too easily during the summer :(

20 Sun tans

I'm already dark-skinned so I don't need a Tan.

21 Too much rain

You know something's wrong with the weather in where you live when you can't go a SINGLE day in July without rain!

22 Allergies flare up

I thought these yellow stuff appears during spring time!

Because I have hay fever, summer is unpleasant for me.

I'm allergic to sensitive people who snitch on me.

23 It's boring

I will admit that it can be, but I wouldn't want it any other way if it means I don't have to go to school.

24 Over-air-conditioned buildings
25 Horrid smells
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