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1 Extreme heat

Even in London the heat is unbearable in summer! We don't have mosquitoes or venomous spiders, thankfully, but even the harmless flies and wasps are annoying enough!
Why do people go places that are even hotter?! It's just plain stupid! Why would you get away from the London heat by going somewhere like Texas or India?! If you want to go somewhere like that, go in the winter (assuming you're both in the same hemisphere). But the cold is the lesser of two evils, so it's logically better to go somewhere cooler!

I hate the summer, Especially working in the summer. It is horrible to work when you are doing a physical job and you get sweaty & dirty it's just disgusting, then your clothes stick to you and you have no choice but to keep your clothes on & continue working because you need your clothes to protect you from things in the work place.

Where I live, it can get up to 25 celcius in summer. In summer, I just travel to the other hemisphere where it is winter. Heat is disgusting and summer should be destroyed.

This can suck but at least you go outside if you have sun screen on and keep hydrated extreme cold in winter is worse than extreme heat in summer

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2 Mosquitoes Mosquitoes Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .

Yes, this one of the worst things about summer because at my Cottage in the Summertime. They fly around me, leave itchy bites on me that could make me scratch the itchy bites for a very long time and they make that irritating buzz! They are the most irritating insects in the summertime!

Mosquitos make me wish it was winter so they would all DIE!

I'll be relaxing, minding my own business around the campfire, and suddenly I feel some itching on my shoulder. I look over and what do I see? A bunch o mosquitoes trying to suck my veins dry!

They actually don't hurt that much because I never put on bug spray so I am used to it - Ihateschool

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3 Summer isn't very long

I so agree here. Summer is my favorite season. I adore heat and try to visit many countries in summer. Too bad this lovely season is so short - Irina2932

Sniff... It 3 days here until it over and it's getting colder, why mummy why? Laugh out loud I hate all things like weather, but I love thunder and sun! The BBQs the paddling pools, the things, but sun cream is just CRAP!

Yeah and the heat makes me want to shove a cooling system down cyborgs throat no wonder I spend my summers in Canada and winters in utah

3 months goes by fast - Adventurur2

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4 Wasps

I am scared because I have no idea if I am allergic a lot. I'm just terrified. I just wanted to say that. If you are allergic, good luck in summer. Well, they won't say this is good quality enough yet, so wait, no, wait! Okay, and... Good.

Here in UK they are so small and their stings don't even hurt but still so scary. Can't help but run like a little girl if one is following me.

I totally freak out when I see a wasp. If they didn't sting Wouldn't mind much.

The bad part about wasp is that they get into your house. - NikoX

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5 Sunburn

Hey buddy let me slam your back (slaps) WHAT THA F***! - SmoothCriminal

They are so painful the PowerPuff Girls episode Sun Scream made me hate them even more - Ihateschool

I am already black so I cannot burn

the PAIN

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6 Sweaty people

Can't tolerate the sultry, sweaty days of summer.

Totally true, I'm putting that on my project

What's more worse?! - Ananya

High Five!

7 Nothing to do

That awkward moment when one month is gone and you realize... I just spent half the summer doing nothing!

First 2 weeks: It's summer!? HELL YEAH! Let's go eat all kinds of ice cream and watch movies all day!

Pretty much after that: It's summer? Ugh...I'm desperate to do something just take me to school already... - Lina1028

I've watched T.V. for literally 2 months straight now

I agree there nothing to do

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8 Humidity

I hate humidity as an asthma sufferer, The humidity makes it unbearable to breathe sometimes, especially in rammed places like buses, when all the windows are shut it is awful, The humidity gets to your lungs and causes an annoying repetitive ticklish cough. I hate that.

Really Hate humidity, people with asthma struggle to breathe, there is no air around, gnats and insects are everywhere, also you get frizzy hair and sticky skin. Yuck.

The humidity is so bad that I have straight silky hair and it makes my hair frizzy. Sigh

9 The Heat

Where I am here, I can't live or bare or even try living here in summer.

10 Summer homework

It's the stupidest thing ever! We should be getting a break for all that stuff and it's just hanging over your head all summer :( - Lissie19999

My school gave out math workbooks but eventually stopped because they all ended up in the trash

Every time this happens it either ends up in my last day of school bonfire or fed to some goats - Captaincrunch2015

Well I never get summer homework

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11 Allergies flare up

I thought these yellow stuff appears during spring time!

12 Either Nothing To Do Or Too Much To Do

! Yes!

Temmie flakes!

13 Hurricane season

How can mosquitoes be above this? I'm from Washington, a place where hurricanes can't happen and even I know how horrible they are.

I'm terrified of hurricanes - Celestius

I live in Florida. Granted, we've had good luck with hurricanes for the last few years, but it seems that luck will change soon with Irma. - Absolite

yes retard

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14 It's Boring After a While


15 Summer school

Yes I can goof off all summer. And comes summer school and I have to go? Dang it school how dare you do that it ruins summer time you stupid stupid school. You just don't do that that's insulting whats next winter school?

I really don't wanna stay in the same school in summer times, it makes my life a living hell!

I hate school I wish were at the beach right now

Every child's worst nightmare

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16 More creepy perverts

Lol I'm dead

17 Ice Cream Melts Quickly

Lick lick lick lick lick lick yum um! Yummy yummy in my tummy! What no my ice cream's gone

Which retarded person wrote this

Their is somfing rong with u peple

18 Over-air-conditioned buildings

A real problem: too hot outside, too cold inside - GriffinDoge

Bla bla so boring and its boiling

19 Getting Left Out Of Stuff

U don't have a life so it doesn't mater

20 Summer Clothes

I hate summer clothes, it's like people think Hey summers here! then you see all overweight disgusting men with there tops off and there huge bellies and moobs on display. Nobody dresses modest in the summer it's like everyone just strips off. Some girls walk around in just a pair of shorts & bikini top in City centers among business people, office workers, shoppers, old people etc.. It's like put it away, save that for the beach!

Personally, I don't like seeing people (including myself) dress up in summer clothes at all, regardless of age, weight, or anything like that. - LemonComputer

I hate the summer dress code, nobody wears enough clothes & modesty goes out the window.

You see obese blobs everywhere.

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