Top Ten Worst Things About Super Mario Bros.

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1 It's an NES Game

So what then? - darthvadern

Screw You! NES's Are Awesome! So Just Shut Up!

What!?!? I love the Mario franchise! - nintendofan126

The Nintendo Entertainment System is Horrible.

2 Terrible Graphics

They're actually decent for a NES game - darthvadern

I Bet The Only Reason Why You People Hate On Those Graphics Because Those Graphics Are Too Old.

I hate NES Graphics. I love Wii U Graphics!

Ok,your crazy,that is when Mario was at its best,they were perfect! You must be a troll. - FaZeMetal

3 It Ruined The Video Game Industry

*saved - darthvadern

Nope! I Don't Really Think You Understand The True Meaning Of This Game. You See. It Didn't Actually Ruin The Video Game Industry It Actually Saved It. I Can't Believe You're Not Even Smart Enough To See That.

We Know without the NES no other game system would exist. But without Mario no other Nintendo games would exist.

That's why there's a lot of crappy games.

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4 Princess Peach Got Kidnapped the First Time

Wait! So You're Saying Mario Sucks Because Princess Peach Always Gets Kidnapped?! Seriously?!? That Has Got To Be One Of The Dumbest Reasons To Hate On A Mario Character!

That's the number one reason why Mario Sucks!

5 Some Gamers Can't Beat Level One

Their problem - darthvadern

I can beat level one but not two.

You must suck at Mario. - FaZeMetal

What the hell do they have Parkinson's? - gemcloben

6 Bowser is the Worst Video Game Villain Ever

*One of the best - darthvadern

Then I Guess That Means Any Other Video Game Villain Would Be Better At Being A Villain Then He Would? Is That True?

7 Luigi is Player Two

Very good thing - darthvadern

They both should be player one.

8 It's a Mario Game

That's why it's so awesome - darthvadern

So You're Saying This Game Sucks Because It's A Mario Game? Well Chances Are If You Hate A Mario Game For Just Being A Mario Game Then You Pretty Much Hate All The Other Mario Games. Am I Correct?

Most Mario Games Sucks! Spinoffs and Super Smash Bros Game are way better than this!

So You're Saying All Mario Games Are Bad?! That's It! Pathetic! Just Pathetic!

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9 No Princess Daisy

That's good - darthvadern

She better than Peach anyway. I wish Daisy exist in this game e first time instead of Super Mario Land.

10 Glitches

Rarely any actually - darthvadern

Since When Did A Glitch Ever Happen In A Mario Game?

I hate Video Game Gitches so much!

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11 You Can't Save In the Original Version

I don't care - darthvadern

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