Top 10 Worst Things About Super Mario Sunshine

I have always hated Super Mario Sunshine even though it gets so much praise. The bad stuff was just too prominent for me. Here are my reasons why I do not like Super Mario Sunshine and find it to be the weakest 3D Mario game.

The Top Ten

1 The Controls

The controls feel so off especially when jumping onto tiny platforms where Mario will easily slip off and then you have to go all the way back. It's infuriating when you're up high in a level and land on a platform only for Mario to slip right off. - YakkoWakkoDot

2 The Difficulty Curve

Normally I'm all for challenges in video games, but only if the challenge is fair and satisfying to complete. Super Mario Sunshine's difficulty curve isn't like that at all. It has one of the worst difficulty curves from levels like corona mountain and the pachinko machine. It's made even worse with the slippery controls I mentioned earlier - YakkoWakkoDot

3 The Glitches

For some reasons there are times when the game will just not work. Like when I'm trying to jump to a moving pole and Mario will just slide right next to it and fall down. Or when I'm trying to ground pound to break a crate to open a secret path/shortcut only for Mario to avoid breaking the box and just go into the shortcut. In that case I would need to go back to the beginning of the level. Also there are times where I just get stuck in moving platforms where I just can not move. - YakkoWakkoDot

4 The 100% "Reward"

I like to 100% games as it's fun to get everything in a game, but only if it's worth it. 100%ing Sunshine is a big mistake because you get nothing out of it. And even if it's like this in Mario 64 as well at least it was fun to 100% that game. 100%ing Sunshine is just tedious and annoying. - YakkoWakkoDot

5 Blue Coins

This is only #6? I agree with all your points this game is overrated but this is worse than all of 1-5 combined

These things don't need to be here. The blue coins were only added to pad out the game. - YakkoWakkoDot

6 The Level Design

The levels in Super Mario Sunshine are some of the most boring levels in 3D Mario history. I know the game wanted to go for a tropical island paradise feel, but that only hurts the game as it makes the levels so bland. - YakkoWakkoDot

7 No Long Jump

This game took out one of the best things from Mario 64. It's nice to know it was added back in Galaxy. - YakkoWakkoDot

8 The Final Boss

This is one of the most disappointing final bosses in a video game ever, especially after such a hard level that comes before it. Oh and sometimes you just fall through the stage because of how much of a broken mess this game is. - YakkoWakkoDot

9 Lilypads/Boats

Any level where you have to use fludd to move a lilypad or boat across water or lava is instantly terrible. It comes off as very tedious and it's just frustrating if you die because the boat or lilypad didn't want to go in the way you were pushing it. - YakkoWakkoDot

10 It's Almost Unplayable

The Contenders

11 The Camera

There are times where the camera just does not want to work. In these moments you can't see anything and you'll just have a frustrating death. - YakkoWakkoDot

12 The Pachinko Machine

The biggest issue with this side-mission are the gravity wells around each of the holes, making course correction much more of a chore than it should be.

Look, I love this game unlike YakkoWakkoDot, but the Pachinko level is infuriatingly difficult. I forgot how I beat it, to be completely honest. - Extractinator04

13 The Secret "Red Coins on Rapidly Flowing Toxic Insta-Death River While Riding Slowly Rotting Lily Pad" Level
14 The Pinatas

Definitely the worst Mario race. Thank goodness they're only in this game. - YakkoWakkoDot

15 The Physics
16 The Watermelon Festival

I love the game so much when I was a kid. So annoying then and adulthood.

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