Worst Things About the Super Smash Bros Franchise

Note:I used to love this franchise but im losing intrest I mean whats the point I dont hate it I still love this series I just dont love it as I used to heres the reasons why i dont like as I used to

The Top Ten

1 It's Overrated

Everyone plays it on yourube seriously - VideoGamefan5

2 Rosalina

She rosalamea of the galaxy ugh she sucks - VideoGamefan5

3 Fanbase

Ugh this fanbase is horrible after the final direct I left the series for a couple of months - VideoGamefan5

4 Captain Falcon

Oh captain falcon where do I begin he's so weak he goes to fast which makes him leight and everyone uses him seriously - VideoGamefan5

5 It Gets Boring After a While
6 Jigglypuff
7 Online Spammers
8 Overhyped 3rd Party Characters

Worse, people are apparently allowed to complain all they want about any FIRST PARTY characters (e.g. Peach, Shulk, Rosalina, any and all Fire Emblem characters), but the third party characters (especially Snake, Cloud, Sonic, and Bayonetta) are holy and sacred, can absolutely do no wrong, and anyone who offers even the slightest and most valid criticism of them is a pariah that deserves to die a horrible death!

Two words: Solid. Snake.

Yeah, Cloud for one.


9 Peach
10 Bayonetta Won the Ballot

Before anyone makes with the "we would've otherwise had Goku or Shrek or Freddy" argument, if that's true (and how do you know it's true anyway? ) it only proves that the Ballot was a terrible idea.

It's since become apparently that the Ballot was actually a CYA so Nintendo could put Bayonetta, whose franchise they had then just purchased from Sega, into their otherwise E10 rated product (mind you they'd already cut a trophy- a trophy, and just a collectible one at that! - of a "Fire Emblem" character who wears a string bikini with a sarong over a body stocking for being too risque for an E10 game).

And was included without a second thought. So if General Custer or the naked Native chick from "Custer's Revenge"/"Westward Ho" had got all the votes, they would have made it in.

Did she though? "Very popular in Europe"? "Within the top 5"? Had she actually won, wouldn't they have just... you know... said so outright?

The Contenders

11 Bowser Jr
12 Loss of transformations
13 Too many redundant characters
14 No more Ice Climbers
15 No Captain Toad

I Wanted Him In Wii U, And Is Not A Joke Character

16 Snake

It's his, or rather his creator's, fault that overpowered, overhyped third-party characters in Smash are a thing.

He's number 3 on the "best Smash characters list". Number three! Above many other great characters that were actually made by Nintendo and whose biggest games if not entire franchise had been on Nintendo consoles!

Or rather how his presence now apparently makes or breaks the whole game

17 Online in general
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