Worst Things About Super Smash Bros Melee

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1 Bad Graphics

For a fighting game like Melee to run stably, it's graphics can't be too intense or else it suffers from frame drops. This becomes detrimental to the game on a competitive aspect.

I know right? Smash Bros Melee was originally going to be for the N64. Ended up being a GameCube game. - Adamshane1999

Best graphics in my opinion I love old school gamecube games.

The fact that this is #1 just really bugs me. First off, this game is for the Gamecube. What were you expecting? PS4 graphics? Second, for its time, the Gamecube had absolutely revolutionary graphics. But above all, third, Super Smash Bros. Melee is VERY widely regarded to have some of the best graphics on the system, surpassed by only games like F-Zero GX and a few James Bond games.

2 Bad All Star Mode
3 Bad Adventure Mode

Although Adventure Mode is altogether great, it's the worst thing on this list. Speedrunning is absolute hell with that Zelda stage, and the Big Blue stage is only good for Captain Falcon, Fox, and Jigglypuff because they are the fastest.

4 Bad Event Match
5 Peach Join SSBM
6 Bad Classic Mode
7 Harder to Get Characters

This is one I can't disagree on. Some of the ways to unlock characters are just ludicrous. They can range from finishing a stage with a certain number at the end of the timer to just playing a whole load of Vs matches.

8 The Pokemon Stadium stage is buggy

In the fire transformation, you can fall through the floor of the stage sometimes. Also the rock transformation has an indentation in the stage on the right side that you can't walk over.

9 Luigi Not As Good As Brawl

Someone's forgetting that Melee came out before Brawl? And according to Luigi's stats, matchups, and tier list placements, Luigi actually is better in Melee than he is in Brawl. So...

10 Not Very Good Characters V 1 Comment

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11 Clones

Classic mode have clones - Danteem

12 Link Is Lame In It

Link wasn't even link he was yong link - shadowEXE

13 Armada/Hbox Grand Finals
14 Pichu Pichu
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