Top Ten Worst Things About Super Smash Bros. Project M

This game mod for Brawl sucks so bad. It sucks! I hate this game so much!

The Top Ten

1 Terrible gameplay
2 Boring stages
3 You can't enter doors in subspace emissary
4 Overpowered characters
5 It tried too hard to be just like melee but it's more like competitive melee
6 It's unfair to regular smashers
7 Stock control was a stupid idea that replaced handicap
8 You can lose easily V 1 Comment
9 It gives Melee Elitists more reason to hate on Brawl and SSB4 fans
10 Computer players don't act like real computer players instead they act like competitive smashers

The Contenders

11 It's not made by Nintendo
12 Ganondorf's B Attack
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