Top Ten Worst Things About Super Smash Bros

I'm a big fan of Super Smash Bros. But not everything is great in smash 4. So get ready to see some stupid things.

The Top Ten

1 Snake Isn't In The Game (Both)

I missed snake a lot.

2 The Pac-Land Stage (Wii U)
3 Meta Knight Is No Longer Top Tier (Both)
4 Marth Is Not Powerful As In Melee Or Brawl (Both)

This item is incorrect he is way better in Sm4sh than in any other Smash Brothers game!

Well Lucina is better than Marth.

5 The 75m Stage (Both)

It only appears on the Wii u version. But I see your point.

6 Not Great Graphics (3Ds)
7 The Ice Climbers Are Gone (Both)
8 A Lot Of Stupid Character Requests

And it's because of those stupid requests we're forever stuck with a just as stupid but Nintendo just happened to now be trying to over-promote request.

Example: Shrek, Goku, Freddy Fazbear, Angry German Kid And Slenderman.

9 Some Amiibos Of Your Favorite Characters Are Hard To Find (Wii U)

The Hardest To Find: Marth,Ike,King Dedede And Little Mac

The Easiest To Find: Mario,Link,Pikachu And Bowser

10 People Are Better Than You While Playing Online

The Contenders

11 Return Of Clone Characters

These Characters Are Just The Same Characters As A Few Others But With A Different Appearance.

12 Too Many Characters With Counter Attacks

Seriously These Moves Are Irritating And They Get Me every time GRRR!

13 You Can't Use Your Miis Online (Both)
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