Top Ten Worst Things About Supermariologan

Congratulation To Sml Hitting A Million Subscribers But First, Let Me Make This List

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1 He won't get rid of jeffy

YES! Logan will NEVER get rid of Jeffy! I literally hate this character so damn much! He's a mock to people with disabilities - Stazemar000

He wants to but he can't, because of the dumb little kids loving jeffy

It always has to be Jeffy, why can't Logan get rid of him! We could of got regular Mario videos, or mama Luigi making a comeback, but no. Jeffy needs to stop like now

Logan should've deleted Jeffy! Jeffy fanboys refuse to like the old chance like they hated the toads mistake remake because there's no Jeffy even though the ungrateful, brain dead, whiny little Jeffy fanboys got 3 videos in a row with Jeffy!

2 His fans won't shut up about jeffy's bad word
3 Fanboys

The Jeffy fanbase is the worst on youtube

So true

SML is the worst fanbase since FNAF! When you hate Jeffy, they'll attack you! Hate SML, attack! I'm sorry but the sml fanboys deserve to be locked up in jail for 10 years!

4 Some of his characters are arrogant

Example: Goodman - Stazemar000

5 He never punishes bad characters

YES! That is so true. Whenever a character does something bad (such as Jeffy) or commit a crime, they get off scot-free! That's right--- SCOT-FREE! Even worse, an innocent character is the one getting their butts whooped! Mario has gotten arrested for things that Jeffy did and Bowser nearly got arrested for things that Junior did. Watching a charcter blame their actions on someone else is NOT funny! IT'S REALLY NOT! - Stazemar000

This is really anger-inducing, 99% of the time in the videos when a character does something bad, or hell even commits a crime, they almost always get off scot free and an innocent character is wrongfully punished, Mario got arrested when Black Yoshi backstabbed him in Black Yoshi's Blank Check, Mario has been arrested multiple times because of something Jeffy did, Bowser was nearly arrested for something Jr did, I think even Chef PeePee was arrested a few times, what I'm trying to say is that watching a character blame their misdeeds on someone else and seeing that character suffer for it isn't funny, it's really frustrating


Things like this show that the SMLPD really suck at what they do, it’s like they never bother to investigate anything and just deem the first person they find at the scene of the crime guilty, I mean look at Black Yoshi’s Blank Check, Mario told the police what Black Yoshi did and all Black Yoshi did was hide in another room and the cops believed that Mario did it and arrested him. Aren’t you supposed to, I don’t know, INVESTIGATE THE CRIME SO YOU don't ARREST THE WRONG PEOPLE!?! But no, they just arrest the first person they find and think “that’s good enough for me”

6 He sometimes lies to his fans
7 Dumb video ideas
8 Crappy content
9 His reviewer friends can't take a joke
10 He has 2 million subs, and his content isn't great now

The Contenders

11 He has some dumb characters

Cough cough Jeffy cough cough

12 Mario turned into a jerk

All he does now is yell at people and be a creepy pervert towards Rosalina

13 No more Tony the Tiger
14 He fails a lot
15 Logan hates Cars 3.

That means he hates most of Pixar which explains why Woody is a stereotype.

16 Makes fun of Asian people
17 Recycled jokes
18 Logan's racist

SO true!

19 JeffyFan101

JeffyFan64 is Even Worse than this one!

JeffyFan101 is the worst Jeffy fanboy of all time! He hates GameCubeDude because of an opinion

20 He deleted 8 videos

Really? What are their names and what were they about?

21 Logan's stupid fans prefer Jeffy over mama Luigi
22 Drawing Jeffy

One of worst sml episodes

Crap episode

23 Jeffy the Rapper
24 Jeffy's Bad Word
25 Kelps breaking expensive stuff

The Fast and Furious franchise destroyed millions of dollars worth of cars, but no one seems to complain about that.

Logan, you have a serious mess fetish

26 The secret door

Locked out

27 He only cares about the Jeffy fans
28 Chilly's vlog channel
29 Hasn't improved

It has done the opposite - DrayTopTens

30 Jeffy's Fidget Spinner!

Please watch my YouTube videos and subscribe to sausagelover99

31 He's weird
32 The 'cody's mom' joke

Oh my god! The whole "Cody's Mom" joke SUCKS! Junior and Joseph make fun of Cody's Mom, just because they think she looks like a pig! WHAT? She looks NOTHING like a pig! She's a human woman for crying out loud!

What was Logan thinking?! Like seriously, what made him think it was a good idea for Junior to make fun of Cody's mother for dumb reasons? Huh?! If I ever had a friend who made fun of my mom or dad, I would get mad and beat the crap out of them! - Stazemar000

33 Makes fun of people with disabilities

Jeffy in a nutshell.

34 Chef pee pee gets all the torture

YES! It's not fair to Chef PeePee that he has to be tortured by Bowser and his son for various reasons. Bowser and Junior are really mean to him. In one episode, Bowser forced Chef PeePee to take out the trash, even though it was NOT full, there was only A LITTLE BIT OF TRASH! - Stazemar000

35 Chilly Jimenez
36 Joseph and Cody Show Up for No Reason

Get this, I actually counted the videos, their hasn't been a Jr video without Joseph and Cody for 11 MONTHS! After Bowser Jr. Learns Karate they appear in every single Jr video, why? I know they're his friends but still, you don't need to have them in every video

37 Jeffy's cussing

It's like the scripts were written by a bunch of 12 year olds

38 Bowser Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario Bros. Franchise. From kidnapping Princess Peach to simply destroying a fun game between Mario and Friends in the Mario Party spinoff series, this king of the Koopas has set up a certain hatred towards himself amongst the large cast of Mario Characters. He first more.

SML Bowser. Not Official Nintendo Bowser.

39 He's racist
40 3 bad episodes in a row before black yoshi's scam
41 Stupid Jeffy songs
42 Him & Lovell made GameCubeDude delete his channel

Screw Lovell & SML! Lovell can't take criticism over a stupid puppet!

43 He only listens to fans that praise him

For some reason his logic is that people who critique his work and are trying to help him improve are haters and the ones that take whatever he puts out and always calls them perfect are the real fans, which is completely backwards

44 The ‘Sun Is A Planet’ Joke

Cody is actually right. The sun is NOT a planet! It's a STAR! But, Junior and Joseph don't listen to him. - Stazemar000

45 Sonic dies

Yep, this is why Sonic fans wanted SML to die.

46 He never keeps his promises

Movie, Luigi's Mansion, The Life of Brooklyn T Guy, Pokemon Go, Mario & Luigi's Stupid Dumb Adventures, Patreon Shoutouts. Need I say more?

47 Inconsistent upload schedule
48 Bowser Junior goes to the sun
49 Logan is a jerk
50 The patreon affair

Logan ran a patreon that promised shout outs and early video access. The early access was about 15 minutes before the YouTube upload, and the shout outs turned out to be a mess. Mispronunciations, delays, and even some STILL not getting their shout out. He’s since shut down the patreon. - ReturnOfScorpio

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