Powerfulgirl10 Reviews Episode 4: Surprise Egg YouTube Videos

I'm gonna make these posts a bit differently. I won't say (Like),Hate), or (Neutral) in the title anymore because I wanly opinion to be more of a surprise. I literally made this like a month ago, and I haven't finished it up until this point. Anyway...

I finally have another thing that I want to write about. And this will be a long rant, too. So I'm just going to talk about this trend on YouTube instead of making an introduction.

In case you haven't heard of Surprise Egg videos on YouTube, they're really popular videos that involve unboxing toys and merchandise and showing videos of kids' favorite fictional characters. But I hate this trend... so so much.

Apparently these videos are meant for kids. But apparently, they seem more like adult comedies that aren't even funny. First off, the titles are extremely long and confusing. They just spam as much information of the video as they can and make a jumbo title. For example, one says "Frozen Elsa & Anna CAR RACE CHALLENGE! w/ Spiderman Joker Ariel Superman Batman Fun In Real Life". And another dumb title is "Frozen Elsa BOOTY PAINT PRANK vs Spiderman in Real Life with Hulk Joker Superhero Fun Movies". But that's not even an important part. One of the main things is their thumbnails. They're filled with pictures of poop, pee, farts, toilets, butts, syringes, gore, pregnancy, love, women in bikinis, and more. I found a video with this one really terrifying thumbnail that could scar a kid for life. It was Elsa and Spiderman pooping poop emojis in a toilet with a man's face. The toilet seat was the mouth (it also had teeth), and the tank had the eyes and nose. And Elsa's and Spiderman's edits on their butts made them look like they had major plastic surgeries since they were so huge. And they had creepy and wide grins. And you call this "kid-friendly". I wasn't creeped out by the thumbnail, but I was pretty mad that it was made. Either these idiots have weird fetishes that they had to include in these videos, or they really want to ruin a kid's childhood.

Second, the videos themselves are really bad and pointless. They're mainly about unboxing toys. It's pretty pointless and boring, but are very popular. Not to mention some of the videos have millions of views and a hundred thousand likes. And they're obviously about unboxing surprise eggs, too. One way they do that is by buying Kinder Surprise eggs. One of their most famous ways is by taking a huge plastic egg, covering it in Play-Doh, and putting a character on it. Then they tear the Play-Doh off and open up the egg. I'm not gonna lie, but that's a waste of Play-Doh, and it's a very stupid idea in the first place. And the clips of the characters and their stories are ten times worse. People watch these guys earn money by doing stupid skits, and they in no way look like the character they're dressed up as. They don't talk, and have perverted/gross humor in it. The editing and quality is horrible, and their voices sound like crying chipmunks. Some people also make animated or stop-motion films that are just as bad as the "real life" videos. There's this one YouTube channel called "Super Kids TV" and their videos have crappy animation, ugly character designs, and awful content. They used to make gore videos such as the characters getting badly hurt or the characters doing bad things. Examples are them cutting theirselves with a knife on accident, a cat with vampire fangs attacking them, and even peeing theirselves. Spiderman is also a huge bully who does awful things to Elsa and breaks laws. Nowadays, the channel makes pornographic videos. Examples of this are Spiderman and Ryder drooling at porn magazines, Ryde falling in love with Anna in a bikini, and the males staring at female butts. This channel just went from Hatchet to Pornhub. And what's worse is that they bill it as "family-friendly videos". The videos get so many negative comments and replies, but they somehow manages to get more likes than dislikes. And another channel that I have mixed feelings on is "DCTC Toy Channel". I'll admit their videos are pretty decent, but they're the same as the repetitive and stupid content that other people make. Sand thing goes with "Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs". Some channels also teach bad morals. They teach you that syringes and bandaids can heal anything. So imagine if a kid was sick and had a huge cut, and he/she put a bandaid on the cut, and put a syringe in his/her butt. That kid would either be even more injured or dead. And they make these horrible "prank" videos that involve the characters getting syringes in their butts and/or toilet humor. I mean, toilets with vampire teeth is bad enough. The characters even pee/poop for fun. They even make jokes about dogs doing their business, which I despise just as much as these videos. It may seem ridiculous, but these jokes trigger me so much. I hate seeing stuff that involves dogs peeing on something because they're overrated and very old. It makes me want to have a seizure or totally freak out on the inside. Now getting back on-topic, they'll show kids anything gross, and they might think they're braindead human beings that are in love with these kinds of jokes, which is exactly what the creators are.

And third is just some minor stuff. These people made the popular, yet weird, ship known as Elsa x Spiderman. It's seen in tons of their videos, and it's honestly pretty bad. I'm not sure who else ships a superhero and a woman with ice powers together, but all I know is that these people do. The kids in their videos also act like spoiled brats like the adults do.

Since I ran out of ideas for this rant, and I spilled a lot of my opinion on it, I'm going to end this episode here. Hope you had fun reading this rant.