Top 10 Worst Things About Survivor

Don't get me wrong, I love this show. But there are some flaws that REALLY irritate me.

The Top Ten

1 Overly Focused on Strategy and Not Survival

Seriously, I want to see more of the survival and social aspect of the game. I love Survivor Guatemala because it was mainly focused on survival. - naFrovivuS

2 WTF Themes

Less themes based off players' occupations, we need less of seasons similar to Cagayan and bring in something new like more tribes. - naFrovivuS

3 The Cast Assessments

The cast assessments are awfully biased. - naFrovivuS

4 Game Changers

The absolute worst season ever. They obviously rushed casting, twists, and challenges. And the season was WAY too focused on making big moves, therefore ruining the reigns of some legends. - naFrovivuS

5 The Legacy Advantage

This twist is terrible. It's just a hidden immunity idol you can only play on specific days. This advantage is what ruined Cirie's game. - naFrovivuS

6 Too Many Immunity Idols

One at each camp is fine, but when it's replaced after being played, it gets overpowered. Survivor Guatemala had ONE IDOL. - naFrovivuS

7 Jeff Probst's List of "Boyfriends"

No matter what, Jeff Probst will do anything to bring up his boyfriends. Colby, Boston Rob, Cochran, Ozzy, Zeke... - naFrovivuS

8 Questionable Twists

As I mentioned, the Legacy Advantage was terrible. We also got the Reward Steal, Extra Vote, Vote Steal, etc. Less twists! - naFrovivuS

9 Winners Edits

They make it too obvious who's winning. Even the first season, we all knew Hatch would win. - naFrovivuS

10 Less Physical Challenges

Come on, I thought we were supposed to have a physical aspect in this game. No wonder Ozzy never won immunity in Game Changers. - naFrovivuS

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