Worst Things About Teachers

I hate school mostly because of teachers. What do you hate about them? By the way all of my teachers are at least one of these.

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1 They give out too much homework

I get hours of homework per night and I can never spend time with my family - Nic427

WAY too much. From typing a 10 page essay to reading 7 chapters in a book, I have had experience with too much homework way too many times.

agree, I'm far behind for that reason alone - Maddox121

And we when we explain we can't do it, we still get detention! M - RockStarr

2 They Don't Realize We Have Lives Too

Some of the teachers at my school think that they're the only ones who have lives, but are not aware that we have lives too - MangoFruitJuice

they think we are robots - Maddox121

I just commented abt this

3 They think they're your parent


Here's a story:

In primary school I had a great Headteacher she was ACTUALLY really nice then she left and a stupid mean teacher replaced her so me and about 15 other people started playing it and 2 people started fighting and she banned it then we had a residential trip for being good then when my group joked about the senior teacher about getting out EVEN THE SENIOR TEACHER laughed then she started shouting at him like ''WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?! '' And all the girls were staring like WHAT THE? ' So she ruined it the at the end of our 2nd to last day there was a sleepover we wre just talking and we wouldn't shut up and SHE SHOUTED AT US! I'm glad I got out of that school when I did. - RockStarr

more like they think you're a robot - Maddox121

My teacher did a very long scary routine of discipline 1st she would cut off your pigtails then she would make you stair at the chalkboard/clock wall while she puts heavy tons of books on your head that did not stop their lick the chalkboard until all of the penisis are all gone then she’d lock you in the closets or put a couch on the bathroom stall door while she sits on that thing leaning against the wall and by the way her name is Mrs Holt and she is very strict and hers first name is either helga or Olga

And they’re not. They are mentor figures - Nic427

4 Always irritated

My high school special ed teacher constantly has an attitude

¨Well my current teacher when we switch is always mad she makes us stay quiet for the whole class and if we talk we get detention¨

5 They're Boring

I loved study hall in high school. The teachers let the students do whatever we wanted, including using the teacher's computers and drawing all over the whiteboards.

Special ed class, though is boring. My high school special ed teacher forced the class to do kindergarten math and expects me to follow along enough I already know that stuff.

Spec ed class resource/flex/free time/study hall/study time/any special lay low calm down periods there is days I have to do math/mathematics

exactly - Maddox121

6 Compare Your Class To The "Perfect Class"

My teachers do this all of the time - Nic427

there's no such thing - Maddox121

1st grade was like this because a few students (not me or my friends) were badder than Rebecca Blacks' "Friday." (I found that song sort of catchy.) - CartoonCriticizer

It’s just a stupid line p, get over it - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

7 Always Complain About the Class


8 They Just Drone on & on

Sometimes they just stare in silence to pad out the class - Maddox121

So boring

9 They Act Like Tyrants
10 Misuse of Authority

they think they can do everything to you, which is the SUPERINTENDENT's job. - Maddox121

The Contenders

11 Teachers humiliate students

This is terrible. I’m sorry for every student who has gone through this - Nic427

One of my teachers humiliates people just for asking for help, yet when they don't say they need help and lose a ton of marks on their work she still moans at them. There's no way to win other than by doing all the main work at home, losing hours of time we could have spent with friends and family. - Entranced98

My teacher is cocky. Thinks she’s the best thing in existence. When a kid (or a parent) says something to her she just cocks her head at you. She’s annoying. I hate her!

My french teacher MOCKS students in my class. She'll use a super sassy voice and just say rude things to kids.

12 They abuse you

Both physically and mentally.

13 They want the student's items when they have their own stuff

Once a teacher gave me paper and my high school special ed teacher confiscated it >:(

What is wrong with us fidgeting in class it helps with stress I'm in 5th grade and my teacher doesn't let us fidget in class she takes our stuff away and our phones and I just feel like saying you want this go buy it from a store

exactly - Maddox121

14 They Act Like We'll Actually Use the Stuff We Learn in Life

You know, half of us will

15 They are Hypocrites

One time, a teacher told students not to use their phones in class, but the teacher went on their phone all of the time - Nic427

So true. Some of the teachers at my school piss me off. They say that we cannot talk back to them, but they do it themselves. Such hypocrites! - MangoFruitJuice

I agree
They say we can't talk to them rudely, but they talk to us like that whenever we do something wrong.
What's up with that?! - 906389

My high school special ed teacher told us that we can’t swear but it’s OK to say “BS”

16 They never understand

Just finish the job :(

17 They side with teacher's pets
18 They never listen

Kid: teacher can I say something?
Kid: But teacher it's really impor-

19 They're forcing you to like PE

You can't control our opinions, you know. - EpicJake

20 They Have Personality and Attitude Issues
21 They are Mean

Not all of them are mean

22 They wont let you move away from bullies
23 They blame you for things you didn't do

Once in high school another student trashed a classroom, and all the teachers framed me.

This is why I hated 12th grade

Ok guys,here's the tip. if you and your bully and your bully. tell the teacher FIRST. do not let the bully speak first because,the teacher will believe him. yeah,the teachers are like that and that,and,follow my tip because I already learned it. also,i had this pain too,but follow my lead

24 They Always Give Out Pointless Homework Slips

Yeah, like essays - Nic427

25 They hide cuss words in their talking

Mostly during some movies where teachers say random gibberish to hide some swears - Maddox121

My high school special ed teacher is strict and doesn’t allow the class to cuss but she allows us to say “BS” (which is short for “bulls***”) like what’s up with that?

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