Top Ten Worst Things About Teen Titans Go! Haters

The Top Ten Worst Things About Teen Titans Go! Haters

1 They are nolstagiatards

This, mainly, as if it were not enough they still come here with miserable excuses to act like worms.

Ah, you must be thinking of us being stuck with the 2003 show, hmm? - Neonco31

Hey I hardly ever watched the original Teen Titans and I still don't like TTG. - regularponyfan09

I'm not trying to be mean, but I think you meant to say "nostalgiatards". - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 They disrespect opinions

Not all of them do. I respect opinions as long as people agree to respect mine. - regularponyfan09

I don't care if TTG is a kids show, or a spin-off for that matter. There is no excuse for the writers to respond to criticism like in "Return of Slade" or "The Fourth Wall", ESPECIALLY if they rely on FALLACY arguments to drive it forward. - alphadan12

Those are the worst with quotes like
This is Cancer or
It Ruined my childhood
Or your Retarded for liking it

3 They are mean

If you think that criticizing something is the same as attacking something, then you have a problem. - alphadan12

Also, don't associate yourself with the fandom. Criticizing the fandom is not the same thing as criticizing the fanbase either. - alphadan12

So having an opinion on a show is mean? Not trying to be rude or anything.

We have our own opinions, doofus! TTG sucks!

Well We Hate The Show So We Have To Harsh

4 They obsess over the 2003 show

Well, the old show is better than the new one. You just have bad tase in cartoons.

Because the 2003 version is better then the new version. - Catacorn

Because the original is better, duh - Neonco31

Like I said, never watched the original. Still don't like TTG. - regularponyfan09

5 They make hate art

The original "Teen Titans" got ruined, with that episode "Things Change"; a very depressing episode that ruined the ENTIRE series; even to the point where, some things are worse than death. It felt very unrewarding, and it felt like DC was no longer even TRYING to entertain us.

On the other hand? "Teen Titans Go! ", was meant as nothing more, than a JOKE; people took it WAY too seriously!

But WHY would DC go to the direction, of "Teen Titans Go! "? Well, blame the terrible season finale, of the original "Teen Titans" cartoon; it made things depressing.

I hope that if Season 6 is TRULY being planned, I hope it gets cancelled, and they just reboot the "Teen Titans" franchise, AGAIN!

If I WANTED to be depressed and/or offended, I could have watched "Food Fight"!

Don't the TTG fans do Rule 34? - alphadan12

The artstyle background in TTG was really bright but TT is much darker and better.

Good Thing

6 They make the show even worse

It's the writers of the show choosing to make the show worse. Not us. - regularponyfan09

7 They are stupid

No we are not! You lovers are the stupid losers here! You dumb idiots better quit insulting us NOW!

Question: How old are you? This is the kind of stuff a kindergartner would say. - alphadan12

Having an opinion does not make anyone stupid. - regularponyfan09

Actually, you are.

8 They create hate lists about the show

I'm assuming you haven't read those lists. Because most of them offer GOOD REASONING on their opinions on the show. - alphadan12

Agreed VideoGameFan5

Butthurt TTG Fanboy Detected - VideoGamefan5

9 They are worse than Johnny Test haters

Because believe it or not, Johnny Test is better. - alphadan12

10 They act like 10-year-olds

And you aren't? - alphadan12

And people who like the show don't? - regularponyfan09

Expressing one's opinion and backing it up with facts, logic, and solid reasoning isn't immature in the slightest. Have you even bothered looking up TTG reviews? - alphadan12

Nope. They act like they should be four.
I just turned 11 today. O well

The Contenders

11 They don't love the show

Kinda obvious don't you think? - regularponyfan09

Well I try to respect opinions but the haters that keep on commenting here are being rude and mean to people who like the show instead of saying I just don't really like that show or I don't like the show but I'll respect your opinions about it personally I love it also lets keep in mind that this targeted towards kids NOT ADULTS so of course you probably won't like it but judging it like its for adults is unfair and I'm a 12 year-old writing this so that's what twelve year-olds know more than you posted by anyahbear๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿบ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ‰

12 You can't go anywhere on the Internet without seeing one

They are like a disease they are everywhere ruining prefectly unrelated good videos with their hate comments

True Dat

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google+,, TheTopTens, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, WHAT ELSE?

13 They want it cancelled

Theese dumb haters want this show canceled itโ€™s true that should be in this list

I don't want it cancelled. I've been watching show most of my life. I think it's funny not that other teen titans wasn't,t good I was just got too serious sometimes. But I will not take to being called stupid just because I like.

14 They hate TTG Robin

There are a LOT of reasons to why TTG Robin is so unlikable. - alphadan12

15 They want character development

Since when does Loony Toons have character development - SocialMediaStinks

16 They complain about Teen Titans Go! getting a movie

That movie is actually really good, but I respect your opinion.

It's because one of CN's worst cartoons is getting a theatre movie instead of Adventure Time or something else!

The movie will most likely be overhated, even when it is not out yet.

17 Always pimping out the original
18 They call it "a mockery of My Little Pony"

So? - Neonco31

19 They are angry at Cartoon Network

Because it's under a delusion that it's a toy company, making stupid decisions to try and get more sales for toys despite the fact that it's a CARTOON NETWORK. - alphadan12

20 They bill Pretty Pretty Pegasus as a mockery of My Little Pony

Maybe it's because PPP is Raven's favo(u)rite show.
I don't see why that gets TTG much hate.

21 They complain because Toonami schedule is not getting much ratings
22 They are ungrateful

That's because everyone keeps whining and complaining about it! Well, some of them do.

23 They say the show rips off other shows

It does when it in fact it's TRUE!

24 They hate Cartoon Network now
25 They complain because some good shows like Sym-bionic Titan, Thundercats and some DC shows were destroyed
26 They disagree with Cartoon Network and call TTG "Your New Least Favourite Show"
27 They want the Titans to be killed

They also want TT back.
Listen, CN can do whatever they want.

28 They are not very friendly
29 They say things over and over again because they've got nothing else to say
30 They call the show offensive names like Teen Titans No!, Toddler Titans, Toddler Titans Go! and Toddler Titans No!

Teen Titans No!, Toddler Titans, Toddler Titans Go! and Toddler Titans No! ARE NOT proper names for the show you know...

31 They obsess over Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe

Not a joke. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

32 They like shows with bad animation
33 They are boring
34 They are still complaining in 2018 and will never stop

They are worse than pretty much any other hatedom

35 They ruined everything
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