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1 It Is In Insult to the Teen Titans Fans

I agree, it is a big-time insult. Worst CN show ever! - Stazemar000


They insult more than fans of the original show,they also insult haters and the Queen of England! This show is on the verge of getting banned in the UK.If it does,it will be the only safe haven.

2 Stupid episodes

The episodes are really lame and boring. They name the titles off of unrelated things. The creators don't even have any common sense about this crappy show. I especially hated the "Black Friday" episode, it's the complete opposite of Christmas. I especially did not like the one called "Breakfast Cheese". It's about Starfire who wants peace and lovre, but I did not see cheese anywhere until the end - Stazemar000

The episodes are named off of minor or irrelevant things. It's like the writers & producers don't care about what's going on in the show and how it's affecting others' lives

The episode quality is so stupid that I want to sew Teen Titans Go.

98% of Teen Titans Go Fans are feminists, stupid spoiled whiny brats, bullies, racists, feminazis, pedophiles, Peta extremists, hypocrites, idiots, perverted People, Trump supporters, Beliebers, and inconsiderate people. 98% of Teen Titans Go haters are Nature Lovers,Geniuses, Scientists, Biologists, Psychologists, Environmentalists, kind people, positive people, good people, respectful people, friendly people and generous people.

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3 Robin's a jerk

Agree he is selfish narcissist competitive sore loser beating his teammates up for nothing and wants them to obey him and treat him as god

Robin is the biggest jerk in the whole show! His design makes me wanna barf all over him - Stazemar000

Robin is a complete jackass!

Yes! You said it!

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4 The show constantly insults the fans of the original show

It's true

Mm-hmm, and the writers are having way too much fun making humorous jabs at fans of the original show. The cruel fact, is that as long as the fans keep complaining, the writers will keep making jokes at their expense! - AlexTopTens

5 It Destroyed the Teen Titans Characters

I have no idea why CN made these shows more stupid. Let me give you an example of how CN destroyed the Teen Titans.
-Robin: Bossy, Mean, Suck-Up to Starfire, Aggravating
-Raven: Spams Magic, Plays with MLP, Hits Other Titans Frequently
-Beast Boy: Disgusting, Lazy, Unhelpful
-Cyborg: Loud, Lazy
-Starfire: Saying "The" at everything, Clueless, A Bit Dumbminded
Oh, wow. Now I'm going off topic in the next sentence.
One word: CN is ruining their shows. They were a piece of crap, and they still are. CN, quit broadcasting the Toddler Titans and do something else for goodness sake!

I hate what the creators did to the Titans, now every one of them is a complete jerk, including Terra. The only characters that I do like are the H.I.V.E. Five, I think they would probably make a better superhero team than those dimwitted Titans.

I'll give you guys a few examples of how they destroyed the Titans, first of all...

Robin = Arrogant Jerk, Bossy, Aggravating, Annoying, Immature

Starfire = Clueless, a bit psychotic, saying "the" constantly, also dimwitted

Beast Boy = Disgusting, Lazy, Rude

Raven = Big Bully, Psychopath, Stupid Pegasus Show fangirl and even plays with toys

Cyborg = Loud and Lazy - Stazemar000

6 It rips off the original Teen Titans

I really miss the original Teen Titans. - EpicJake

They've made all the characters from

Cool, Serious, Mellow, and Awesome to Stupid, Childish, and Repulsive Dirt-Bags.

Robin= An arrogant jerk who only cares about himself and wants Starfire to like him. Also, he's known as "The Crane-Kicking Idiot"

Starfire= An Alien Princess Psychopath who doesn't acknowledge Robin's love for her. She is mean and spoiled to others. She only cares about herself and Silkie. In the original, Starfire wouldn't be happy with her new-self

Beast Boy= A Vegetarian Food-Idiot who only plays video games for an excessive amount of time. He only cares about himself and Cyborg. He also eats too much junk food

Raven= A demonic psychopath who is bossy, sarcastic, and aggressive towards her teammates. In one episode, she destroyed a baseball field, just because one of Billy Numerous' clones HIT HER ON THE HEAD WITH A DAMN BASEBALL BY A damn ACCIDENT! what! IT'S NOT LIKE HE DID IT ON-PURPOSE! She also watches a My Little Pony ...more

7 They made all the characters stupid

I'm sorry but robin is such an embarrassment now! He's the worst of all of them! They have turned him into a joke. Oh, and don't forget Raven. Her character design is totally off, she would never like my little pony, like really stick to the original character!

I don't know how my little sister thinks that watching a bunch of stupid characters is much more entertaining than watching smarter superheroes. - puppylover

I want General Greivous to come and slash them all to death and then save Robin for last after the fight with Robin he will grab Robin with his foot and then throw him into a bunch of buildings and then stab him when he gets back up.

This show is a huge embarrassment. I watched it once and I'm NEVER watching it again! - Stazemar000

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8 The writers purposely make the episodes stupid

The writer publicly admitted that ttg was stupid

9 The ads for it say that it's your new favorite show

I agree with this statement. I think Cartoon Network doesn't know about what "favorite" means. This show came out of NOWHERE. It's even way worse than SpongeBob. It takes over too much of the time slots in Cartoon Network and I hope it will be canceled and gone for good!

No it's my new worst show - jbella9000

Define "favorite" - shawnmccaul22

By favorite do they mean annoying,lazy stupid trash that only a 6 year old retarded mouse would watch,is that what they mean by favorite.

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10 The Episode "The Return of Slade"

I could kind of see the ratings trap from far away. I mean, they make an episode about Slade's return and the Titans leave the tower to battle him, and we had to miss-out on the action! What the hell?!

Yet, the rest of this episode focuses on a clown! A CLOWN?! Seriously, this episode is downright revolting! This was supposed to be about the epicness of a fight! Yet, they decided to do a clown instead. The creators are making the episodes stupid on-purpose! This episode makes me want to sue Cartoon Network! - Stazemar000

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11 Its an embarrassment to the original Teen Titans

This is definitely the worst thing about it. The old show was loved by everyone, but teen titans go destroyed its street cred. The old show was more realistic, robin wasn't so annoying, and ugh I just hate the new show. The only good thing I can point out about it is Raven and beast boys romance.

All they ever did in this stupid show was make them stupid and just a bunch of crapheads. I'll admit, I used to watch the original show when I was a kid (I'm a teenager now) but this just ruined my childhood. In the original, Robin was this badass martial-arts leader, Starfire was a curious alien princess who was trying to fit in with the others, Beast Boy was smart and had a good sense of humor, Raven was a mystical wonder who was good at meditating and casting spells, and Cyborg had all the brains in technology.

In this show... They're the complete opposite of who they were. Robin was an arrogant jerk who constantly bullied his teammates, Starfire was a bratty psychopath, Beast Boy was really dumb and made-up really bad jokes, Raven was a stupid MLP ripoff fangirl, and Cyborg was dumb as poop.

They made all the characters from independent, loyal, kind, and headstrong, into whiny, bratty,demanding, and selfish pricks - Stazemar000

12 The show ruins the reputation of the original characters

Robin receives no fortune in having Starfire as his girlfriend. He tries whatever he can do make it happen. But he always fails! It's kind of strange now

Beast Boy has the same obsession for Raven, he calls her "Mama" for strange reasons, It makes me wanna vomit!

Cyborg just cannot resist Jinx (one of the Titans' enemies) just because she's cute or something

13 The new Robin makes you want to throw the TV out of the window

I hate what robin has become. He was such a wonderful character before this. And I agree with the post about Ravens smile, there really is no sense of specialty in it anymore.

I hate Robin most in Teen Titans Go and I always change the channel unless I want to make fun of that show and Robin on how bad it is.

I agree that Robin is a mean spirited character. A good example is in Staff Meeting where he whacked his teammates head with his staff! Ouch!

All characters do me want to do that if you ask me. - ad48

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14 Not funny

I can't believe my little sister laughs at this crap.

Potty jokes, poop jokes, and body-part jokes ARE NOT FUNNY! And this show's humor contains 99% of those things - Stazemar000

It is Funny, no disliking - bugger

15 It's made in a very ugly flash animation
16 Horrible morals for kids

Damn morals in this show are annoying as hell - Stazemar000

17 It feels like the writers just don't care about their own show
18 The writers make every titan in the show a jerk that nobody likes

I agree on this one. Every single one of the Titans are now jerks. - Stazemar000

19 The main characters fight over the littlest of things

I mean literally! Imagine them fighting over who gets to leave the tower - Stazemar000

20 It replaced Green Lantern
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