Worst Things About Teenagers

I am a teenager myself. But I REALLY don't like teenagers.
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1 They are disrespectful to everyone

Teenagers are very disrespectful indeed, I've met quite a lot of quiet but disgraceful teenage girls and the other hand, teenage girls who cusses and is unpleasant like Aliyah (her real name) in my tec class who is weak and argues with the guys.

If you are disrespectful to them

Lets just say...I agree

True. This teen decided to ruin my day by giving a crap about nudging him by accident, like seriously? That teen can have “its” own problems

2 They force opinions and beliefs down everyone's throat

I can't sit with a group of friends without having an argument about My Little Pony come up. (I'm not a Brony. But someone I know is)

Indeed very true, and I can say this, being a teen myself and being sorrounded by them everyday.

They think I am dumb, retarded and weird because I hate rock music.

All of my friends are always craming politically correctness down my throat

3 They're bullies

I'm 14 and I'm getting bullied just because I'm the only one in my class who is into 19th century stuff and even German and Russian folks music.

There are bullies. I am one a teenager I'm not a bully but I have been bullied bye other peers and so there are people who tend to bully.

Yes, one punched me but I called him a "poo head"!

They learn this at school!

4 They easily fall for dumb trends

Especially dumb makeup and outfit trends

5 They engage in premature sex

That's true most teens only have sex for pleasure, and also because of what they watch and see, teenagers think u its ok because nobody told them the consequences

6 They do drugs

The teens that do drugs normally learn it from there parents

7 They're ungrateful
8 They're self-righteous
9 They drink and smoke
10 They're half-asleep most of the time
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11 They're violent
12 They are lazy

I'm lazy but I do help out

Iam damn lazy but surely help

13 They use obscene language

OMG I am so tired of teenagers using the f bomb about 9999999999999999999999 times per conversation! I want to beat them until their unconscious when they do that!

They should not use curse worda

14 They complain about everything

I hear you, man. Or girl. It's particularly those in my company like those in my school that jump at an opportunity to give out negative energy. Even the small things are blown way out of proportion sometimes. Rather annoying.

15 They are annoying
16 They like contemporary rap music

I am a fan of rap music but mostly old-school �" anything made in the 1980s and 1990s. I do listen to a lot of 2000s rap, it is alright, but mostly to Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay Z and Dr Dre. The only new school rap I listen to are Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Childish Gambino.

17 They think they are better than everyone

This isn't true. I'm a teen, and I hate myself. I don't mean 'dislike', I mean hate so much that I hurt myself. But yeah, all teenagers act cocky. I only hurt myself because I'm looking for attention (sarcasm)

I don't care I think I'm the lamest person ever and inactive like a dangers retard but then these other girls think there so cool they can't even have fun

18 They're hypocrites
19 They don't shut up in class

This boy named Solomon keeps saying Lois and Mother Cow in class its very annoying

20 They break rules just for fun
21 They do dumb stuff because every one else does
22 They break the law

Pirate music all day! Legooo

23 They're rude
24 They hate teachers

I only hate teachers that are mean and annoying if the teacher is nice I am very close with them

That’s not true! I only dislike the mean and unfair ones!

25 They don't understand anything
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