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21 They think their life sucks when they have a great life.

Most of the teenagers I hate have cars, houses, and two parents. Then they say their life sucks because they got extra math homework.

They always complain about how horrible their life is. Like, give me a break.

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22 They start having sex V 1 Comment
23 They listen to terrible pop music

Nice, having an intrest and an opinion on that intrest that isn't yours makes an entire group horrible. 11/10 logic - ProPanda

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24 They talk about the same things over and over again
25 They're rude to autistic people

Its true (at least in my school) I'm 15 and autistic and I avoid the mainstream kids because they are jerks - Ihateschool

26 They are Ignorant
27 They're snobby
28 They disobey orders
29 The only music they like is contemporary rap music

I hate rap I prefer Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and The Wiggles (original) - Ihateschool

30 They hate babies

I only hate babies when they cry, vomit or do any other gross or annoying thing otherwise I love them - Ihateschool

31 They hate elderly people

I like the elderly they are interesting people - Ihateschool

32 They're not very outgoing
33 They're extremely rude
34 They hate mature children and bully them
35 They all love One Direction

All of them! Every single one! If you don't like One Direction then you are not a teenager. - Martinglez

I hate one diemrection bands I prefer are The Wiggles, and The Beatles - Ihateschool

I am a pre-teenager and Iove one direction

36 They all love Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber needs to die! (or at least retire)

It's rap music teenagers listen to these days. Not Justin Bieber. - anonygirl

I only like Cold Water I hate all his other songs - Ihateschool

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1. They force opinions and beliefs down everyone's throat
2. They are disrespectful to everyone.
3. They're bullies
1. Premature sex
2. They do drugs
3. They drink/smoke a lot



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