Top Ten Worst Things About the Teletubbies


The Top Ten

1 Creepy

It was not creepy, maybe just a bit too extremely sugary sweet for people.

I get nightmares from th th these cr creepy who sh shuddery bots s s. (Quiver)

2 Annoying
3 Sun Baby

I know the Teletubbies behave like babies and I know babies (and young children) watch it. But why did they have a baby in the sun? That is one of the craziest things in a T.V. show, and I thought the Teletubbies was ok.

4 Noises
5 The Children On the TV

Have you seen the child from the very first episode in 1997 who was called Ned? Even the Sun Baby.

6 Movement
7 Weird
8 Eyes
9 Voices
10 The Opening

The Contenders

11 It Was the Beginning of Bad Baby Shows

Oh I thought that would've been Barney and friends (1992) Teletubbies (1997) You know the Dinosaur who never teaches kids to cry.

Barney was actually a pretty good show until season 7 or 9. I think 1997 was the start of bad baby shows with Caillou and Teletubbies debuting. - anonygirl

12 They Yell "Naughty Noo-Noo!" When They Throw Their Food on the Floor and He Comes to Clean It Up and Then He Goes Back
13 Disturbing
14 It is Disturbing
15 It is Meant to Be Horrific

Why did you watch it then? it was cute.

16 The Teletubbies are Creepy
17 It is Annoying
18 The Teletubbies are Annoying
19 The Creators Meant It to Be Horrific
20 The Colors of the Teletubbies

Add a U and the correct spelling is Colour.

21 It is One of the Worst Shows
22 They Made a Reboot
23 They Had Babies
24 Their Language is Stupid
25 People think their analogs are Deathly Hallows symbols and Harry's scar.

Tinky Winky analog - Invisibility Cloak
Dipsy- Elder Wand
Po - Resurrection Stone
Lala - Harry's Scar

26 The Adult Cast Have to Behave Like Babies
27 It was aired in America.
28 They Banned the Lion and Bear in America
29 Reactions to When They Had Babies
30 They Only Eat Pink Custard and Smiley Faces, Which Look More Like Pancakes Than Toast
31 It's a Rip Off of Care Bears
32 Too Sugary for People
33 It Has Been Claimed that "The Lion and the Bear" Was Frightening
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