Top 10 Worst Things About Themysteriousmrenter

TheMysteriousMrEnter is a cartoon reviewer on YouTube, and for awhile I was a fan of his until I recently noticed that he was being so emotional about cartoons, morals, and Viacom to the point where it's ludicrous.

To put it simple, Enter literally believes that he is in the right about everything and his fandom thinks that every writer is evil because they wrote one.bad episode of a cartoon. How pitiful.

Anyway, here are 10 worst things about Mr. Enter that most people outside the fandom have constantly pointed out.

The Top Ten

1 He takes kids' shows too seriously

This list is boring.

2 He can't take criticism
3 He and his fans think Viacom is Hitler "just" because of a few bad cartoons
4 He can't understand satire
5 His fanbase itself is extremely vocal
6 He continues to watch stuff like Family Guy even though it's verbally clear he doesn't like them
7 He's a hypocrite
8 He has a bad habit of judging shows by only one episode
9 He always gets upset life there's even the slightest bit of mean-spirited humor

This was supposed to be "he always gets upset IF there's even the slightest bit of mean-spirited humor". My bad.

10 Thanks to this guy, we can no longer have any entertaining cartoons, or else they automatically suck

The Contenders

11 He thinks cyberbullying and trolling are the same thing
12 He's overrated
13 His fans attacked Casey Alexander on Twitter

I hate Casey, but that was just wrong for his fans to do.

14 His voice
15 He's extremely opinionated
16 He doesn't have fun while making his reviews
17 His arguments are flimsy
18 He's bratty
19 He's biased
20 He can't do crediting right
21 His fans
22 He's boring
23 He whines a lot
24 He nitpicks over the littlest things
25 He doesn't know what torture porn means
26 He never shuts up about how bad an episode is
27 He flips his lid whenever someone offers him advice
28 He contradicts himself so many times
29 His arguments are too negative
30 He thinks every cartoon has to have morals

Not all cartoons have to have a moral you know. Just as long as they're not hurting anybody.

31 He's arrogant
32 He's gotten worse overtime
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