Top Ten Worst Things About TheTopTens in 2017

TheTopTens 2017 has already been crap so far. Here are some of the worst things that have happened to the site this year. Lets see if admin gets triggered.

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1 The Administration

Admin does a terrible job of running the site. He suspends innocent users for stupid reasons and lets bullies get away with death threats at the same time. You want to know another reason to hate him? The Policy. - TwilightKitsune

If this keeps up, it's only a matter of time before they suspend me. - SpectralOwl

At this rate, even a bunch of immature 12 year olds would be better fit for moderating the site.

The administration has been terrible this year. They can't even run a site right. They ban users users for the littlest things, they let the bad people get away with things, etc. The admins are 40% why this site has declined. - EpicJake

I haven't seen really anything horribly wrong with this site since I started actively using it earlier this year. I don't know maybe because I'm still seen as new - Phillip873

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2 People Bashing on Other People's Opinions

I've done my best to try to acknowledge and respect people who have different opinions than mine. Most of the time, if they dislike something I like or like something I dislike, I just ignore them and leave them alone since they're entitled to their own opinion just like me and everyone else. Unfortunately, I feel like I am not getting that same treatment lately as now it appears a few users and visitors are starting to bash me for liking SAO and anime in general. It's sad considering I don't even try to waste my time with people like them, yet they don't leave me alone even though I try to leave them alone. I feel as if I'm no longer safe to express my love for some of my favorite things on this website or even the Internet anymore without getting lashed at by haters. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I feel like in order to be on this website you have to love metal, 90s cartoons, and anime and praise them like their gods, while hating on Teen Titans Go, pop music, and rap and treating them like they're the spawn of Satan. It shouldn't be this way at all.

This site thinks that somebody is automatically a horrible user just because they listen to Metal music we can't help that they do its what music they like and they have damn good reasons to like it - christangrant

Sadly, reporting these users doesn't even do jack. Remember, the admins have a habit of only giving cyberbullies as much as a slap on the wrist. - alphadan12

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3 The Same Exact Things Happen Almost Everyday

This site hasn't been as boring as much as it has been lately, which was why I went on a short hiatus. But ever since I came back, nothing really happened, except when Therandom got suspended. - EpicJake

When I briefly retired, I secretly checked back on the site, and there was drama every day.

Drama every day. - DCfnaf

Simply repetitive and boring - Neonco31

4 GamerMike35 Has Been Suspended Twice

Mike's suspensions were totally unnecessary. The first time, he was suspended for jokes not meant to be taken seriously. The second time, he was suspended for openly swearing, which shouldn't even be that big of a deal. I wish Mike was back. - EpicJake

He didn't even get warnings, did he? - DCfnaf

Larrythefairy is suspended now.

5 Therandom's Suspension

He criticized Travis. That's how he got suspended. Really Administrators? - DCfnaf

Really? I lowkey hated him anyway. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Like Mike's suspensions, Matt's suspension wasn't necessary‚Äč. - EpicJake

6 Bobbythebrony isn't going to be back until September

Been gone for a year already. I actually spoke to him early in January, said he'd be back soon. No confirmation and no sign to back it up. - NuMetalManiak

And worse, there's no way to communicate with him anymore. - EpicJake

Perhaps I won't be here anymore by the time he comes back - Neonco31

7 Barely Any Unique Users on Anymore

I try my absolute hardest to be unique with my metal lists. So I'm still around if you all still like me. - NuMetalManiak

Everybody likes the same things and hates the same things.

From what I've seen any users who don't share a common opinion get bashed - Randomator

Well... I'll try my best to be a better user! - Phillip873

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8 People Saying that All Metalheads are Bad Users

This is about the Metal World Order isn't it? - TwilightKitsune

This wouldn't have happened if it were not for those close minded fans, it's their fault - Neonco31

Actually only a few percentage of metalheads are there who just got bandwagoned into metal just so that they can hate on rap and pop. It's due to these people that the entire metalhead community is getting a bad name - styLIShT

I'm not a fan of metal, but people are really horrible saying that people who listen to a certain genre of music are bad users. Judge people on their actions, not likes and dislikes. >:( - LemonComputer

9 Gen-17

I hate to be a part of this generation. I wish I joined back in 2015 when I discovered the website, except I actually had common sense, and didn't use caps so much. - Powerfulgirl10

I strongly agree with Twilight - Ananya

I'm Gen 16 because I joined in June 2016 but that was my old account so I'm still Gen 17 - Neonco31

Just wait for the gen after that, lol. - MrCoolC

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10 Disrespectful Users

They should be banned instead of innocent people - Randomator

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11 Too Much Stereotyping on Fan/Hatebases
12 Jack2244's Suspension

Yet another unnecessary suspension. - EpicJake

He isn't suspended - micahisthebest

13 Bullies Bullies
14 Too Many Stat Padders

I don't give a crap about stats anyway. I put effort into my content, but I don't care if I'm low on the stats system. - Powerfulgirl10

I personally don't care about Stat Padding, its stupid so many people are complaining about it. - egnomac

Stat Padders ruined the stat system completely. Htoutlaws puts effort in his content now, so you stat padders should follow his example. - EpicJake

What even are they? - LemonComputer

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15 VideoGameFan5's Suspension

He's an idiot so who cares

He basically got suspended for a dumb reason - christangrant

16 Easily Offended Users and Visitors

Bunch of crybabies they are. - egnomac

I'm guessing it's people like this why we apparently can't swear anymore. - Randomator

I guess we are going to have to be careful on what we say, sadly. - NikoX

I've seen people get offended easily here for expressing distaste for a movie or T.V. show - Phillip873

17 The Great Unisex Toilets Controversy


18 Maria-Alexandra's Suspension

I have never heard of Maria-Alexandra in my life - EpicJake


Who's that? - NikoX

19 People Thinking Du is Videogamefan5

Well, Both of them are different users.. They are different individuals, Maybe their way of commenting seems similar but that doesn't mean that they are the same. - Ananya

20 TheTopTens Haters

So much people hate TheTopTens, if so then quit! - micahisthebest

Then why are you still here if you hate it? Hmm? - Randomator

If you're a user on this website, and you hate this website why won't you just quit? you're being hypocritical - RoseCandyMusic

21 Immaturity

We are all immature in our own way. Besides there will always be immaturity whether you are on TTT or not. - NikoX

22 Socks Suspension
23 Stupid People
24 Hashtag Abusers

I stopped making and using hashtags. - Powerfulgirl10

Or hashtags being used AT ALL. - LemonComputer

This site doesn't have hashtags. I wish they had them though! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

25 Lack of Originality

I try to be as original as I can. I really do. - Powerfulgirl10

I try my best - Randomator

26 Almost Identical Lists
27 Du's Suspension

Du and AlphaQ were both suspended twice for a small reason. Trolling.

28 Elite rustlers
29 People Who Dedicate Their Life to a Fanbase
30 People Calling All Anime Fans Weebs

I agree. Majority of anime fans are just people who like anime - styLIShT

It's hard for Anime fans like me to even like it without people calling every Anime fan they find a weeb. - EpicJake

31 Disgusting Lists
32 The David Bowie Hating Troll
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