Community Debating Discussion #17 Stat Padding

htoutlaws2012 While I'm late on the hot topic today about stats padding, let's see where we all stand in this. I for one feel like it does not even matter if I am labeled as so (I except that from my massive contributions). Second, what about your score? To me I get that if you labeled a user between 500-greater then someone can call you that, but yet again I do not take it as a negative I let that play out. Yet here we are bringing up the now popular term for the early portion of 2017. After looking at numerous lists I felt like okay yes there are many users who like to achieve in greatness, but they are heavily criticized for how the content is portrayed mostly by the community itself. You are probably saying to yourself ''is HT defending those types of users?'' Look i'm not saying there in anyway terrible at contributing not always the case. Can you say there are exception to this rule then please bring them up for that to make sense.

I do not like using examples of certain users, but I may have to use some in which are generally positive, and negative aftermaths.
VGF5 is a user who not only stirred controversy over being the sole user who loathed the movie zootopia, but also by some users was panned for his content. For the most he loves to comment on what seems every list you find in your let's just say ''daily happenings.'' It looked like he was on pace to not only make the top 10, but also top 3 or 2 in most comments. This might a bit odd what I will say, but this suspension may have been a bit beneficial because the heat is taken off of him now, but the next user just did not know what to do when it came to criticism. Christangrant was one of those users that just came out of no where, and just made content, but the problem was that he never slowed down. This triggered some eyeballs across several users, which made christangrant lose his absolute mind. Its best to keep your cool, but not when you show your true maturity colors at them, that may work against you in the long run. I like the user, but after awhile let's say (even though I do not wish for this to happen) Phantomilita right. He supposedly retired due to not use to having heavy criticism over a show (I believe) something sparked him to leave which was unfortunate like him or not. Now let's look at some ''great'' use of stat padding, Metal Treasure is one of those users without a blog post at all which amazes me, but anyway he gets generally positive responses from most of the community, even from the older members of the community. The point is that not all stat paddlers of the community are considered bad by any means. I mean do I even need to mention arguably the greatest user of all time Positron Wildhawk. I remember when he was making loads of content (back when he was very active), and nobody had anything bad to say to him.

Now look I know somebody well throw out there interpretation of what it means to them, and how I already know I fall into the category I get it, this is why its being discussed to have a better understanding of the term. Until next time, let's not be hostile, just get along.


Positron has a lot of variety in his content, and was/is especially good at making lists in the 'miscellaneous' category. That's why he is respected a lot. I believe that you need at least a decent amount of variety in your content in order to have high stats and still be respected. - styLIShT