Top Ten Worst Things About TheTopTens Administrators

The Top Ten
1 They act like they're helping people

What is censoring swearing going to benefit? Some eight year old isn't gonna know what the f word is any more? Bollocks.

They think they're helping us users, but they're treating us like crap.

2 They never respond to their criticisms

Comment after comment of faults with the policy, yet nothing has changed in 13 months.

3 They make people leave

People choose to leave. For example, metal fans didn't make some idiots leave this site. Those idiots chose to leave. Did you not realize that?

They also "made people join" in the first place. They created a site. Appreciate it for what it is; ever thank them for what you enjoyed about it?

4 They only listen to their own ideas

The layout change was good and all, and one of the best things the admins have ever done, but I'd take a better policy/terms of use, add item button, blog statistics and GIFs as profile pics over it any day.

5 Their rulings are inconsistent
6 They're overly sensitive
7 They hate critics

But why? To this day, I still think that the policy should die.

8 Removal of many okay comments

I agree with it

9 They're biased towards statistic-based users

Imagine if those users who actually contributed didn't exist in this site. Do you think this site would be visited as much? If there were some contributors who'd join instead, they'd likely be idiotic twelvies.

Actually not really. I submitted a list few days ago. That didn't even appear on the newest list page.

That is obviously true.

Your proof is...?

10 They kept Danteem active for so long

The Terms of use states that users aren't allowed to make death threats or pornographic posts. Basically, Admin has basically violated his own terms of use by allowing Danteem to do that stuff.

Danteem's posts weren't pornographic because it didn't contain any visuals of porn. Therefore, it could stay on the site.

After sending death threats, he shouldn't even been able to make a new account in the first place.

As hilarious as he was.

The Contenders
11 They're grammar Nazis
12 They don't let people have opinions

Once, a user created an account called Opinions, which he joined the site to share his opinions. About one hour after joining, Admin removed that account.

The admins almost banned me because I like popular girels and everyone else doesn't.

13 They rarely listen to error reports

I once filled in an error report for a the who song on a Van Halen list, and it didn't get removed, and another time I filled in a few error reports to remove a duplicate item, and the duplicate stayed there

They just like to be nice to trolls.

14 They rename lists

They renamed my list Top 10 NFL Team's Least Likely to Win Super Bowl 54 (2024), I had the title Top 10 NFL Team's Least Likely to Win Super Bowl 58, and super bowl 54 was 2020, edit it got fixed

15 They barely allow negative opinions
16 Judges you by your grammar
17 It's annoying
18 It could ban you for one (or more) months
19 It could approve crappy lists
20 It's only liked, because it made the site
21 They change images on items
22 They change items
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