Top Worst Things About TheTopTens List of Worst YouTube Channels

So, having glanced through this list:

... I'd easily say that out of all the derivative "Top Whatever Channels I Don't Like" lists I've seen (and I have seen a lot), this list was easily the worst.

The Top Ten

1 WatchMojo is on this list

Watchmojo is on the list because they put no emotion or they're opinions into their videos, do a little research and make a list they think people will agree with. - Cahtergah

WacthMojo deserves to be on the list. Saying that the legendary Magnavox Odyessy is one of the worst consoles and called out on Metroid being very badly aged. Metroid aged really good how dare they out that on the list.

... Despite being basically the same thing as the very list that it's on - a user-voted top-whatever list. Don't you just LOVE the smell of hypocrisy in the morning? - Akriloth2160

You do realize people don't hate watchmojo because they make top 10 lists, they hate watchmojo because their lists are bad - dimentioditto

WatchMojo does top ten lists just like this site, so basically you're hating on TheTopTens. I don't hate or like WatchMojo, but sometimes its pretty boring. I like TheTopTens more than WatchMojo.
The only reason people hate WatchMojo is because of the crazy fans. It's llegal to hate on Ocarina of Time or old buggy Pokémon games, but it's totally ok to hate Call of Duty. The fans are narcissistic and hate that their favorite games/movies/T.V. shows/Electronics are not higher or lower, so they attack WatchMojo with "facts". For example, they say that The Simpsons is better than Breadwiners. Now, Breadwinners may have farts and butt jokes in it, but that does not automatically mean its worse. Some people like it, some people hate it, but just because the majority of people hate it doesn't mean its worse. That's called an opinion. Go back to 1st grade, because that's when you learn that. Anywho, a fact would be that The Simpsons have run from ___ to ____. Anyway, getting off topic, ...more - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 Lists like this one still keep getting made

These kind of lists pop up all the time, and they always come across as an excuse to dredge up outdated subjects and whine about things that the viewers personally don't like. - Akriloth2160

3 PewDiePie is at the top of the list

Not only that, but the comments regurgitate the same things everyone has said about him. I've already maintained this point in a blog post before, but criticising PewDiePie for the reasons that they mention is like criticising Michael Bay for making shallow explosion-filled fluff - it's what he does, we've known for a long, LONG time that's what he does, and if you're going to invite that kind of experience into your life, at this point, it's kind of your own fault at this point. And that's why people keep bringing up the at-first-tired "Don't like, don't watch" argument. You can say all you like about, "How are we supposed to know what it's like if we haven't seen it? ", but when it's obvious that you have seen it, there's no excuse. - Akriloth2160

Pewds doesn't deserve to be at the top. I'm not a fan and haven't watched any of his videos, but Onision is worse. According to the comments, Pewds may scream, but he does not insult and joke about ethnicity, religion, or anything of that sort. Onision is way worse. I'd rather try 10 Pewd vidoes than see an Onision video. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 The VEVO channels of people like Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are on the list

Never mind how the musicians in question don't even run those channels. Or how Bieber has been a dated reference since 2012. - Akriloth2160

Yes, I hate all 3. But they don't run the channels, so they should be disqualified.

They aren't even real YouTubers, they're singers who want they're songs on YouTube

5 RayWilliamJohnson is high on the list

... Despite how he retired the daily, well-known format of his Equals 3 series months ago. - Akriloth2160

6 Gligar13vids, MonkeyGameGuides, MarioTehPlumber and Jared Milton are on the list

... Despite the fact that they're all trolls, as well as how MarioTehPlumber openly admitted that the whole "abrasive Sonic fan" schtick was all an act. - Akriloth2160

Gligar13vids is the SCUM of YouTube along with a bunch of others - Sunflowerswag

7 ThatsSoJack is on the list

... Despite the fact that the worst thing he ever did happened three years ago, and as far as I can tell, hasn't happened since. - Akriloth2160

8 IrateGamer is on the list

... Even though he dropped the veneer of AVGN plagiarism before outright ending his series. - Akriloth2160

9 Shaytards is accused of exploiting his daily life for views

He still deserves to be on there.

Yeah, almost as if he's... A VLOGGER. - Akriloth2160

10 Fred is near the top of the list just for "being annoying".

Never mind how he hasn't been a relevant personality for years. - Akriloth2160

The Contenders

11 DramaAlert/KeemStar is not in the top 10.

This person is a horrible guy. He's threatened, doxxed, and defamed other perfectly fine YouTubers. Why is he #50. - CamRa

12 Joey Graceffa is not on the list

He just talks on and on with a girly voice, and it just seems like he's trying to fill time and make the video longer. He's not even remotely funny

13 SuperMinecraftKid is not close to #1 on the list

At least he stopped making them a while ago

14 DSPgaming/DarkSydePhil should be No.1

DSP has done a lot of stupid and irresponsible things than just suck at gaming and he is only No. 2? Pewdiepie is No. 1 just because he annoys a lot of people while DSP has a terrible attitude towards anyone who isn't on his side on an argument during twitter wars, he is horrible to his fanbase, is in complete denial and abuses Patreon. I could go on forever (especially Patreon) on why phil should be No. 1 instead of pewdiepie.

15 Irrelevant YouTubers are high on the list
16 Modern day bad YouTubers aren't even in the top 20
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