Top Ten Worst Things About TheTopTens No-Hate Week

Admin made a new post about no-hate week and I hate it.

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1 It Is Pointless

If the Admins do more of this "don't hate on anything" bullcrap, I might retire. - Turkeyasylum

It's actually helpful so TheTopTens will get over Justin Bieber for once

It's just more of this "be happy, don't hate, appreciate" nonsense. - Puga

Remember no hate week anyone, back when admin listened to user feedback?

Oh, and since I need to "post something relevant to the item", it was pointless. First instance of gen 15 and other users uniting against admin. Major W for the the users. - Therandom

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2 It Is Another Downfall of TheTopTens

20 items per page, not showing items pictures while making remixes, no-hate week, what's next? No-list week? - RalphBob

FYI, item pictures were removed because they were causing some user's browsers to crash when they tried to remix large lists such as the best songs. - admin

Really, TheTopTens? I love this website but if you continue bull like this I am leaving. - Pony

This site is supposed to be advancing, not getting worse! - Puga

20 items per page is crap, we are not in the windows 98 era where for shopping websites had only 15 items per page. We live in 2015 where web pages can now go on forever. - Harri666

3 It Makes Users Retire

I just about to retire too - BigBrotherSucks

Admin you should do more no hate week! Do one in Father's Day! Do it every year on Mother's Day and Father's Day! I will accept that!

4 It's Annoying

Hey people! It's gone! - RalphBob

5 It Has a List About Hating It

It has multiple lists about it or something related to it at this point in time. - Minecraftcrazy530

6 It Stereotypes Parents

And those traditional teachers.

7 It Is One of the Worst Things About TheTopTens
8 People are Still Going to Hate, Even During it
9 It Won't Work

Yeah, a no-hate week won't work. Sorry, but there's always gonna be hatred. Get over it!

10 It Doesn't Let Us Share Our Opinion

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11 This Site Will Become Unpopular

It isn't a popular site as it is actually. - RalphBob

12 It's Hypocritical

TheTopTens is a site where you can share your opinions. No Hate Week is where you have to stay Rainbows, Sparkles, Friendship. and Hearts about the whole thing. Thank Arceus No Hate Week is no longer existent. - RiverClanRocks

13 You Can't Hate On Justin Bieber

Especially whenever he deserves it the most.

This is what I like about TheTopTens, Me and JustinBIEBERLOVER are JB fans, I am a actual fanhoy - bugger

14 It Shows that Freedom of Speech Isn’t a Thing Anymore
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1. It Is Pointless
2. It Is Another Downfall of TheTopTens
3. It's Annoying
1. It Doesn't Let Us Share Our Opinion
2. It Is Pointless
3. People are Still Going to Hate, Even During it
1. It Is Pointless
2. It Is Another Downfall of TheTopTens
3. It Makes Users Retire

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