Worst Things About TheTopTens Users

The Top Ten Worst Things About TheTopTens Users

1 They Are Annoying

The TopTenners are not annoying, and even if we are, we're proud of it! I may be a hardly known TopTenner, but I'm working my way up! And every other TopTenner who is famous on this site are valuable and kind people! That's how they are commonly known, unlike you as I have never heard of your name before! Disrespect us, and we'll disrespect you, That's never going to change! - Flowersocks2137

Excuse me sir, but who are you to make a list like this when you barely know any users? Back off and take your dagger of hurtful list making ideas with you, as nobody here wants to get hurt by a list that was made by a fifteen year old underachiever. Thank you. - Wolftail

I wonder what the OP means by "They" exactly. Does this mean that every single user on this site is annoying? Also this applies to every other item on this list. - NuMetalManiak

Listen dude, barely anyone think a that we are annoying, so why did you create this list in the 1st place? Hmm is it because you've never met anyone? - EpicJake

Guys I joined in 2014. And my comment had nothing to do with years and stuff. - EpicJake

2 They Are Not Equal

Do you think everyone is equal on the other parts of the Internet? No.

Now this is agree. Lots of people have more popularity than others - EpicJake

No, you're quite right; some are more equal than others. - PetSounds

Isn't that how the whole world is? - Oliveleaf

3 They Make Bad Lists

You're one to talk, buddy. - Garythesnail

And what about you? Do you think this list is good? - Delgia2k

My lists and then a happy kick in your private part is what you'll get back from me. - JaysTop10List

Oh I can already this list is going to be garbage, well I'm going to get my bleach for this.

4 They Can't Stop Talking About Justin Bieber

The jokes about him are old and adding him to the list of the most evil people in history is an exaggeration. He may be annoying, but the people who can't stop talking about how much they hate him are much more annoying than Justin Beiber himself.

The most hated person on thetoptens? True, true, people need to stop talking about him. - DCfnaf

Really guys. The joke isn't funny anymore. Give it a rest.

While that is true, Justin Bieber is a bad singer and a bad person, so the hate is well-founded. - Songsta41

5 They're Horrible

For somebody with one list, you seem to know a hell of a lot about us. - PetSounds

Wow. I feel so ashamed for being horrible. (Sarcasm alert) - MontyPython

This list was made by a user, so technically, you're calling yourself horrible. Are you jealous of us or something? - RockFashionista

Is Alexandr having 2,500 list horrible to you? I think not - EpicJake

6 They Are Jealous of Any Other User

Hmm... I'm not jealous of any other user. Heck I don't care about mine or anybody's popularity here. People come here to make lists, comments, remixes and posts and that's it. - Kiteretsunu

Lol, I think the person who made this is the only jealous one

I'm jealous of TwilightKitsune. I wish I was her. - TwilightKitsune

Hell no I'm not jealous,I just be myself - Nateawesomeness

7 They Are Rude

This does not apply to all the users on here because a few of them are nice, but I see a lot of tweens who think they are more intelligent than they actually are. They don't know how to disagree with people without being rude and they sometimes add insulting comments to an item without reading the original comments of the poster. I once had to explain things to some dumb little kids who are too lazy to read my first explanation THREE TIMES. There was even this dumb kid who can't provide a better reason as to why he disagreed with an item I added to a list besides, "This is very stupid." Okay? Care to explain more? Or at least provide a good reason as to why your pre-pubescent brain thinks it's so stupid? Just because a person doesn't have the same opinions as you does not mean they are dumb. Idiotic children on this site need to learn the difference between FACT and OPINION.

Quite a blatant stereo type right there some users are rude others aren't. Most of the time the only "rude" people are trolls that say offensive things just for notoriety.

I admit I used to be a bit rude. But look, I'm different now. Everyone has flaws, so why I is this list even here? I'm extremely sorry, darcyc. I know what it's like to make a list that so many people hate. I've experienced it myself. But instead of calling us "horrible" (which is TOTALLY not rude), why not tell us how to improve? - Oliveleaf

I am not rude myself, but there are a few TopTenners that are rude. - Pegasister12

8 They Hate Things For Stupid Reasons

No it's called expressing an opinion. I might hate Linkin Park but I have my reasons for it and they aren't "stupid reasons" their my own reasons which it makes it my opinion.

I kind of have to agree with this one. - Catlover2004


9 They Pick on Others

Because this list isn't about picking on thetoptens users as a whole, right? Oh wait... - DCfnaf

This is 100 percent true.

10 They Put Frozen On Every Worst List

Because that movie pretty much deserves to bo on every worst list...

Because people can have opinions.

The Contenders

11 They Are Not Intelligent

This is immensely rude, and I honestly think you aren't very intellectual based off of the fact that you created this list to offend others! What did you expect - people to praise you for this? Obviously there are going to be multiple haters criticizing your list, as I am one of them! - Flowersocks2137

Excuse me, but there are many intelligent users on TheTopTens. Sure, they say some pretty dumb things, but that doesn't mean they are not intelligent! - RockFashionista

I'm totally intelligent. Honor roll, Citizen Of The Month... TWICE! Improving in math a little, the smartest kid in class, get good grades in writing and many more and study. Take that and suck a cup so that your lips will end up big and ugly like you! - JaysTop10List

Well I am pretty intelligent so this item isn't true. And I get good grades and straight A's. - cosmo

12 They Are Making This Site Bad

No TheTopTens Users = good website

makes sense perfect sense - CrypticMemory

Slandering others and making others feel bad about themselves for no reason and your hypocrisy is what is dragging this site down. - TwilightKitsune

Which means you are making this site bad - jmepa1234

Honestly, the users are improving the site. The visitors are making it worse. - Oliveleaf

13 They Get Mad Over Different Opinions

Again. This is the visitors. - Oliveleaf

There's a person on a power rangers list who thinks people who likes PR Time Force are on drugs and worships Satan :/ - 906389

14 All They Talk About is How Much They Hate This or Like That

This is kind of the point of the whole website...

15 They Are Mean to Visitors

Most of the time visitors are rude to users, and the user can defend themselves from a visitor but usually the visitor is 10x more rude then the user is.

Are you saying that visitors can't be worse? - 906389

Well visitors are mean to users too. I've been cyberbullied by them a few times. One said I should die of cancer. - Powerfulgirl10

Not all of us. - Britgirl

16 People Make Troll Accounts Just to Make a Troll List

Only a majority of TopTenners do that. - DapperPickle

Only some users do that - EpicJake

It depends on the users. - Powerfulgirl10

17 They Are Nostalgiatards

I'm a huge "nostalgiatard," if that's what they're calling them now. Maybe it has to do with my obsession for 80's movies or my obsession with time travel or my interest in History. I, personally, live in the past, present, and future. - RockFashionista

I'm proud to be a "nostalgiatard" because the entertainment purposes of the past are certainly better than the purposes in the present. - MontyPython

I hate nostalgiatards. They think that everything that came out after the games they loved is terrible. Kinda stupid. But again, this is BROAD. - DCfnaf

Heck no! I'm not one of them!

18 They Are Too Sensitive and Don't Know What Overrated Means

Yeah, this is true. But how dare you call us horrible! You're a hypocrite. Also, you say we make bad lists? Maybe you were talking about yourself. - RalphBob

This is true actually. - EpicJake

I'm not sensitive and I'm quite sure I know the definition of overrated.

I'm sort of sensitive but I know the definition of overrated. - Powerfulgirl10

19 They Make Posts About Other Users

It's usually positive. How is this bad? - Pony

@pony because of weaboos going ape over crap on there's lists that they hate and blame it on other users when the post was by a bot and they make lists of the user they blamed.

20 They Are Immature

Is Puga making a point about andre56 immature to you? This item is incorrect - EpicJake

21 They Worship Jackie Evancho

I don't even know who Jackie Evancho is! - Ultron123

22 They're Too Lazy to Upload Images to Items

I try to put images to items on my lists but a lot of times I just don't have ideas of what to put on them. - Rue

Of course, we have morons who forget people like htoutlaws, MSS, and many others who upload a lot of images

23 They are Trolls

On a list of Worst Phineas and Ferb Characters, I saw about 5-10 characters that never made an appearance on the show. Like, Princess Peach, Barbie Doll, Minnie Mouse.

Some people troll on this site others don't even then it's quite obvious which users are trolls and which ones aren't.

Not every single user is a troll - TwilightKitsune

But some trolls on here are funny. Ex: BTDR and KG2218. - Powerfulgirl10

24 They are Hypocrites

Respect people if they agree with them but if you disagree they will make you feel bad for liking something and tell you why your opinion is wrong. Also they hate on opinions on a list since it is not what they agree with.

And this list isn't hypocritical? Quite sure it is...

This user too! - Neonco31

Complain about how bad the site is... visit every day. Complain about how bad all the users are... are a user. Complain about crappy lists... submit crappy lists.

25 They Hate Everything You Like and Like Everything You Hate

That's kinda a opinion and not everyone has to like what you like. 'Cause if they did it beats the point of a opinion.

Not true. - DCfnaf

26 They Hate Good Things and Like Bad Stuff

Like Disney1994 (who wants to die from this.) - Powerfulgirl10

27 They are Elitist
28 A Lot of Them Support Hillary Clinton
29 They Have Worst User Lists on Their Profile Pages
30 All They Care About is Britgirl
31 They Are 12 Years Old

W ow! g reat reason. They are 12 years. - zxm

32 They Make Stupid Lists Like This That Prove That Users Are Too Stupid to Make Good Lists

Did you ever think about the fact that there’s very limited topics to use for lists? In this generation of new users, it’s especially hard since everything has been pretty much made already. So how can you expect lots of variety?

33 They Are Perverted
34 They Lie About Things

What do we lie about exactly?

35 They Use Bad Grammar
36 They Always Fight With Each Other
37 Most Make Poor Quality Lists and Blog Posts
38 Their Grammar Sucks

Actually, I don't think their grammar sucks. Just helping the list...

39 They Lack Experience
40 They shove their interests down people who hate it's throats
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