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1 The lack of respect for artists and their fans

I hate how people are all like, "Oh if you like this or that, than you must be this or that. " Everyone has their own opinion. Sure, we all agree on the same things, but some of us don't. I like some bands, but people are always just saying rude comments about them, and how if so and so like it, then they must not know what so and so is. Personally, I just want people to stop arguing about what they dislike, and just respect that people do like this and not every does, so they should at least show some respect about how we all feel about a certain type of topic.

Your right! People don't have to prove this is "totally right." Everyone's different here!

I personally hate top 10 lists. First of all there is no one better than the other. Everyone is equally good, talented, have their own capacities and abilities. They all play an important role and contribute something to this world. These lists have actually made the matters worse. Now you guys write negative comments about some celebrities which you don't like. How do you feel when someone write negative comments about your favourite celebrity? You feel irritated, depressed and insulted. Like you others have emotions too. Everybody has their own opinions. 99% of the guys who write negative comments about celebrities are jealous of their achievements and contributions. I request you Top Ten guys to remove all those negative lists especially those which start with the words 'worst and 'overrated'. And to all those Haters I have only one thing to say to you: GROW UP!

I responded to this previously, but my god is this a terrible comment. I was wrong to think ANY of what you said makes sense. Here's the thing, we're not jealous of their contributions, we hate them. YOU are hating on TheTopTens users, so by your own logic you are jealous. Also, anybody who feels straight up depressed about negative comments towards their favorite celebrity has some issues. And saying you can never criticize ANYBODY is stupid. The fact that 24 people thought this comment was REASONABLE IN ANY WAY blows my mind. - ReltihFloda

Lil Wayne on top ten rappers of all time what! Are you guys serious this is why we're known as the stupid generation cause of people who don't know real music

I accidentally clicked thumbs up on this comment. "The stupid generation because people don't know real music" Says the person who says Lil Wayne shouldn't be considered a good rapper. Listen to everything the Carter III and backward, then tell me that again. - WonkeyDude98

Yes, anyway the lists are opinions. They really hate yellow and Camilla? The person who wrote this as number one is correct.

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2 I want to see top 50 most popular lists

Yes. Not enough stats and infos on Top-Tens. A ''members currently connected'' page would also be nice. - blinkr735

I want to Make My own lists Longer then just 10 That includes on Remixes I don't want just 10 songs and that's it
For it to feel like a legit list I want a no limit list for Your List! - Curti2594

On remixes it would be okay because sometimes I want to put so much more stuff on. But the website is called TheTopTens for a reason.

By the way, why is this list called Reasons why thetoptens is getting stupid when referred in the profile pages? - SpectralOwl

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3 People's bad voting tastes

Its totaly ridiculous how some people who don't have a clue about certain things, keep voting for that thing, only because "they like the colour of the eyes of that artist"! For example, multiple voting for Tarja Turunen as "the best opera singer" in spite of the fact that we have goddesses of the opera like: Maria Callas, Sarah Brightman, Monserrat Caballe... I feel free to comment because I have music academy and know exactly what I am talking about. Thats why I think that people without similar jobs or expierences, shouldn't take part in such a votings, because they are not competent at all to judge! Or at least, they should research a little bit about the stuff they are messing with, not just bumping with stupidities (like the one when Tarja Turunen is better than Maria callas! )

Well, I agree with this topic... there is a lot of bad tastes in everything, and that sucks when it comes to voting. Suppose that everybody has right on their own opinion; but, came on, somebody better than Maria Callas? I have to check out that stupidity!

The list on the best rock band is insane. Journey barely did any actual ROCK songs. Theres so many bands that aren't remotely related to rock music but they are just supported by people who have no idea what thet're on about. - Cantonez

Justin Bieber is #1 on the list about the most evil people. It’s okay to dislike him, but the fact that he’s seen as more evil than Adolf Hitler doesn’t make sense.

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4 You can't erase lists

I always get wrong spelling in typing and when its wrong//people say bad things and say a bad words at thing you say

I WISH I COUlD ERASE LIST.. - greenguy09

We should be able to do just that. There is some lists that NEED to be deleted by the administrators

Yeah! Like the "Worst Country" list. That's insulting to many people! - RedTheGremlin

I accidentally copied someone else’s list and I didn’t find out until after mine was done. I really wish this was an option. - 3DG20

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5 You can't see how many votes in every lists

There are a biased explanations why those items are in the top - ronluna

This actually could be because of people's personal lists. They throw things off whack. I'm not saying that personal lists are bad: I love everything about them, even how they affect voting. - RizaLovato

So true... Opinions of creator are not necessarily opinions of other users. - CityGuru

How about You can't see how many comments there are in every lists. - htoutlaws2012

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6 People starting all kinds of worst lists and can't stop hating

yeah, 100% agree here ,there are many dumb lists - MatrixGuy

there are lots of worst lists the most annoying etc lists in the top-tens. those lists are biased, unreliable, and created by people who are haters and bashers. they do it for the sake of having other things to be the worst but in reality it is not. - ronluna

It is disrespectful to hate, even in some music artists I dislike the most I usually find some good aspects. Also, when I dislike a band's music, then I won't go on the internet and bash them to unrealistic extremes. I think the artist whose music I "hate" the most is Soulja Boy. But that doesn't make me hate him as a person. And I don't go out including him on every disrespectful list. I just don't listen to his music. I once reviewed his debut album and gave it 1 out of 5 stars. But I didn't write stuff like "This is the worst I ever heard", I wrote down why this album fails all the way through. And if Soulja Boy one day made a song I like, I'll give him credit for that and give the album a chance.
The thing that several people often lack is respect for artists. - Martin_Canine

People do lack the respect for artists, but you should be understanding when people bash Chris Brown to unrealistic extremes. - DCfnaf

The Top Tens should not exist.

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7 Justin Bieber in every single "worst" list

Of course, I hate Justin Bieber, but I'm tired of seeing him everywhere!

Okay, so I don't like Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean I need to add him to every single list whenever I see the word "worst" - 4rs3R4mm3r

I can't one single "worst" list without seeing at least one reference to Bieber. Yes, he sucks, but this site really needs to stop adding him everywhere.

According to this website, Adolf Hitler, Hell and 9/11 attacks are better than JB, I agree that he sucks, but come on, hitler killed 6 million jews, hell is pain and 9/11 is one of the worst days ever - LeetHaterz

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8 Multiple voting

I agree here. You can vote once a week, but if you try voting every day it really looks ridiculous. That's why Prince, Michael Jackson, Heart, 30 Seconds to Mars, Regine Velasquez are #1. That's opinion of 3-5 persons no more - Irina2932

I didn't realise you could vote multiple times on the same thing. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. I have quite enjoyed looking through all these lists but now I am not so sure. :( - wizardryuk

I vote more than once because I can. I would have no problem with 1 vote / IP-address but since you can vote once a day, I sometimes do that. But why can you vote once a day? I don't get it, but I have to do that because otherwise my favorites have no chance against other people who votes every day. But please reset the lists and make it 1 vote / IP-address.

so... - B0S5J4M3S

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9 People that make lists when they know nothing about topic of the list

Sonic and Slenderman were on a list for ADVENTURE TIME!

I totally agree with this one. "Worst Nickelodeon Shows" list and there are so much stuff from Cartoon Network, and random channels. I guess there are WAY too many idiots going on this website.

To add, Nickelodeon and Disney shows added to "Worst Cartoon Network Shows" - naFrovivuS

this is the one of the most annoying thing ever - ronluna

I saw curious George on a world war 2 leaders list - AStumpedHuman

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10 All the good lists are taken

Well OBVIOUSLY the good lists are taken! Can you honestly imangine going on this site to see that Top Ten Best Singers hasn't been taken already! The thing about this site is to test your ability and creativity to visualize other different lists, in content of the popular ones already taken! Geez people! Get a life!

It really annoying like when you came up with good idea someone took it - toptenforlife

Really annoying. If you where gonna make a list. Someone steals it. Makes me wanna smash my keyboard or punch the screen

The trick is to make a list for something (most likely a game) that hasn't come out yet or become widely popular, but that you know enough about, and then a few months later if the game is a success, then so so will your list. - Catception

Isn't that another way of saying how uncreative and uninnovative you are? - styLIShT

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The Newcomers

? Rude Jackie Evancho Fans
? Chester Bennington is #1 on the "Saddest Deaths of 2017" List

The Contenders

11 You cannot change your votes

You are reading the list, and you vote for something, than later on, you see a new option you love, but can't change

You can't change a comment rate either. It really bugs me when I see a disrespectful comment and I want to give it a thumbs down but accidentally give it thumbs up and it can't be changed - sofiav

It's annoying whenever I accidentally vote for something or I see another option I want to vote for and I can't change my vote. It would be nice if we were able to change votes - Imreallyboredrightnow

You can, but you’d have to go back to the list the next day. - 3DG20

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12 Please type in the number you see below

Spammers, that's why. It's annoying, but worth the effort. - Darrell

Ah, yes... These are annoying on all sorts of websites, but tend to be necessary. - LostDream258

5! I see the number 5! - AnonymousChick

I'm happy that this system is currently not there. Although a little Captcha filling wouldn't hurt - styLIShT

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13 Number 1 is the first thing you see on a list

It would be much better to have the top 10 count down and then show the rest starting from 11, much like is done already.

But the next on the list with a ton of things, It would take forever to go through every page and see number 1 - THEEPICDUDE990

It's more interesting when you see the Number 1 entry at the end of the list. It builds suspense and excitement. - DCfnaf

I like it better if it started you from 10, it makes the reader not care if you start from 1. - htoutlaws2012

It kills the suspense of the first place. - RedTheGremlin

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14 The London Olympic Games list

"Music Artists You'd Like To Perform at the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies" is just a STUPID list in all respects. I'm not interested in the Olympics, but there are a number of reasons why I hate that list. Firstly, this was two years ago, so why are you still voting? Secondly, most of them are not from UK, which was the point of the ceremony, so practically everything there doesn't belong. Thirdly, you put in a lot of highly overrated music artists; who, with any sense, would want Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber performing at all? Anywhere? And finally, the Olympics is still a dumb thing to debate. I won't bother explaining why.
The lists that replaced it, about the next Games, will simply add to the pile, and everyone will keep voting on them in exactly the same pointless, endless cycle. - PositronWildhawk

Considering now lists have voting periods where you can vote until a certain date and then it stops all voting after that date, shouldn't the administration finally put a date stamp on the London Olympic Games list to show voting is officially over? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I came to this list JUST TO ADD THIS ELEMENT! - keyson

so... - B0S5J4M3S

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15 Only 3 dishonorable mentions

I really want to use more. - djpenquin999

If anything up to 5 is fine, but not more. - htoutlaws2012

5 should be maximum - Gametheorysucks

Yes, there should be at least 5, when trolls add irrelevant items to your lists, 5 dishonourable mentions would be useful - styLIShT

16 You can only put 10 items on a remix

So now you have to put the Honorable Mentions in the description

The entire concept of re-mixes is horrible. One person should not be able to invalidate hundreds of votes.

Unlimited power! No, but to the viewer the highest you can go is 100. Can you imagine 1,000 items lol. - htoutlaws2012

Honorable mentions now - Bearskater13

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17 They delete your very hard worked on comment

Not so much for users but it gets really annoying for visitors. The reason visitor comments usually get deleted is because of visitors like Caps Girl, Danteem, and other incredibly stupid people. I was a visitor too. I loved posting comments and replies until those visitors ruined it and won't let the visitors type replies and their comments are usually deleted - SirSkeletorThe3rd

They do? I really think they should stop, then. Like, I'm going to make this comment long and hope they keep it. Whoever made TheTopTens and all you Administrators and Moderators, please, stop deleting comments that people have worked on well. How would you feel if they did it to you? Treat others how you want to be treated!

This keeps happening to me. I don't know why. As I write this I am praying that Admin doesn't delete this comment too. I wrote a comment on 2018 on the list of Worst Years for Music, and it's deleted now. I wrote a comment on Bad Liar on the list of Worst Songs of 2017, and that's deleted too. - allamassal

It happens move on from it don't be overaggressive... otherwise this breaks compromise of the mutual relationship. - htoutlaws2012

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18 Only having a single vote
19 Language barriers

This is ridiculous. If you're going on an english website, you should use english language. That's like an american going to a german website and expecting everyone to speak english. - pokemonrater

I speak Italian but TheTopTens is only English. What I know, TheTopTens people doesn't know what is the Google Translator. If TheTopTens now have Non-English people to TheTopTens. We all get our Translators and understand what they're saying - bugger

Yes, English is a barrier

Translator! What does this individual try to interpret? - htoutlaws2012

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20 "reasons why my opinion is correct" lists

I hate it when people post that crap. An opinion is an opinion! It's not right or wrong! - RedTheGremlin

Many posters are sure that their opinion is the only correct one.

21 George W. Bush being the greatest U.S. President of the all time

Whoever voted for Bush Should seriously try and look at what he's actually done, when Clinton Left office, we had almost a billion dollar surplus, now we have a 35 billion dollar deficit. And he's not even fighting terrorists you guys, he's fighting almost the entire population of Iraq, that we "Liberated". - Hannibalbarka

Why? Lets all join together and vote for honest abe first! And kick george of the list who's with me!

Me and my ridiculous, brain-dead mind thought you were talking about George Washington. I was like, "What? No! " But yeah, Abraham Lincoln deserves the number one spot. - Flowersocks2137

Not sure when you posted Hannibalbarka but the deficit is WAY into the trillions now, laugh out loud.
Bush just may have been the WORST president we've had. - TrueKO

Now that's a serious problem for somebody who hardly did anything in his presidency. - htoutlaws2012

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22 Immature users

Always that one idiot on the top ten lists. Wait, I just described myself. Bummer. - RedTheGremlin

23 Top Ten Best Surveys/Quizzes on MySpace is the number 1 most popular list

Stupid sympathy from admin... - InsertNameHere

I wish it was. It's better than then the "Music Artists who should preform in the 2012 Olympics" one. - Minecraftcrazy530

That's not the most popular list - PatrickStar

''WRONG! '' - John McLaughlin - htoutlaws2012

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24 "If you like this than you must be this"

The thing I don't like is all the lies that are on these lists, particularly political lists and especially about Obama. People will just throw comments out there and most often they aren't even true. If he has screwed up, I'll admit it but I would still vote for him again. People rag on him and Hillary like they've never done anything right in their life. They say he's the worst president when that is nowhere near true. Look at any objective ranking of U.S. Presidents and Obama is usually somewhere in the teens. He's always in the top half, and he's only near the bottom if the list is made by Republicans.

There's such a thing as differing opinions. Have respect for them, people! That's why this site even exists at all!

For example, it doesn't matter if someone hates Justin Bieber because someone else probably does. Just because you like something others dislike, does it make you a stupid idiot? NO.

Stereotypical, but I have a stereotype for those stereotypical people! If they say "if you like this, then you must be this", then they must be dumb! - RedTheGremlin

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25 Banning users for trivial reasons
26 You can't vote for multiple items on the same list

In ranker website there is the option like this - paasadani

You can't vote on multiple ones but if you have an account you can comment - Ohno

Yes, but you can vote multiple times. - styLIShT

27 Heart Ranked Number One on Almost Every Music List

Heart is/was a great band, but seriously. They aren't even one of the 10 greatest bands of all time. -_- - TheAI

what makes heart better than led zeppelin, the beatles, metallica, acdc, and any other band. - jwileson

they are good. not amazing, like seriously - Marcopwnzatdrums

I don't mind Heart, and all... sorry no. - htoutlaws2012

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28 That you have to vote for a particular item in order to comment on it

That's the worst part. If you wanna bash Justin Bieber, you're gonna have to vote for him first. - jimmy12lee

Actually, you can vote for something else and then come back and comment - lovefrombadlands

YES! What if there's someone on a top ten list you think is overrated? You have to vote for them to say it. IT MAKES ZERO SENSE WHAT-SO--EVER!

Some times I just want to question why something is so high, but I have to vote for it first.

Yes, this is pretty much the worst thing on here. Also, you could just vote on something else and comment on something else. Common sense... - styLIShT

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29 Some people put random things in unrelated lists

It doesn't really annoy me that much, but I've noticed singers put in the wrong category, such as Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, and Kelly Clarkson on the country singers list.

Like in the Warriors lists, these idiots made fake Warrior cat names and put them in the list. It's really annoying and people need to stop and get with the program. It's not funny, it's not cute. - RedTheGremlin

Search through the list of "Worst Cartoon Network Shows," and eventually you'll find shows from Nick and Disney. - isaaonrtdmtr

Someone added CupcakKe to the list of Worst U. S. Presidents. I'm not even joking. Just look at that list. - allamassal

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30 Top Ten List very long approval time

Music lists seem to take the longest amount of time to get approved, about 4 hours or so. But I made one just last night and it still wasn't approved until like 10 hours from that point. Furthermore, I've made a few lists, and a couple of the ones that I made have been approved. The funny thing is that they were made AFTER some of the ones I made before them that STILL weren't approved yet! Right now there's tons of lists on the Newest Lists page that have not been approved and that number is stacking with the hours. For gods sake HAVE SOME CONSISTENCY. - NuMetalManiak

I submitted two lists a few weeks ago and they still haven't been approved. They need to just check the content to make sure it is not inappropriate and then let it on. It does not take three weeks to sort through the lists. - thedoctor

Nowadays, it doesn't take long to approve lists. It usually takes a day or so for me. - Minecraftcrazy530

Goes the same way as Blog Posts, and or Pics for corresponding items. - htoutlaws2012

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31 Can't take back votes to vote for something else
32 Linkin Park Everywhere

This is so true, all the people on this site are Linkin park fans. The list that gets me the most upset is best nu metal bands. Korn, System of a Down and Madvayne are so much better then Linkin Park. The site is being ruined by these fans who barely know how to spell right.

I do like Linkin Park. But people. There are better rock bands out there. I'm tried of seeing them everywhere I go.

So before people started to add Justin Beiber every single worst list Linkin Park was everywhere... I don't even know what to say anymore. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Now its insert Korean singers everywhere. - htoutlaws2012

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33 Not being able to change your vote
34 Obsession Over Metal

There are genres out there which are just as good as metal. Also, a song's genre does not really determine how good it is. For example, a lot of mainstream rap is bad because it glorifies sex/drugs/material possessions/being "gangster", but there are also a lot of good rap songs out there which are about the struggles of everyday life. There is also potential for some money-hungry record companies to create bad metal music. Metal is not the only genre with good music, and good music of other genres exist, too.

Honestly, this is happening right now. They would say "it's just my opinion and everything" but then again it's the SAME, THING, OVER, AND, OVER. Many of the new metal lists are of similar qualities and there's no uniqueness. Also the obsession over which metal genres are metal and not metal are stupid too. I wish the "obsessed" metal heads expand their musical horizons not just to their favorite bands but to any band in the genre, instead of the same thing over and over. See, that's the crazy thing, when you are doing the same thing over and over. - Nonpointed

I don't like Metal... it's just... I have problems with it. I prefer Pop and Classic genres. But, Metal music can be great sometimes. But it depends on the meaning and lyrics of the song... - GirlyAnimeLover

I’ve tried listening to metal/rock bands before, but I just DO NOT like them, I prefer pop/pop-rock. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I don’t care for the prior genres I listed.

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35 Barney and Dora are ALWAYS number 1 and 2 on worst kid show lists when there are a couple of shows that are actually worse

Half the time Teen Titans Go isn't on the list. It's the show that deserves to be on every worst kid's show list. And sure, Dora isn't a good show, but that's because you're too old for that show. Back then you probably thought it was the best show of all time! I can admit I liked Diego when I was a little kid, but that's because I was a little kid. - AllAboutLists

I agree first of all they are shows targeted at little children so of course you are not gonna like it second of all I have seen worse but if people like the cartoons I don't like I'm fine with that it's they're opinion - MrMonkey

Exactly! Everyone on this site is a whiny teen who complains about preschool shows 24/7! - PeeledBanana

Doesn't this mean you are also a whiny teen? I don't even complain about preschool shows, I complain about Teen Titans Go!
That's spoiled thing to say. - BorisRule

I know right? It's so annoying, as if Dora/Barney will give you cancer (I'm sorry if 'cancer' is way too much). Also, why Powderpuff Girls is not 1st/2nd/3rd (I like that cartoon )? - GirlyAnimeLover

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36 Add a picture not being on all lists

I still miss this feature. I understand the creator of the list should have a right to upload their own images of their choosing, but really, I think what should have been done is that when making a list, the creator should have the option to approve or disapprove of other users uploading images onto their lists. I understand that admin might have removed this feature to prevent images from being uploaded that the creator doesn't want, but in all honesty, not every user goes around uploading images on their lists, so I do feel that we should be given some freedom back to upload images on any list we want regardless of ownership. If we can vote, comment, remix, and add posts on a list, then we should be able to upload images on that list as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

There's also a weird thing where a completely different picture shows up on a completely different item. For example, I was on Top 10 Worst Survivor Players, and next to Trish Dunn was an unusual photo. I clicked on it, and the title said, "Beatrice Prior." Needs to be fixed. - naFrovivuS

That needs to be fixed immediately. It's so frustrating. - Powerfulgirl10

Well it puts more detail into the items, but the killer is waiting on the approval time is the real challenge, this goes the same for blog posts. - htoutlaws2012

37 It's stupid

The concept of making top ten lists for others to contribute to is a good idea, in my book. I disagree with this item.

Not as stupid as this entry. And even if it was why did you add this then? Hypocrite - Gametheorysucks

I agree. This is just a website filled with opinions and nothing else

It's not stupid because if it was then why would it be a website.😒😕

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38 Prince ahead of Eddie Van Halen on best guitarist list

Some people are absolutely unbelievably stupid. They're just very narrow-minded and they just look at Prince and the amount of records he's sold and number 1 hits he's had and not his playing skills and the influence that he has had on other guitar players. Sure, there's a lot of guitar players more skilled than Eddie Van Halen. However, there's only two people to me who are in Eddie Van Halen's territory or could even be compared to Eddie Van Halen as far as influence goes. They are Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.

Oh my god! You serious butt-hurt people should just respect other's opinions and worry about your own life! I like Van Halen better, but I am not going to start a huge rant about how riduculous people's opinions are! Will it kill you if your favorite person isn't as popular choice as another? Will it affect you in actual reality? Get a life, people!

r u kidding me! If i could cuss on this website, (which by the way, is one of the worst unsaid thing about htis website)I would go off. This is insane. Have u heard of a little song called ERUPTION not to mention all of their other great songs - jaxballer9

Lol, what a big deal.

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39 People who treat their opinion as objective fact
40 People who hate on certain celebrities

I mean I'm not the biggest fan of Bieber and 1D but all the haters I think are just low lives who are jealous that they are talented singers and have millions of people who idolize them. I mean seriously, Justin Bieber is NOT the ugliest person in the world. That's Marilyn Manson

I'm seeing Bieber trolls everywhere. So yes, I hate Justin Bieber, but that doesn't mean I have to add him to every single list whenever I see the word "worst". - 4rs3R4mm3r

This is why my target is based more on the fanbase

I also hate those kinds of people who make death threats to certain celebrities. They are not necessary, people!

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41 Changes Def Leppard to definitely Leppard
42 No Hate Week

On this app called Quiz Up that I use a lot there's a bunch of hater prevention groups, but the groups usually tend to make situations worse and they can be huge hypocrites. That can get annoying when you want to write a comment on a funny post you like, but there's some sort of drama going on in the comments section. -Anonymousxcxc.

Hating and liking are both opinions. Treat them equally and don't suppress the generation of the former.

It's pointless and just dumb. Haters gonna hate. That's all there is to it. - TheYoshiOverlord

Is this actually a thing - Gametheorysucks

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43 Napoleon Dynamite being the worst movie of all time

I think 2012 les mis should be at the top because that excuse for a movie musical is just rubbish, the casting person, or whatever the hell they're called, decided a cast of Hollywood actors would do instead of professional opera singers who would be good in the first place, and it actually won awards cause critics write a rave review lasting over 9000 pages saying it's "beautiful" and "tear-jerking". Seriously, the last time I saw something beautiful was when I watched Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4 and the last time I seen something tear-jerking was when my wifi connection was lost. This movie was just made for a certain thing called €a$h. - ArpstaAmy333

I love this movie! How can it be the worst movie of all time? Some people... I swear we need to get us some guns and have a good old fiesta and show what we are made of.

this movie is funny how can anyone hate it - 7beach77

That's totally ridiculous I have seen way worse film then this genius comedy from the 2000's. - htoutlaws2012

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44 The comment quality

It's just RANDOM! You have to put random letters just to get the darn thing to move to the right! And some things just send you back like, THREE BARS! The Top Tens. Com, PLEASE just let us post! Thank you.
*Commenting* I agree 100% with this entry.
(Rising... )
This needs to be number on-
*Bar moves back*

My spelling quality is TERRIBLE on the toptens because of the stupid ipad auto correction - Harri666

That I agree with, but the galaxy tab is the worst. I try to spell comfortably, and it changes it to Comfort Ably - mpgami

A lot of the comments on here are really bad, especially from the visitors. I'm not saying all of them are bad though. - Powerfulgirl10

Varies on the visitor/user that can go either way you look at it. - htoutlaws2012

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45 Double item on a list

it should be checked much carefully these things - MatrixGuy

there are 2 chocolate items on the ice cream flavors, two names of a band in a different form - ronluna

There are 3 Lil Wayne items on the list worst rappers. - SamuiNeko

On the best mystic messenger characters list, Yoosung Kim is on there twice. They could've put V in one of their places...

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46 Glitches

I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but whenever I happen to come upon a list that I want to read and then scroll down while reading, all of a sudden I am taken all the way back to the homepage! Why must this happen when I just want to view something? - NuMetalManiak

I'm using TheTopTens on an ipad and the page keeps jumping up and Down then I accidentally vote for the wrong thing - Harri666

For some reason, sometimes I'm on page 2 of a list. I want to go to page 3 of the list, but then it takes me back to page 1. I want that problem fixed. - Powerfulgirl10

I can agree with this, and probably should be higher up the list since its super outdated based on some of them become obsolete. - htoutlaws2012

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47 Comments are edited in a way that makes you sound stupid
48 Circular reasoning
49 You can no longer thumb down comments

Honestly, I can only see about one pro and one con for this. On the pro side, it means rabid fans or rabid haters won't be able to relentlessly thumb down a comment anymore. But on the con side, rabid fans or rabid haters can then thumb up their own comments even if others generally believe that those comments are offensive or just asinine. Same thing goes for trolls with their own troll comments. While I was pretty annoyed with whenever people would thumb down some of my comments for petty reasons, most of the other times was that they did it since they had valid reasons to not like my comment. However, I feel as if it's more or less my fault (please, don't be) that admin has now implemented this change. What's sad is that he may have only done this for the better, but it won't stop others from abusing this removal and thumbing up offensive or derogatorily abusive comments. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I honestly think there should be two sections where you can both thumb up and down a comment. Thumbing up on the right side and thumbing down on the left. - Aragorn98

As this item indicates, the site indeed used to have that feature. Unfortunately, since the administration is cracking down on negativity, they thought it was a REALLY good idea to remove the thumbs down button altogether. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I wish you still could, but there is a positive side to it. You can't get your own comment disliked for your own opinion. - RedTheGremlin

50 Terrible Admins

Trust me he admins in Miiverse are worst

They completely changed my comment on one list! I was doing a song and I wrote for one of the lyrics, 'nothing' but the admin changed it to, 'Nothing' ' It really bugs me!

No, not all admins are bad. There are good admins too. - zxm

The fact that this is 205 is absolutely mind-numbing. - ReltihFloda

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