Puga Rants: TheTopTens

Puga Damn, what the hell happened to this series? I must've got caught up in something really heavy. Anyway, it's back, and better than ever. You know what isn't better than ever? TheTopTens. Duncan was really smart to leave when he did. It's like Dealing on Deal or no Deal, and then finding out you would've had the worst possible round if we'd gone on. Except we all said no deal. And had the worst possible round. Stupid analogies aside, TTT is like 9gag and Tumblr's baby. When you haven't got Twelvies quoting Damn Daniel while going "gr8 b8 m8 il Quickscope you" and making "hilarious" lists, you've got sensetive idiots splurting blood out of their vaginas. "Hey, look a troll! Trolls are bad, better feed them! I don't like trolls! I'm doing this so I'll be more likeable! Please notice me Pos! Follow me Pos"! I mean, stuff like that is practically on every subjective list on the site! If I hear one more comment about how people are saying that x is the same user as y I am going to dolphin dive out of my window into the pavement. Not only are you most likely wrong, you're proving absolutely nothing! What are you gaining from investigating whether x is the same as y? If JBLOVER and BTDR are the same person, what does that prove? That BTDR is a troll? I don't think you need to go full-on Sherlock Holmes to discover that, brainiac. I mean, it just proves how obsessive this site is over the littlest of things! I'm not even gonna quote a certain 21 year old right now, as I got my third violation warning (I'll get to that in a minute) and I currently feel like I'm driving a tank over a tightrope, but seriously. For the love of God, why are there so many people hating on kids shows on this site? I mean, it's excusable if you're seven or something, but there's literally fifteen year olds on this website making lists about how Dora is the antichrist or something. You're fifteen or fourteen or something, you could be studying or even working a job, yet you're sitting there complaining that Sanjay and Craig is nothing but fart jokes and things were better back in the day. For the love of God, get a life! You're not going to change anything at all with your retarded comments! (Tumblr has been triggered) Kinda like how I'm gonna change nothing with this post, but meh. Hypocrisy is unavoidable while doing stuff like this. Everyone in the world is a hypocrite. Either ignore it or hang yourself.

Some users here are complete idiots . That's how life works, and that's how I like it. Do you know how boring the world would be without idiots and nonces to make a fuss about? I mean, without idiots and nonces, this paragraph won't exist, so that's something, I guess. Anyway, there are some really pathetic excuses for people here. I have come to the conclusion that comments are the worst part of the site, because they allow literally any idiot to state anything they may wish to state, as long as it isn't offensive. You could literally type "dog r betur ten cat becuz dog r mor fun" and it would be approved. Congrats, you just went up in the stats! Am I the only one really annoyed at how easy
it is to abuse the star system? Not only do you get a lot of achievements and popularity, you get to be on admin's good side, because you pressed "publish" a couple thousand times. Remember when Pos had the most comments? Everyone knew he deserved it, so much thought went into every single type of every last button in every comment. Then along comes htoutlaws, because he's don't with being the "remix king" and wants to be the "comment king" so he writes 10,000 two-word comments in a month and buzzes off. All of Pos's hard work destroyed because of a flawed system. Shouldn't there be some sort of limit on when such terrible comments can stop being made? Start deleting stuff that actually contributes nothing other than stat padding admins, instead of deleting completely comedic comments about Susan Boyle's saliva. "Wait, what's this about Susan Boyle's saliva?" I hear you say? Well, let me explain in the next paragraph, specifically about the administrators! This is the one that gets me banned. It was nice having you around, folks. Roll credits!

I got all three of my violation warnings for "trolling" because I'm the second coming of KoolGuy2218. The third one in particular really pissed me off. I got the third one for trolling, combined with vulgar language. These two comments were noted to me. The first was on an item on one of 2Storm's list about worst things on TheTopTens or some other nonsense. Here's how she goes. "This item not only gave me AIDS, it also injected Susan Boyle's saliva up my anus". Let's see, Susan Boyle is not vulgar. Not in worded terms at least. Saliva is not vulgar. Neither are the AIDS. "Anus" is the only word in that sentence that can be considered remotely vulgar or offensive. So I suppose if I used "bum" the sentence would've been okay? Maybe. The fact that the policy and Terms of Use, which I'll refer to as PATOU from here on in, are so inconsistent that I'm questioning whether the word "bum" is allowed on this site is absolutely pathetic and lazy. There are so many inconsistencies, flaws and contradictions with the PATOU that's it almost impossible to take them seriously, yet they're the official rules of the site that everyone has to abide to. Can you name a single thing the policy has contributed positively since it was implemented? Songsta41 said something along the lines of this once. "It's unbelievable that red flag after red flag keeps popping up over the policy, and yet admin finds one white flag and shuts down all the red flags". It was something like that. There is literally so much wrong with everything about everything, yet admin can point to a lack of fights recently and everything stays in place. Why was my Susan Boyle comment deleted and the result of my third strike? Do I need to censor literally every word that can be used in a negative light? Does admin really care so much that an eight year old who somehow has never heard the words f**k, s**t, penis or sex before is gonna visit the site and gonna discover the words and use them everyday? What does Admij think the kid will do, get his parents to sue the website? Can you even use websites? Is that an active thing people are winning cases about? Why do you care so much? Are posts aren't getting broadcast to live television, you don't need to run around like the FCC!

I would say that you guys comment pretty quickly as this post isn't gonna last long. Not will my account, most likely. If I ever get suspended, I'm never coming back, unless the admins are overthrown. Just giving you a heads up. Peace.


I agree with everything - bobbythebrony

If you do get suspended, where will be able to contact you? - visitor

Twitter, (link in account) YouTube, (link in account) and Instagram (real_sir_puga) - Puga

Wait is that your instagram? I can't find t - keycha1n

Is that your real instagram? I can't find you. - keycha1n

Try searching "James Byrne" - Puga

You know, I get my comment taken down if it's not longer than three words. Even if it's witty or appropriate. So I'm kinda salty about other users - cough cough - being able to post any amount of low-quality, one-word comments as they see fit. So.

There you go, I guess. - keycha1n

Wow,this site really isn't like it was before. [R.I.P TheTopTens 2005-early 2015] - cosmo

I'm saving this post for archiving. This is very accurate, and I have to point out a lot of points:

- Stats page and Member Score are NO LONGER VALID merits of knowing who the best user is.
- HQ Remixes have to exist, or this flawed system won't get solved.
- There should be a stats page for HQ posts, since they would at least take effort to make.
- I read the Terms of Use, and Admin's Policy. I have to admit that it is flawed, though not as flawed and stupid like other people say it is. And I'm not exactly for or against the policy.
- The admins' objective is obvious: They want more lists and contributions; even if they're low-quality drivel. All they would want to boast is the quantities of contributions.
- You can talk to admin about comments that have been deleted, and discuss about how it's a violation of the terms of use.
- Your recent activity was hilarious.

And how will the users meet if they simultaneously leave the site? Wikia, Facebook, Twitter or Skype? - visitor

HQ Remixes would be easily exploitable and would probably work against the idea of better remixes!
Besides if people care about the topic they're writing about and want their opinion to be seen, they automatically write qualitative better remixes! Why the hell do you think I remade a lot of my remixes, huuh? - visitor

To please people nostalgic for your remixes lol. - Skullkid755

There's not one word in this that's wrong - Martinglez

I remember when Htoutlaws2012 had about 8,000 comments. The very next day, he passed Pos who had over 10,000 comments. Anyone else find this and his motives suspicious? - bobbythebrony

You're onto something. Perhaps htoutlaws paid admin to inflate his stats?

lol - Puga

He abused the stats system lol. He knew the perfect way to do that. - visitor

And yet people praise him and call him a "legendary user" because he remixes every list and wants to be the number one in every stat. He's not a bad user but he and everyone else needs to wake up and smell the cafe le chera. Quality over quantity, that's the lesson here - bobbythebrony

One thing I could praise him with is that he completely knew the weaknesses of the system and that he was able to exploit it. He's not the "remix king" or whatsoever, he's the EXPLOIT KING. And that isn't to be taken negatively. - visitor

It is just hard to believe he passed PositronWildhawk for most comments... Pos is a comment legend on the site. How does htoutlaws do it? - EpicJake

Remix comments. And don't worry, Metal_Treasure will also surpass him someday. - visitor

I still think that we as a community here should have a true forum, somewhere along the lines of vBulletin forum software type of forum. That should be easy to set up.

Sorry that I don't like the forum on the wikia by the way. It's just all those ads that appear and slow down my browser (this is a problem with any wikia page anywhere on the internet). - NuMetalManiak

I never check the newest page, so I don't know about all the bad new lists. I'm pretty glad about that. - RalphBob

I think it's because in the past everyone gave you a lot of critisism for no reason,and because of that you gave a lot of critisism to others(but it's ok I understand,umm,I like trains)and maybe because of all the critisism admin might have accused you for being a bully,which your not,and if you dissagree with me then I'll hand you my noscoper and you can noscope me with that - Nateawesomeness

This is 100% accurate. I swear, if admin suspends me again, I'm never coming back. - Therandom

As a user who's indifferent to the status of this website, I actually kind of agree with this. - Swellow

Like Swellow, I don't really care about the status of the website, but I'd like to say not all users are like htoutlaws. That said, I liked this post. It was very factual and not droningly whiny like some would do. - WonkeyDude98

The state of this website is worse then USPS stock - CityGuru

I like the website, but I see why you see it has declined, so good post.
But don't make a Puga Rants episode about "new users". Wait, have you? - Skullkid755

Nope, I think this site has improved. And if you say "But how, you weren't here before the new gen began so you have no right to even talk about stuff involving this site before the decline." Cause that would prove my idea that you're overly nostalgic. Now, a chicken should bang your mom, where's my 27 new followers at? - Skullkid755

But you still weren't here before the old-gen- whoops, how nostalgic of me!

Also, as I said, I could've made the bacon sandwich terrible. Funny concept does not equal good results. - Puga

Okay, how about this. Check out the anime reviews of : Modernspongebobsucks,
The Top Tens Battes series of : me,
the zombie apocalypse series of : nateawesomeness,
and the game reviews of : castlevaniafanboy128,
tell me your opinion on each of those through messaging, I'll attempt to bring back the most overrated users list, make a rant on Lunadude1996, and finally make a list shipping birdechosplash and bluetopazicevanilla - Skullkid755

Do you hate me? - visitor

I agree with this post - visitor

Times have changed so much man - Puga

It's even worse now. Compare what you said in this post to now and it will look amazing in comparison. - B1ueNew

Wow I actually agree with you Puga...never thought that’d happen - visitor

>agrees with an outdated post that's 3 years old - Puga

Well it still applies apparently. Mark of a good post. Either that or a screwed-up website that hasn’t changed for the good. - visitor