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181 Justin Bieber on every list

I don't like him but I'm tired of seeing him as a joke on every list, even the ones meant to be serious - Jonerman

Not on every list. Why would we put him at "Best singers of all time"?

But he is put in 'The Evil People Ever Alive' or something like that.. - GirlyAnimeLover

182 You can't delete your own account

You must ask admin to delete your account first - Neonco31

If you don't like your account, how you gonna delete it?

183 Constant hate on Republicans
184 Frozen on Every Worst List
185 Disgusting Ads V 1 Comment
186 Visitors can no longer add items to lists

This is beyond abomination. First we can't add lists anymore, now we can't add items to lists anymore. We just want to share our opinions to the world and we can't even do that? I can't believe the admins did that. Only a few people ruined it for everyone? So unfair. Now what? Are you going to have to sign in to add comments to lists? We had the option to add lists and the option to add items to lists back then, why can't we do it now?

What the heck?! That's so unfair. Visitors should have the privileges that TopTenners have! - Powerfulgirl10

We can't even add comments now - BorisRule

All that does is cause people to CREATE accounts just so they can still add whatever (usually trolling) item to whatever list. And actually even before the restriction some of those who already had accounts were and sadly still are abusing their privileges.

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187 Donald Trump is more hated than Hillary Clinton

Why did he win the election? Because people hate Hillary more. I like Trump. Because he'll Make America Great Again.

At least he is not a liar - BorisRule

188 Too much WWE
189 People can't take jokes

Yaaa! What's wrong with a little joke? I really hate butthurt people because they just get so easily offended. Guys it's just a joke - AlphaQ

190 Deliberate deletions of valid comments

No, this website is not for sharing opinions, it is for parroting whatever the kids at your school tell you your opinion should be.

Really annoys me. Just because you don't agree with a comment. Instead of having a debate about it, or even downvoting if you absolutely have to (although downvoting a comment just because you don't agree with it is just as bad) It's childish and spiteful. Those who partake in this silly activity should grow up. - Britgirl

I wrote a comment about why I absolutely hate Undertale. It got deleted. Isn't this website supposed to be for sharing opinions? :(

191 Tariqh Akoni on Greatest Guitarist Ever list

I am very convinced that some guy has hacked on to the list or has like 10 users and votes every 10 minutes with all his users. theres NO WAY that he could get up there that fast.

And wtf is up with synyster gates?

Just one example of a hacker bypassing vote controls. It happens all the time now, making much of the TTT invalid, and really what's the point of TTT if the totals are fake?

192 Lindsay Lohan's Rumors in the Best Song Lyrics list
193 All this Lil' Wayne stuff

The hate towards Lil Wayne can be annoying at times

Things I hate about about Lil' Wayne,
His smile
His rap
He thinks he is better than everybody else

You people need to get a life and listen to real music.

194 ALL CAPS, small caps, Capital letters misinterpretation

I noticed when I type many favorite artist in the top tens list ALL CAPS became All caps
ex. D'ERLANGER becomes D'erlanger, CIPHER to Cipher. some countries like japan have stylistic way of writing names. - ronluna

an artist uses aliases, some put their names in all caps, small caps and that kind of spelling and font style should remain - ronluna

All caps can get especially annoying. However I am a spelling and punctuation Nazi so that may be why I feel that way.

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195 Top Tens background is not very appealing

The background is plain white, the bottom is sky blue, but it needs to be more beautiful - ronluna

TheTopTens need a better background - GirlyAnimeLover

196 When you enter an item in a list, it doesn't appear as the same before

I'm adding links of official websites, using ALL CAPS when an artist uses that. I know there are people changing an entry in this site but when an artist esp in japan ALL CAPS and small caps are very important to differentiate an artist, song, etc. - ronluna

197 No translators for those who can't understand English

very highly recommended for those who cant understand english - ronluna

198 Everything Is About Myspace

Not Saying Its Rubbish, But Talk About Others Like Bebo, Facebook, Hi-5 etc...

199 Too much exaggeration

like no one can beat you, you're the best drummer, your the most bla bla... too much exaggeration - ronluna

200 Those who comment They are everywhere in the Top tens, music lists, etc

they really deserve it if they are so great, don't be envious - ronluna

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