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221 All this South Park crap

No offense, I like south park

What's wrong with South Park? It's a great show

There isn't enough of it. TTT needs more SP stuff.

222 Incorrect details about an item inside a top tens list

there are names of a band member that has incorrect spelling or that name isn't exactly him - ronluna

223 Votes Are Increased by Popularity

very true, unknown items don't receive a vote - ronluna

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224 Toshi of X-Japan in the Top Tens Best Japanese Male Singers

The ones below him in that list has more beautiful and more powerful singing voice - ronluna

225 Complete Lists In Top Tens List In Progress

there are lists in the top tens lists in progress have more than 10 items which is required to be a poll in the website and it is still there - ronluna

226 Inappropriate comments in a list, blog, etc

I saw a comment in Favorite Lovers Internationally about Canadians that talks about they are the best and they invented a sport of hockey, what is hockey doing in a romantic list? - ronluna

227 Can't vote if disconnected

Well of course -_- It's like trying to eat without a mouth, idiot.

Don't call this person an idiot. Jerks are something else on this list.

Shut up was anyone asking you? This is a list to hate on rude people and you are one of them. Correct nicely you jerk!

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228 Can vote everyday
229 Yo mama comments, items, spams, lists

These jokes are just old and stupid.

230 Rap lists
231 Are you joking, this band is better than that comments
232 Broken links

like broken links of oficial sites, etc - ronluna

233 Subjective lists

I have read an opinion of admit about this one but lots of people are very biased because of favorites - ronluna

TheTopTens can have subjective and objective lists! And it's all about opinions!

234 New items that is in the top ten while the last item is on 50s and above

I found that out! Snakes were at last place for the top 10 best zoo animals. They have more votes and comments than tuna yet tuna is higher! Fix that.

The reason why that's the case is that a remix by a user put that on dishonorable mentions category which affected that item in last place.

like in japanese rock band list snorkel was in the 50s and many items are added and it is at the last - ronluna

235 Fangirling comments

like he is so cute, etc. very annoying to argue with people who like only the looks - ronluna

How about fanboys? (Evancho, Underwood, Lee,...)

AKA the frozen fans - GamerQuinn

Don't be sexist, fanboys can be annoying too - GirlyAnimeLover

236 No other versions (Japanese, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, etc) of this site

I agree. The site would get loads more viewers and users if there were other languages. It's should have started with languages first really, because this website is AWESOME!

thats why people who only understands english are the only persons who continue to visit the site - ronluna

237 Complete lists are still in incomplete lists

like heaviest japanese songs, etc - ronluna

238 Can't delete a blog
239 You can't rate your favorites equally

Well I can because I vote for one of my two favourites and add the second as the first item in my remix and so both are equally treated.] - LightningBlade

240 People who don't have their own belief and just following the trend to vote for majority V 2 Comments
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