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Something that has been long forgotten on this site. Tsk tsk.

222 The autocorrect

It recently made my list of Damn Good Reasons To Study Physics look foolish. I was talking about M.R.I. (magnetic resonance imaging) technology, and it came out as Mr. Scanning. - PositronWildhawk

There are times when I typed the word "are", but TheTopTens changed it to the letter "R".

I hate these. They're so annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

Once I named my list songs that make you angry and it got autuocorrected to song that make you the angrist with made no sense at all - BigBrotherSucks

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223 India being on the top of every military list
224 Doomcraft On Top of Best Growtopia List

What's so Bad About Doomcraft?

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225 Misspelling

Average age is 11 years old, so you are lucky if they can even spell their own name correctly.

Yes. This is a huge pet peeve of mine that irritates me.

226 Incorrect information

Most users are in elementary or middle school, and don't actually know anything, its no wonder their information is incorrect.

227 Anime fans

Anime is awesome in my opinion.

Only the super rabid ones. The moderate ones like me are decent. -Anonymousxcxc.

228 Visitors getting away with trolling users

And to the users who think they own this site, "trolling" is defined as having a different opinion than they do.

Most visitors are f******

229 Most of the users are liberal

The bias is extreme here! - olliv

Actually, the majority of the users here are conservative. - anonygirl

230 Hardly any users were born before 2000

Britgirl says she is 41 - 445956

Here is how I would break the percentages of the decades that users were born:
92% of users were born in the 2000's
4% of users were born in the 90's
3% of users were born in the 2010's
1% of users were born before 1990.
There is nothing wrong with being born after 2000. However, it would be nice to see more older users (born before 2000) of TheTopTens. - anonygirl

231 Filled with 11-14 year olds who think they're funny
232 Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans
233 Too many baby show haters

For the love of God, they're BABY SHOWS! - PeeledBanana

234 Spam voters

I'd do my best to eradicate vote spamming on almost, if not all lists. - naFrovivuS

The user BlueFuse has completely ruined the Greatest Music Artists list by spam voting Blue Cheer. It's not a true reflection of the people's interests, it's BlueFuse's spam voting getting in the way of things. - Sop

235 Anime overhaters

That was me back in those September-November 2016 days. I'd rather be a troll feeder than overhate anime... - TheYoshiPyro64

236 Blurry Pictures
237 All this South Park crap

No offense, I like south park

What's wrong with South Park? It's a great show

There isn't enough of it. TTT needs more SP stuff.

238 Incorrect details about an item inside a top tens list

there are names of a band member that has incorrect spelling or that name isn't exactly him - ronluna

239 Votes Are Increased by Popularity

very true, unknown items don't receive a vote - ronluna

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240 Toshi of X-Japan in the Top Tens Best Japanese Male Singers

The ones below him in that list has more beautiful and more powerful singing voice - ronluna

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