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241 Can't vote if disconnected

Well of course -_- It's like trying to eat without a mouth, idiot.

Don't call this person an idiot. Jerks are something else on this list.

Shut up was anyone asking you? This is a list to hate on rude people and you are one of them. Correct nicely you jerk!

V 1 Comment
242 Can vote everyday
243 Yo mama comments, items, spams, lists

These jokes are just old and stupid.

244 Rap lists
245 Are you joking, this band is better than that comments
246 Broken links

like broken links of oficial sites, etc - ronluna

247 Subjective lists

I have read an opinion of admit about this one but lots of people are very biased because of favorites - ronluna

TheTopTens can have subjective and objective lists! And it's all about opinions!

248 New items that is in the top ten while the last item is on 50s and above

I found that out! Snakes were at last place for the top 10 best zoo animals. They have more votes and comments than tuna yet tuna is higher! Fix that.

The reason why that's the case is that a remix by a user put that on dishonorable mentions category which affected that item in last place.

like in japanese rock band list snorkel was in the 50s and many items are added and it is at the last - ronluna

249 No other versions (Japanese, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, etc) of this site

I agree. The site would get loads more viewers and users if there were other languages. It's should have started with languages first really, because this website is AWESOME!

thats why people who only understands english are the only persons who continue to visit the site - ronluna

250 Complete lists are still in incomplete lists

like heaviest japanese songs, etc - ronluna

251 Can't delete a blog
252 You can't rate your favorites equally

Well I can because I vote for one of my two favourites and add the second as the first item in my remix and so both are equally treated.] - LightningBlade

253 People who don't have their own belief and just following the trend to vote for majority V 2 Comments
254 The fanbase of a certain band here doesn't vote for their favorites bec they dont know this site

lots of competitive votes the better - ronluna

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255 Greatest guitarists listed below the best 100

What if somebody new and great becomes known? They have to start someplace on the list.

If you have over 300 reasons why it is bad than why are you all on it

256 Everyday increase of votes of Orange Range in Japanese Rock Albums

thats my own list and somebody can vote everyday while I cannot vote - ronluna

257 The list for the best song has 1107 items

It now has well over three thousand, and there are so many great songs down the bottom which people are forgetting. I have a list of songs which are below 3000th position on this list. You will be shocked, I guarantee. - PositronWildhawk

It is difficult, awkward, and time consuming to even get down to those lower numbers to see the song titles.

258 Barney is not the worst show on the list

Um... Are you sure that Barney and Friends is a good baby show? Nobody likes Baby shows. Barney is like a man in a costume with automatic moving eyes and jaw. He forced kids to like him about his I Love You Song. And... I don't know. We need to burn that costume with Pyro's Flamethrower and make that man get out of that costume! - bugger

Sanjay and Craig is FAR worse than Barney & Friends! Then there's the OTHER shows that are worse, including:

Jersey Shore
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Toddlers & Tiaras
Fanboy and Chum Chum
Marvin Marvin
Fred: The Show

and lots of others!

259 Users who make lists just to have the most lists

THE worst thing on this entire site right now. You fools know who you are, making loads of low-quality lists just to have the most lists, in a certain category or otherwise. Without realizing it, you are shunning out hardest working inspiring users of TheTopTens. How do you think PositronWildhawk got to where he is? - Nonpointed

I don't like that. Minecraftcrazy makes so many not as popular lists yet booklover makes not as many but more popular lists.

260 Rhydian & Michael Jackson are the most handsome men on earth, and Amy Lee & Jessica Alba are the hottest women

Most of these guys just suck at beauty, they just voted for them because they are fans, not because they think they are the best, and that isn't fair at all! - DJZeezo

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