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261 Not being able to comment on multiple things
262 India at the Top In Best Countries List

I;m from Pakistan and I'm not voting for Pakistan but why not China...

I don't think that rasict but if there a list that said country is way better than country that rasict.

263 People Randomly Putting Justin Bieber on the lists

This really is an old joke. I used to be able to laugh about it, but it's boring me to death. - PositronWildhawk

It was never funny to begin with in my opinion. I wonder why people ever thought placing Justin Bieber on lists that have nothing to do with him was funny.

Seriously, Justin Bieber is on SO MANY LISTS!

I've seen Justin Beiber #32 on top 10 best Minecraft mobs.

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264 1st Place is shown first ruining the suspense of seeing what is most popular.

I really think my title speaks for itself. :/

265 Bubble Guppies is Behind Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on The Worst Kid Shows List V 2 Comments
266 Jackie Evancho on too many lists

She's a teenage girl who was on America's Got Talent a few years back and has a very sweet voice but people talk about her like she's the next Streisand or something. She doesn't write songs, so she just sings songs that have already been a hit for someone else. I haven't heard much of her, from what I've heard, she does a good job but honestly, singing other people's music isn't the way to get yourself to stardom unless you do a radically different version of the song, like Linda Ronstadt or Joe Cocker. She does have some extremely devoted fans, but she needs to show more originality if she ever wants her music to get more exposure.

She is on way fewer lists than Ariana Grande, and is a thousand times better.

User SelfDestruct seems dangerously obsessed with Jackie Evancho.

I'll say about 91% of music lists, Jackie Evancho is #1. She's not that great, there have been much younger singers that sing better than her. - naFrovivuS

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267 India being on the top of every military list
268 Doomcraft On Top of Best Growtopia List

What's so Bad About Doomcraft?

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269 Misspelling

Average age is 11 years old, so you are lucky if they can even spell their own name correctly.

Yes. This is a huge pet peeve of mine that irritates me.

270 Retro hipster teens that add old stuff to every list that says best

Why isn't this number 1? It's so annoying to see some lame hipster thinking it's "cool" to hate on new things. Always hating on new things, like the old times didn't have bad stuff too. BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE ON MUSIC LISTS! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I wish this is much higher on the list. You can't go anywhere on TheTopTens without seeing comments from nostalgia types.

Well I mean I like a lot of older stuff, but I also like some new stuff too. It's just that a lot of the new stuff I like is usually more targeted for older teenagers and adults. -Anonymousxcxc:

271 My Little Pony

Remove this, I love this with passion - Neonco31

That show sucks! - KennyRulz244444

Whoever put this, I know you're a brony hater D:

272 People give your comment negative votes just because they disagree with you.

Is that a problem? No! Not at all. You can downvote a comment for many reasons and not just one. - LightningBlade

273 Islam being number 1 on Best Religion list

It only got there cause some Muslim vermin hacked the list - bobbythebrony

As if Islam is the greatest... - GirlyAnimeLover

Whoever put this on is obviously a dumbass Christian - Kfox101

The "Best Religion" poll proves that TTT can be, and has been hacked.
Check the "feed', and its obvious that "auto-bot" voting is going on, with Islam and Hinduism getting multiple votes every minute, 24 hours a day.
TTT mods do not want to fix this loophole, which pretty much invalidates the entire site.

274 Too many Muslim visitors

Who cares if some users of TheTopTens have different religious beliefs? This item needs to be taken off the list.

Muslims have the same rights to visit this as Christians or Jews, or Atheists. - Kfox101

Too many Muslims and Indians ruining what could of been good lists - bobbythebrony

275 Immature (kids) Users with countless Sock Accounts
276 Stupid 90s kids

I'm not even LIKE the other 90s kids. I DON'T like every show from the 90s, and I don't HATE every current show! Otherwise, Liv and Maddie WOULDN'T be my favorite show! Yet it is! Even people YOUNGER than me are like this! The worst part is, EVERY SHOW has SOME REASON to hate it! No matter WHEN it was made! Therefore, I think the only RIGHT way to go is to hate EVERY show, old or new! Popular or unpopular!

They think they are the Perfect Human beings. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I'm not even from the 90s and I do like a lot of their kid's shows, but they aren't super perfect either. The ones that think they're childhood was the best are the super annoying ones. -Anonymousxcxc.

I'm 20s - GirlyAnimeLover

277 Too much hate for Justin Bieber

He deserves it anyway.

WAY too much. He is practically on every list! - Minecraftcrazy530

I used to love Justin beiber. But now I hate him now.

278 Too many annoying lists about TheTopTens Users
279 The website design sucks

You'd get used to it. I used to think it sucks but it's actually good!

I honestly like the design now, but it's still a bit rushed in my opinion. - Powerfulgirl10

I wish I can see the blue background, it sounds better - Neonco31

280 Users discussing things they don't actually understand
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