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261 Users who make lists just to have the most lists

THE worst thing on this entire site right now. You fools know who you are, making loads of low-quality lists just to have the most lists, in a certain category or otherwise. Without realizing it, you are shunning out hardest working inspiring users of TheTopTens. How do you think PositronWildhawk got to where he is? - Nonpointed

I don't like that. Minecraftcrazy makes so many not as popular lists yet booklover makes not as many but more popular lists.

262 Rhydian & Michael Jackson are the most handsome men on earth, and Amy Lee & Jessica Alba are the hottest women

Most of these guys just suck at beauty, they just voted for them because they are fans, not because they think they are the best, and that isn't fair at all! - DJZeezo

263 How people vote without looking at the lower options first

Oh my god! I do this all the time! I hate it when I do that when I'm looking at, for example, best songs, and I voted My Immortal by Evanescence, and then later, I see a Three Days Grace song on there!

264 Can't delete any voting options

Some people add on stupid items that ruin the lists. You should be able to dlete items - Jackster

265 The color blue as a title color
266 Narutards everywhere!

Naruto fans are voting Naruto on everything! The top ten best anime, hottest boy characters, hottest girl character, etc. It's EVERYWHERE!

You know, it's not the end of the world if people like Naruto. It may be a little bit overrated (even though I like it), but people should be allowed to enjoy it without being called "Narutards".

Naruto is not the best anime ever it alright but not a masterpiece.

267 Creepypasta overflow

What's your problem with creepypasta?

268 The High Amount of Trolls

I wish they can delete their accounts - BigBrotherSucks

The Season 10 SpongeBob List Says It All

A couple of hackers have now figured out how to do "Bot Voting", and are at war on the "Best Religion" poll, hammering away repeatedly between Islam and Hinduism, with some Jainisms sneaking in there too.
Due to the large number of hackers, all TTT polls are now pretty invalid.

269 The Megadeth fan base

Metallica is overrated, not Megadeth. I am a Metallica fan myself.

Megadeth is honestly one of the most overrated metal bands. Yes, Tornado Of Souls is an amazing song, but nothing else really is... - 1234567890q

Worst metal band of all time. - Nonpointed

They are not even good at all stupid metalheads need to get a life - BigBrotherSucks

People who listen to Rihanna, and Katy Perry need to get a life, so PISS OFF. - Powerfultekin

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270 The search bar
271 No Downvoting

This would be so useful...if something is too overrated there needs to be a way to change
It other than voting for other items on the list.

Would be useful, since... why would a list from #10th go up to #6th when people give negative votes? - GirlyAnimeLover

272 Mahatma Gandhi being on most hated people list

Putting a leader who saved the world's largest democracy as the most hated person. Whoever did that was REALLY darn racist towards India.

I wonder if a troll added him to that list.

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273 Not having honorable mentions

They have dishonourable mentions though. But it's not the same! If you want to make a remix, sometimes ten is not enough! - HappyFlower

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274 Unable to Remove Items

Sometimes irrelevant entries can be submitted by accident (yes, I have been guilty of this a few times). This site would definitely be much cleaner if users can remove their own entries from lists, whether they are an accident, have a bad typo or the user just feels they've matured beyond any less rational entry they put on a list. - Entranced98

275 The same thing is on the list multiple times
276 Not being able to comment on multiple things
277 India at the Top In Best Countries List

I;m from Pakistan and I'm not voting for Pakistan but why not China...

I don't think that rasict but if there a list that said country is way better than country that rasict.

278 People Randomly Putting Justin Bieber on the lists

This really is an old joke. I used to be able to laugh about it, but it's boring me to death. - PositronWildhawk

It was never funny to begin with in my opinion. I wonder why people ever thought placing Justin Bieber on lists that have nothing to do with him was funny.

Seriously, Justin Bieber is on SO MANY LISTS!

I've seen Justin Beiber #32 on top 10 best Minecraft mobs.

Yes JB is on way too many lists - BigBrotherSucks

279 1st Place is shown first ruining the suspense of seeing what is most popular.

I really think my title speaks for itself. :/

280 Bubble Guppies is Behind Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on The Worst Kid Shows List V 2 Comments
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