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301 Nintendo fanboys who mock Call of Duty

Sadly, they are everywhere in this site. - SelfDestruct

But Call of Duty is a bin bag!

302 Gravity Falls being number 10 on Best Disney Channel Shows

It should be #1. People actually think Austin & Ally and Hannah Montana are better, lol - PeeledBanana

So. Gravity Falls is a great show. - themets05

The fans are disappointed that it's not number 1. - Neonco31

303 Call of Duty fans
304 Blank comments

Yes, those are pretty annoying. - anonygirl

305 People that get suspended for dumb reasons

I did. - anonygirl

306 People complain that some things aren't #1

"Why isn't this number one? " - Neonco31

True :/

307 They show bias towards metal and rock music

Yeah, rock/metal bias does skew a lot of the music lists. (Example: Red Hot Chili Peppers at #1 on the Top Ten Funk Bands list)

308 Most users are conservative white boys

I can almost guarantee that the dude who added this here was one of the Donald Trump supporters...seriously, how much do you guys wanna bet? I'll start at somewhere around at least a hundred dollars or so - xandermartin98

309 Lion King Haters

He Ruins EVERY Positive List That Has The Simplest Trace Of Lion King In It - JPK

310 The Top 100 Worst Youtube Channels List (so bad that IHE actually made an entire rant video about it, and with good reason)

True That list is EXTREMELY outdated. - Aguythatpeopleignores


311 Justin Bieber being called one of the most evil people in history, alongside absolute deplorable scumbags like Dick Cheney, Adolf Hitler, Vlad Tepes and Donald Trump
312 Items get rejected

This annoys me, especially when perfectly fine items are rejected, yet there are approved items on lists that are completely out of place. - drdevil

313 You can't see how old comments are
314 Danny Phantom appears in many best Nick shows lists

This has ChatNoirFan written all over it. - Aguythatpeopleignores

315 Furry Haters
316 People hate on Justin Bieber thinking it is funny, but it is incredibly annoying

How about you put an ACTUAL horrible singer on the worst singers list? Listen, I really don't like Justin Bieber either, but I can't deny that he has a better voice compared to some others. - fork

Shut up it's fun

317 Error reports take too long to take effect

Long, I though that never worked, lol. No seriously, a lot of them didn't work. - zxm

318 Racist lists allowed

There's so many racist ignorant idiots on this website - PeeledBanana

319 Lists aren't popular unless if they are trolls or against someone else's opinion
320 Everyone Has Similar Tastes

Agree here, I don't know why people follows others tastes and opinion. Just, be yourself!

Rock, Gravity Falls, Michael Jackson, Yoshi, Nintendo = Good

Pop Music, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Peach, Frozen, Call of Duty = Bad

Boorrring - DCfnaf

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