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341 Non-American cartoons never get any attention

Canada haters

342 Negative comments on positive lists and positive comments on negative lists

Just go on "the top ten videogame characters, scroll on the super mario comments, you will find hate comments like" he is uvetrated! " Or the ones who spam the theory "why mario is mental", also, mario is the only one who have hate comments in that list, is very irritating - FrancescoBertini

343 Modern SpongeBob haters
344 Comments that copy comments
345 You can't report abusive users
346 Practically no images get approved.
347 Hardly any users live outside the United States
348 The thumbnails always show the number one entry
349 Hardly any users are older than 20
350 The great Zootopia war

Oh yea... March 2017.. - TeamRocket747

351 Hardly any users are adults

Ageism at its finest here - SpectralOwl

352 Constant use of the word "cringe"

So? - Pokemonfan10

353 Wendy O. Koopa fans
354 Marion Elementary School

I am quite annoyed to have joined the site straight after they removed school lists. - ParasN2000

Just as bad as the Rockland Middle School crowd...

Elementary schoolers shouldn't even be on here. You have to be 12 and older to have an account here. Also some of the lists on here aren't exactly the safest for elementary school kids to look at so as visitors and as users I think that elementary school kids are too young to be on here. -Anonymousxcxc.

355 Lack of spell check

Xes, there shold defanetely b a spel cheker on her - Britgirl

356 All of this X-files Crap

This, and the Sarah Brightman obsession. Geez. - asphaltpilot

This crap really is annoying. Gillian Anderson is terrible and somewhat unattractive. The lack of respect for artists and their fans is up there too I used to be hard on bands, rappers, or actors/actresses that I didn't like until when I would see something I liked up there and it pissed me off. So unless it really is terrible like Gillian Anderson or High School Musical than I leave it alone now. But this is more annoying I don't hate the x-files but I hate the people who always vote for the x-files as great it isn't great its barley average. - Chris-1

AMEN AMEN AMEN! Someone has a SICK OBSESSION! - luvtoread

Really? I've never noticed it on this site. - Cartoonfan202

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357 Horseback Riding in the no.1 place in the Most Dangerus Sports

mountaineering, base jumping, racing motocross, skiing is more dangerous than horseriding - ronluna

Or like maybe is you would consider it, bungee jumping... Is that even a sport? Eh, well, it's dangerous. So there/

Guys aren't yet used to so much girls being on the internet, huh?

358 The crap hung on USA
359 Inappropriate Item On a List V 1 Comment
360 Unrealistic way of gathering which is the best and worst
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