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361 Unrealistic way of gathering which is the best and worst
362 List about non international schools with most sexiest girls, couples, etc
363 No hit counter, visit counter
364 Underpromotion and lack of advertisements in other sites
365 The symbols like plus, percent, etc are automatically disregarded

what if that symbol is part of a song, album, artist, movie, band, foods, drinks, cities, countries, etc

symbols like that are very important - ronluna

366 Biased items and lists esp when a moderator is a fan of that band, etc
367 United States is in the top of almost all the lists about the best country

I am from the United States. I think we are a decent country, but we are WAY in debt, we are at war with countries for stupid reasons, and our country is 99% stupid people. And there actually is no such thing as a "best" country. It is just opinions. My favorite country, though, is either Mexico (because they have my favorite kinds of food) or Japan (because that's where Nintendo was founded).

Despite how stupid our country is, I still hate it when we get criticism. Hating a country is racist. You haven't met every single person in our country so it is not your place to judge it by the what, two Americans you know? It's not like two people are an entire nation.

I definitely like the US as a country. It is an astonishing place. And those words are coming from a Brit. But everyone has to stop bragging how they are statistically better. Stats do not matter. - PositronWildhawk

On of the biggest problems about this country is that is going to war for reasons that not exist - attiladuka

Top Ten Best Asian Countries
1. United States - GrapeJuiceK

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368 Almost all the cities, places lists are filled by the places in United States

US is not the only place in the world - ronluna

369 Comments about X-JAPAN's make up and hair

Every single X-Japan fan cannot shut up about these guys! These are Glam Rock ripoffs. Hide isn't a good guitarist! You know who a good guitarist is? Jimi Hendrix! So screw X-Japan. And also X-Japan, quit reading this

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370 Things about japanese rock lists
371 Can't delete many messages for one try

You can do that in the new messages feature!

372 Biased Japanese music lists
373 Bugs during updates
374 Lists that only consist of 10 items
375 No online indicator
376 Administrators not available everyday

Are they ever available?

377 Only few are contributing in the site
378 Same items and bands in japanese music lists
379 Only few are checking the mistakes and reporting the errors in the site
380 Best male singer in the Philippines doesn't have even a rock singer

Franco Reyes is a singer from the supergroup band Franco, he is a great ROCK singer

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