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361 There is no mark, unmark button

to delete many messages at the same time - ronluna

362 The /'s appearance in a sentence, phrase or word
363 Yo mamma phrases, words, sentences, spams

all words beginning with yo mamma creates spams - ronluna

364 Lots of wrong spelled proper names
365 Band haters

Hey, haters have opinions, and this site is all about opinions!

366 When an item that you put at the top of the list became in the lowest in the list

They aren't on the list because there are more list pages and your item isn't in the top 20.

it became very annoying to me when it doesn't became your list anymore - ronluna

367 If you lose your password, there's no way to get it back.

I can not log out of my account because I can not remember my password why can't I just reset it for - BigBrotherSucks

I have two other accounts becaus of that

368 When you make a list all of the items already have next to them what percentage of people voted for them when no one has voted yet. After the first vote is put down the item they voted for should have 100 percent of the votes, but it goes up like 1
369 You can't swear in the comments

Seriously! This doesn't apply to only bad words. You literally cannot go on a rant and use unnecessary words that may be used to insult others. It should bother everyone that we cannot say exactly what we want to on this site. Sure, you can get your point across, but you can't say certain things or punctuate a certain way. This is a direct attack on my freedom of speech. Fix it!

Swear somewhere else then, not here.

I despise that stupid no cussing rule! It should just be gone forever! I don't like it's fans either, they get all butthurt when you swear.

Well, not everyone can stand bullies. Highly-Sensitive Person/Emo will suicide if swearing is happening. - GirlyAnimeLover

I don't like swearing, what is so cool about that? - GirlyAnimeLover

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370 X Japan number one on many music lists
371 A-ha in music lists
372 Turkish Soccer Teams

How come that Galatsaray is number one in best soccer teams in the world? -

373 You can't add other people

I NEVER see the "add as friend" button on ANYONE'S profile... - Celestius

Um... I can - GirlyAnimeLover

374 You can't take an item off a list

I actually like this. Your way would give one person too much power.

375 Metallica ranked 1 on the best rock band of all time, and the Beatles ranked 3.

There are at least 50 different best band lists, the #1 name is highly variable.

Someone has to disagree with this, by the way led Zeppelin is number 2.

Led Zeppelin are number one, and Metallica are number five.

Sorry but I do not like Metallica - BigBrotherSucks

376 People who have incorrect spelling all the time.

I know people have incorrect spelling sometimes, but all the time!

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377 So many Panic! At The Disco haters

I actually like Panic! At The Disco. - Ededdneddyfan55

378 Can't tell how many people have voted
379 How They Have Slashes Like This: 's
380 People trolling your remixes

I mean, when people say stuff like "this list is sh*y, why is that top" and things like that, there is no point. It is their OWN opinion, they have no right to criticize the re-mixers. Why would you remix in the first place if you didn't have a different opinion? - Mushroom99

They don't just troll your remixes, they change the vote totals.

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