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401 The worst names lists V 1 Comment
402 Stupid list that says Tom Delonge is hotter than Gerard Way
403 That people made a worst things about TopTens on TopTens V 1 Comment
404 Lust votes

Come on! Don't tell me you don't look at the face before voting... Do you think of sex?

405 People who make lists of the best video games and are too biased to put any Nintendo games in the top 10
406 Blind hate
407 Red Hot Chili Peppers aren't higher up on lists

One of the best bands of all time, and there not even in the top ten rocks bands of all time, what

408 It's too predictable

TheTopTens in a nutshell: Hate everything new, love everything old. - ArpstaAmy333

Agree - Nonpointed

409 This list V 1 Comment
410 All you see on the main page is people voting for GloriaFood on the list 'Best Online Restaurant Food Ordering Systems'.
411 This List Talking About X-Japan
412 Bugs
413 The Newest Comment Don't Get In the Top
414 Christians

I agree, but aren't there also a lot of atheists? Many (not all) atheists on this site tend to be just as hypocritical as the religious people they hate.

Atheists can make their remix, anyways. Respect other people's beliefs.

Atheists Really hate Christians... I'm An Christian And I'm offended by this being on the list

Geez, Atheism. Please, Atheist! Just stop mocking Christians, you might be trolling me because I'm TRIGGERED! What if your cult is being mocked too, you're angry right? Then why did you do the same to Christian? You're seeking revenge? Most Christians respect Atheists, not like Atheists that disrespect Christians. Bruh. - GirlyAnimeLover

V 4 Comments
415 Nike being better than DC

You mean the Comic Company?

416 Unnecessary lists

Lots of recent metal lists lately. - Nonpointed

417 Most of the users are fake V 1 Comment
418 Bad Grammar

Everybody does this. I don't care about grammar. Well I mean that not everyone needs their grammar but if I were you without grammar, you'll be not famous - bugger

I Don't Care about Grammar, it's okay to have bad or good Grammar but the only bad thing about grammar stuff is Grammar Nazis

Only grammar Nazi cares. Most people with bad grammar are Asian... and even most Americans (0.01% in the population though) got an E for their English exam... - GirlyAnimeLover

419 It has bad words
420 Frozen As the Most Overrated Disney Movie

Why are you guys Hating? I'm just getting sick of all the exact same repetitive "Frozen is overrated" I see every single day now. This is why I hate frozen haters

"I like The Lion King better than Frozen! "
"I like How to Train Your Dragon better than Frozen! "
"I like porn movies better than Frozen! "

Well, whoo-HOO. Do you want a MEDAL or something?

Maybe at first at was, but liking a completely irrelevant movie better than Frozen or bashing the guts out of the film just because liking it is too "mainstream" doesn't make you stand out anymore.

No, I'm not saying you have to like the movie, but quit making such a special snowflake out of yourself by hating it. Having a different opinion is absolutely normal.

Face it. The film is two years old now You would have expected the fad to have died a long time ago. How many more "Let It Go" parodies and covers do you see anymore nowadays? ...more

Or it's in the worst movies ever lists - Aguythatpeopleignores

When it starts showing up on every "worst" and "overrated" list even if it doesn't really fit, when hate lists and other sites hate blogs galore come into existence with little real difference between one and the next, when those who don't hate it are bullied, we've moved beyond "just an opinion".

I dislike this movie not because it's overrated but it's overhyped. Just don't shove it on me and everything will go well with us both - Neonco31

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