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481 The same #1 is on every list
482 Phineas and Ferb being the worst Disney show of all time

Randy Cunningham too. Those shows are awesome - ChatNoirFan18

So What It's Repetitive, It's Disney. Get Used to It.

483 The new update
484 The Best Religions List

There's no best religion!

This list is hateful and intolerant. Placing your own religion ahead of someone else's is one of the worst things anyone could do. The Hindis and Sikhs who hound this list to only prove that India has the world's population are just as bad as extremist Muslims (think ISIS) who kill people for the sake of religion.

Wow, this list is racist... and this thing is the 2nd on this list... - GirlyAnimeLover

485 Best list with bad things on them
486 Criticism

Criticism where necessary, always welcome. - LightningBlade

Wait isn't that kind of the whole point to the website. -Anonymousxcxc.

487 The users
488 Weird lists V 1 Comment
489 People who like horrible stuff
490 Feeling like your votes don't do anything
491 You can't delete spam items

It is so annoying when I'm making a top 10 list and it gets spammed with items I can't delete. - YtpLover

492 People asking too many questions on user's Q&A panels
493 Adam Sandler is number 2 on the list of Funniest Actors and Actresses
494 Posers
495 They insult celebrities too much V 1 Comment
496 The Hatred of Something

No no no. I'm Not Against you. I'm Againist the Rabid Haters of Something. - ChroniclerMan5

497 Hate
498 Insane love for The Lego Movie

Seriously, it's like no one can say ANYTHING about this movie other than how much they love it, think it's the best ever, all the characters are so great, this movie has the best song, or how it is so much better than any other movie. No criticism is accepted, at all!

499 All of this Marilyn Manson crap V 1 Comment
500 People here hate modern cartoons
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2. They delete your very hard worked on comment
3. Language barriers
1. You can only put 10 items on a remix
2. Linkin Park Everywhere
3. Justin Bieber in every single "worst" list
1. Glitches
2. People's bad voting tastes
3. The lack of respect for artists and their fans

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