Top Ten Worst Things About Thunderstorms

This list may be a little biased since I have astraphobia, but still. Here are the ten WORST things about thunderstorms.

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1 They ruin your outdoor plans

Yeah. On vacation, me and my family went to a mountain and suddenly there's a thunderstorm. I'm not so afraid of thunderstorms, but being on a mountain when there's a thunderstorm is kinda scary, since we're close to the sky and that means we're more likely to get struck by lightning - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Like if you wanna go to the beach, park, sports game, or outdoor concert, storms can ruin them. In fact, This year's Rock Am Ring festival was even cancelled due to storms. - NikBrusk

2 They are unpredictable

Even on days forecast to be sunny or partly cloudy they still show up! - NikBrusk

3 They are terrifying

Just think about it. Giant bolts of electricity and huge blocks of ice falling from the sky. How can that not be scary? - NikBrusk

4 They spawn bigger threats to your safety like tornadoes, high winds, and large hail

Well yeah tornadoes are horrifying - bobbythebrony

5 Lightning still flashes in the sky when there's no thunderstorm

"Heat lightning" is cloud-to-cloud, or within a cloud, and in itself harmless. But you just can't tell when it might suddenly become cloud-to-ground.

Stupid heat lightning makes me afraid to walk out of my house at night. - NikBrusk

6 They can kill people

I heard of People gets struck by Thunderstorms. - LapisBob

7 They can cause power outages

But sometimes it can be fun - Mariomaster63

Very annoying to happen

8 You never know if and when a normal thunderstorm can become severe
9 They can wake you up at night

The only thing I hate about thunderstorms lol - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

And it's impossible to fall back to sleep because of the thunder! - NikBrusk

10 They can make you and your things you brought with you wet

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11 They can produce tornadoes
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