Worst Things About the Tide Pod Trend

One of our first memes of 2018. Don’t eat tide pods. The chemicals in them can kill you.

The Top Ten

1 It can kill you

Never worth it - BorisRule

Yes, Tide Pods are very effective in cleaning clothes, but EATING THEM?!?! It can kill a person and eating and the person eating them has no form of intelligence whatsoever. - PhoenixAura81

Risking your life for fame is never worth it. Risking anyone’s life for fame is never worth it. Enough said. - listotaku17

It’s kind of embarrassing to think that 20 years ago in the year 1998 people thought we would have flying cars. Fast forward to 2018 where we have to tell people to not eat tide pods which is stupid considering it’s not supposed to be food anyway. - Randomator

2 Waste of money and pods

You should use tide pods to wash clothes instead of wasting them on a silly challenge. - Lunala

3 It tastes bad according to those who have done the challenge

Tastes bad AND is poisonous. Bad idea. - Lunala

Well what did you expect? it’s made of poisonous chemicals that could kill you it’s not going to taste good at all - Randomator

4 Dumb thing to do

Understatement of the flipping century. - Ashes

I agree. Why would people eat something that could potentially kill them - Randomator

It's very repulsive to stand by it should be number one even it feels like a bullet in the head - Kevinsidis

5 Not worth the attention
6 It’s not entertaining to watch the challenge
7 Health authorities have advised against it
8 It has poisoned around 39 people so far
9 Full of concentrated poisonous chemicals
10 It can create a mess

If you spit it out or only bite into part of it, the liquid might spill and make a mess. - Lunala

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