Top Ten Worst Things About Today's Disney Channel Characters

So my sister and I have noticed that most characters from Disney Channel are really bad nowadays. Anyways, I'm mostly talking about the female characters.

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1 They act so stereotypical

It's not just how they act. It's also how they talk. One example of how they talk is that they us too much slang like how Jake of American Dragon Jake Long did. How pathetic.

Just because there are teenagers in fiction and nonfiction, it doesn't mean that they should be stereotypical at all because stereotypes narrow people's minds.

Ever single character is the same, any ethnicity/race. The mom who can't control her daughter/wants the spotlight, the overlooked, rebellious, stupid brother, dumb friend, smart, nerdy friend, bland boyfriends, and I can make a list of stereotypes that Disney uses frequently for their current shows. What really ticks me off is that Disney isn't trying anything new, and there's plenty of good actors they have on their shows. And they almost always have a dysfunctional family, and think it's funny. No, it's painful to watch a little brother get ignored or a mom have to be taught a very easy lesson by her daughter. It's not funny to watch a family who would die instantly in the zombie apocalypse because they're so not in-sync with each other. And the sassy "cute" little girl... That stereotype makes me want to explode.

No kidding! That's probably the worst thing about the Disney Channel these days. What are its workers trying to do, brainwash all kids into thinking that's how true teenagers are? Well, for their information, true teens aren't like those stereotypical ones. Instead, they're intelligent, sensible, serious, mentally mature, and responsible. Also, they lighten up in ways that are appropriate.

But honestly, I can't stand it when my brothers obsesses over those stereotypically teenage characters. It's like like all those mind-closing beliefs about teens went to his head he was a student in high school. What's more is that he records those pathetic sitcoms like crazy.

If I'm charge of DISN (Disney Channel, I'd forbid every one of its workers from airing teenage stereotypes on that network. But if one or more of them disobey, I'd fire him, her, or them.

I've seen some shows that has an endless amount of stereotypes such as the Black Antagonist, the Dumb Blonde, and the Idiotic Parents who let their child do whatever they want. Ugh, I effing hate that! - Arelli Raven

2 They are all skinny

I'm not asking Disney to write "overweight" on their casting calls, but branch out a bit. It's a bit disencoruaging to all the kids out there who aren't stick-thin.

Does Disney have something against big people?

God, Disney is that specific for their actors

They are all skinny and get skinnier, especially that Chyna A.N.T. farm girl.

3 The "Dumb Blonde" is almost in every show

I think the only show that doesn't do this is Good Luck Charlie with Skylar she has brown hair

How many dumb blondes do they need

I dunno, but I just hate stereotypes so much.

For example:
Austin and Ally-Carrie
K.C Undercover- Marisa
A.N.T Farm- Paisley - Arelli Raven

4 Mean-spirited

A lot of them are like that.

Every single disney joke is an insult! - emmaricciuto

5 Bad example for kids

Most of the time it is mainly because of their personalities. Therefore, I wish that those producers got canned for promoting bad behaviors.

Talking back to their parents and making fun of other kids is not something that kids want to copy. - Arelli Raven

They just have to do that 😒

6 They are boy crazy

What do these people need, a thousand boyfriends

Ugh, don't get me started... - Arelli Raven

7 They have strange outfits

I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THIS! Seriously, the producers should do their research on what the average teenager wears. I've never seen ANYONE wear an outfit similar to Rocky and CeCe (okay, maybe an 8 year old would) or one of Riley's outfits (they are hideous! ) OR one of Raven's "fashions" (again, nobody would wear her kind of clothes to school! ) I wish it was more realistic and simple. It always seems like they have 100 pairs of shoes because they always have to wear something different each episode.

I don't think what Rocky and CeCe wear to school would be good for school

Yeah, some of the outfits the girls wear are not made for school. - Arelli Raven

8 Lame personalities

No doubt about that. Therefore,this should Number Two on this list. After all, who wants to be with people who have pathetic personalities. I sure wouldn't.

There is always a dumb one, the smartie, the tough one, and the one who cares about their looks. Why can't Disney make a difference? - Arelli Raven

9 They are portrayed in the wrong way
10 Most of them are white

I wonder why.

Why don't they have diversity? - Arelli Raven

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11 Girls are the main characters
12 Duplicated characters
13 They're don't have unique personalities
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