Top Ten Worst Things About Total Drama's Amazon Team


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1 God playing

Obvious seoriously how exactly did they only lose one teammate? - Shartfart

2 They barley lost except when for reward challenges

If the AH mazon race was an elimination round heather would've been long gone - Shartfart

3 Courtney

I haven't mentioned this but I hate Courtney that's all I have to say - Shartfart

4 The team switch

Nobody really notices but izzy switched with Sierra and I think izzy was better interacting with team amazon - Shartfart

5 I see London...

Why do people hate this episode?

Noah gets eliminated and Duncan comes back the first eighteen minutes were good tough - Shartfart

Jesus they sucked in this episode - Shartfart

6 Fighting

Heather Gwen and Courtney only fought nothing else - Shartfart

7 The love triangle

I don't need to explain - Shartfart

8 Sierras creepy
9 They are 60% made up of overused characters

So,team amazon has 5 members,Heather the villain,Courtney the ass,Sierra the pychopath,Gwen the normal one,and Cody,the floater,let's see who took up the most screen time.
Heather took 60%,Sierra and Cody took 20%,Courtney took 15% which left Gwen with 5%. - DapperPickle

10 Heather

I was never really fond of heather I don't hate villans in fact Scott and alajhndro are two of my favorite characters I'm also not sexist against villans it's just that Courtney's a bitch and heather is just to me kinda boring - Shartfart

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11 Sierra cried about Cody hating her
12 Sierra is cuckoo over Cody
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