Worst Things About Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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1 The Ice Dancers V 4 Comments
2 The LARPers

This season was a huge improvement over the previous two seasons, but, why did leonard need to return?
Why not brick, or let owen and noah stay longer? - Skullkid755

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3 Beardo is missing V 1 Comment
4 Chris McLean isn't in the show

Spoiler Alert: But he makes a cameo appearance in A Million Ways To Lose A Million Dollars.

He sorta does he's reading a newspaper on a bench in the last episode after the police cadets talk in the confessional

I'll admit, this is a con. But I do like don, they should've hosted together. - Therandom

Your opinions are ridiculous. "It's a ripoff of the amazing race" the point was it's a parody, genius. - Therandom

5 Only a few old characters returned V 1 Comment
6 Noah and Owen didn't win

I wanted them to win which I want Noah to give the million dollars to Emma since Emma is Noah's girlfriend which Emma isn't a lawyer yet which I hope she becomes one.

It sucks, I was rooting for them the whole time!

Owen already won, so obviously if Noah didn't have Owen with him, he would've won.

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7 Too many non-elimination legs

Two non-elimination rounds, followed by a double-elimination round, followed by yet another non-elimination round? Seriously?

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8 The new host, Don

Don's writing is a bit inconsistent, and he'd be better if he had a Chef-like character alongside him. I think Topher should've hosted. - Puga

He's even more arrogant than CHRIS

I actually would've liked the show if Chris hosted. I also would've liked it if the characters were more realistic. Better than Pahkitew Island, but still bad.

Chris is way more better why change him with Don.😐

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9 Geoff and Brody returning right before the finale

And they even won when the cadets we're supposed to win. Very disappointing finale!

Yeah, and what if the last place LARPers returned and came in 4th.

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10 It is a ripoff of the show, The Amazing Race V 2 Comments

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11 The Mother and Daughter
12 Dwayne and Junior's elimination

They should've won their an active team

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13 Mickey and Sanders didn't become a couple
14 Gerry and Pete are too old to be on the show

Too many old contestants when most of the fans are teenagers.

15 Duncan wasn't on a team

You can't leave Duncan out! Put him in Ridonculous Race season 2!

Duncan wasn't on a team because he died in the sun with the rest of the All-Stars contestants.

I don't think the producers of the show would be sadistic enough to confirm them as DEAD. That's just too harsh. - Wolftail

I hope duncan never returns for season 2

I hope he never returns for season 2

16 The Vegans were eliminated too early and treated bad

They were forced to eat meat, which is totally against what they stand for.

17 The Goths' Elimination

I was so angry at Jacques and Josee for kidnapping Loki. Crimson and Ennui should have stayed.

18 Most of the characters are terrible

No, The only bad characters are larpers, goths, and ice dancers - blst0033

19 Don's strange way of saying "The Ridonculous Race" got old after episode 1
20 Brody and MacArthur's relationship
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