Worst Things About Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Top Ten Worst Things About Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

1 The Ice Dancers

I hate them because they got the Goths (Ennui & Crimson) eliminated!

They made me dizzy and nauseated for some reason. Closed my eyes whenever they had screen time >.<.

The Ice Dancers are awesome. - Therandom

Mcartur saved them and what do they do THROW A COCONUT

2 The LARPers

They were in two episodes... - Therandom

They can be funny on their day. - Puga

This season was a huge improvement over the previous two seasons, but, why did leonard need to return?
Why not brick, or let owen and noah stay longer? - Skullkid755

3 Beardo is missing

So, Who cares. Beardo is stupid.


Beardo should be in The Ridonculous Race. Because he is nice and deserves more screen time. Unlike Alejandro - Yona_db

4 Chris McLean isn't in the show

Spoiler Alert: But he makes a cameo appearance in A Million Ways To Lose A Million Dollars.

He sorta does he's reading a newspaper on a bench in the last episode after the police cadets talk in the confessional

I'll admit, this is a con. But I do like don, they should've hosted together. - Therandom

Your opinions are ridiculous. "It's a ripoff of the amazing race" the point was it's a parody, genius. - Therandom

5 Only a few old characters returned

That was the point. - Therandom

6 Too many non-elimination legs

I'm glad I'm not the only one who started to get annoyed with the amount of non-elimination rounds..

Two non-elimination rounds, followed by a double-elimination round, followed by yet another non-elimination round? Seriously?

So many they had to have a DOUBLE-ELIMINATION round.

So annoying. Yet I still like the show

7 Noah and Owen didn't win

I wanted them to win which I want Noah to give the million dollars to Emma since Emma is Noah's girlfriend which Emma isn't a lawyer yet which I hope she becomes one.

It sucks, I was rooting for them the whole time!

Owen already won, so obviously if Noah didn't have Owen with him, he would've won.

I wanted these two to win!

8 Geoff and Brody returning right before the finale

And they even won when the cadets we're supposed to win. Very disappointing finale!

What's Wrong with them? - blst0033

Yeah, and what if the last place LARPers returned and came in 4th.

9 The new host, Don

Don's writing is a bit inconsistent, and he'd be better if he had a Chef-like character alongside him. I think Topher should've hosted. - Puga

I actually would've liked the show if Chris hosted. I also would've liked it if the characters were more realistic. Better than Pahkitew Island, but still bad.

He's even more arrogant than CHRIS


10 It is a ripoff of the show, The Amazing Race

That's the entire point.

PARODY - Dragonj37

The Contenders

11 The Mother and Daughter
12 The Goths' Elimination

I agree.

I was so angry at Jacques and Josee for kidnapping Loki. Crimson and Ennui should have stayed.

13 Dwayne and Junior's elimination

They should've won their an active team

This should be #1 - Dragonj37

14 Duncan wasn't on a team

Duncan was arrested in TDAS.

You can't leave Duncan out! Put him in Ridonculous Race season 2!

Duncan wasn't on a team because he died in the sun with the rest of the All-Stars contestants.

I don't think the producers of the show would be sadistic enough to confirm them as DEAD. That's just too harsh. - Wolftail

I hope duncan never returns for season 2

15 The Vegans were eliminated too early and treated bad

I felt so bad for them

They were forced to eat meat, which is totally against what they stand for.

16 Mickey and Sanders didn't become a couple
17 Gerry and Pete are too old to be on the show

Too many old contestants when most of the fans are teenagers.

18 Most of the characters are terrible

No, The only bad characters are larpers, goths, and ice dancers - blst0033

19 Don's strange way of saying "The Ridonculous Race" got old after episode 1
20 They forgot Staci

Whichever troll added this on here, slap yourself.

She should never come back, EVER!

21 The Twin's Elimination

This was the only elimination that shocked me. All the other teams were either eliminated very early, or they had a chance to grow and overcome things together. The twins were good characters and I expected more development before their elimination.

22 Brody and MacArthur's relationship
23 It's the most overrated season in the series

Total Drama Island was good, Action was ok, World Tour was a little overrated, but this series was just mediocre with many terrible characters, and pretty much ruined the Total Drama series. Would've been worse if Courtney returned because last time I checked, she flew away to the sun with the rest of the contestants in All-Stars.

Also, I don't get why everyone just likes this show. Don is a terrible host, and I think they should've stuck with Chris McLean, or at least have Topher host. Also, why the crap did they bring back Leonard. They could've at least have Katie and Sadie return as a team, or Amy and Sammy (Not Samey).

And those Ice Dancers, are just crap. I will say they are worse than Alejandro, Justin, Sugar, and Courtney combined. Seriously, you just take Lightning being a show-off, Jo being a huge jerk, and the anger and violence of ever, and the stupidness of Staci, and the pretending-to-be-evilness of Max, and multiply that by a trillion. that's what the Ice ...more

24 Beth wasn't a contestant
25 Geoff returned, but Bridgette didn't

Yeah I was hoping Bridgette would come around.

26 They didn't add Rodney

So, Rodney is a terrible character.

27 Scarlett isn't in the show

I was very disappointed when I heard she wasn't going to be on this season, since she wasn't in All Stars.

Scarlett wasn't in All-Stars, because she was introduced in Pahkitew Island which was AFTER All-Stars, and no, I do not want to see her return.

28 Junior is too young to be on the show

Shut up he's awesome

29 Noah and Emma's relationship

There relationship totally rocked my eyes!

30 Carrie and Devin

These two had more screen time than they even deserved.

31 The Theme Song

They should've stuck with I wanna be famous

32 Courtney is missing

She is my favorite character and she isn't there

Personally, I think Taylor is a close second as they do look similar.

33 Gwen wasn't put on a team

Gwen would have been a good addition to the show. Team punk maybe? Or team emo. It would be fun to see her go up against Crimson and Ennui. Even Gwen would think they were creepy!

34 Leonard returned

They could've had at least Amy and Samey return, or Katie and Sadie.

35 Sugar was missing

Stupid troll added this item

36 Lightning didn't return
37 MacArthur hating Devin for something stupid
38 Kitty and MacArthur's rivalry

All because Kitty accidentally went past MacArthur in a challenge.

39 Unoriginal Setting
40 Where was Harold and his kung fu partner
41 Chet and Lorenzo not having character development

The Rockers didn't have much character development

42 Stupid, lame challenges

Sitting in a room!?! Playing Guitar!?! Eating!?!

43 No actual plot
44 Lack of character development for most teams

Pretty much all but the Reality T.V. Pro's, Police Cadets, Sisters, Daters/Haters, and Goths

45 Old characters return
46 Taylor and Kelly's elimination

I would rather see the Dater/Hater's win than a stupid Heather 2.0.

They were supposed to win.

47 Ezekiel didn't return

Could've been his only shot at not getting out first.

48 Boomerang
49 Don, the new host, is overhated

Come on, Don is a much better host than Chris. People hate on a nice host, even though Chris McLean is the bully.

50 Topher didn’t host
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