Worst Things About Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

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21 Beth wasn't a contestant
22 Geoff returned, but Bridgette didn't

Yeah I was hoping Bridgette would come around.

23 They didn't add Rodney

So, Rodney is a terrible character.

24 They forgot Staci

Whichever troll added this on here, slap yourself.

She should never come back, EVER!

25 Scarlett isn't in the show

I was very disappointed when I heard she wasn't going to be on this season, since she wasn't in All Stars.

Scarlett wasn't in All-Stars, because she was introduced in Pahkitew Island which was AFTER All-Stars, and no, I do not want to see her return.

26 Junior is too young to be on the show V 1 Comment
27 Noah and Emma's relationship

There relationship totally rocked my eyes!

28 Carrie and Devin

These two had more screen time than they even deserved.

29 The Twin's Elimination
30 The Theme Song

They should've stuck with I wanna be famous

31 Courtney is missing

She is my favorite character and she isn't there

Personally, I think Taylor is a close second as they do look similar.

32 Gwen wasn't put on a team

Gwen would have been a good addition to the show. Team punk maybe? Or team emo. It would be fun to see her go up against Crimson and Ennui. Even Gwen would think they were creepy!

33 Leonard returned

They could've had at least Amy and Samey return, or Katie and Sadie.

34 Sugar was missing V 1 Comment
35 It's the most overrated season in the series

Total Drama Island was good, Action was ok, World Tour was a little overrated, but this series was just mediocre with many terrible characters, and pretty much ruined the Total Drama series. Would've been worse if Courtney returned because last time I checked, she flew away to the sun with the rest of the contestants in All-Stars.

Also, I don't get why everyone just likes this show. Don is a terrible host, and I think they should've stuck with Chris McLean, or at least have Topher host. Also, why the crap did they bring back Leonard. They could've at least have Katie and Sadie return as a team, or Amy and Sammy (Not Samey).

And those Ice Dancers, are just crap. I will say they are worse than Alejandro, Justin, Sugar, and Courtney combined. Seriously, you just take Lightning being a show-off, Jo being a huge jerk, and the anger and violence of ever, and the stupidness of Staci, and the pretending-to-be-evilness of Max, and multiply that by a trillion. that's what the Ice ...more

36 Lightning didn't return
37 MacArthur hating Devin for something stupid
38 Kitty and MacArthur's rivalry

All because Kitty accidentally went past MacArthur in a challenge.

39 Unoriginal Setting
40 Where was Harold and his kung fu partner
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