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1 Random Placement of Non-Elimination Episodes

I hate this so much. The only time their are non-elimination rounds are when the amazons win.

2 Sam Competing In All Stars.

Why was sam on all stars? He played little to no game, and owen would have been a much better choice - Thatdude1123

How the heck is Sam a All Star. Sam could have easily been replaced with Brick. Brick saves three of his former teamates and what does Jo do she leaves their asses. Sam coming as an all star made no sense. - Darellfat

Cody or Brick should've played instead of him

This is number 1?

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3 Chris Became a More Horrible Person V 1 Comment
4 Dawn's Early Elimination V 2 Comments
5 Blaineley's Lack of Screen Time In World Tour

They get us all excited, give us the awesome song Blainerific, and then she's kicked off just like that. I hope she's going to have more screentime than that. Definitely one of my favorite characters in the whole series, along with Dakota and Lindsay!

6 Duncan Returning (World Tour)

Having Duncan return was a nice thought but it should have never happened. We finally see that Noah is capable of handling thing's pretty much on his own and he start's to lose his underdog status. Then what happens Duncan returns and is the main reason Noah left. Characters like Noah and Tyler could have finally gotten their well deserved screen time. - Darellfat

Duncan really mess up World Tour. Noah's elimination was unfair because Chris wanted Jack the Ripper (aka Ezekiel) and he got it with Owen. Also, Tyler was eliminated after telling everyone about Duncan and Gwen's kiss. I wish Team Chris actually won the challenge and the elimination got to Courtney or Gwen.
Also, Duncan won Total Drama Action, it didn't deserve more screen time, Alejandro and Noah's rivalry could give at the show more drama than Gwen and Duncan's relationship.
They could handle things better, that was not Duncan's season.

7 Mike Pushing the Button

I agree but mainly because Mike is such an overdone character. I liked him in ROTI but when I heard him returning in All stars, I was shocked. He was the main character and making him go to the finale was the dumbest thing ever. Mal was stupid and so was Mike in All stars

The press of a button got rid of Mal and the rest of the personalities. Could they not find a better way then that. Maybe they all could have convinced him why he was another personality. Doing this just completly destroyed Mikes character. He will not be returning for future seasons and if he does don't expect him to last long. - Darellfat

8 Ennui and Crimson getting eliminated
9 Our Beloved Characters Changing Personalities

They were perfect in season 1! If it isn't broke, do not fix it!

Honestly this defines pretty much every problem I have with Total Drama at the moment

10 Courtney Returning In Action

If they had her return the least they could of did was put her in the final two. Really she placed a law suit on the show to return. They never said as a contestant they could have made her a intern. Did I mention she took over Justin's role as the antaganist. - Darellfat

Courtney was made to be a character who always makes her lawyers return. If she always gets so mad then just stop competing!

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11 Ezekiel and Dakota

One of the few things that really upset me in the series so far. I think the worst though would be "Dawn's Early Elimination". That REALLY angered me. - Turkeyasylum

Okay it was a nice twist to have them turn to monsters. But now and this really go's for Ezekial, Why have they not got some kind of medical treatment. I mean no body wanted them to be monsters in the first place. - Darellfat

12 Season's Are too Short

This, more than anything, is why All-Stars sucked so badly. By cutting the number of episodes in half, you're essentially halving the amount of time to develop characters. Not only that, you're also encouraging yourself to rush development and spend little time in the writing process, leading to certain badly-written plot points becoming infamous, such as Courtney's derailment in "Sundae Muddy Sundae" and the reset button in "The Final Wreck-ening".

Are 27 episodes to much now. This is bringing some more problem with seasons. Relationships are rushed. Talking to you Mike and Zoey. Leaving them with no bonding time. Other's are practically forced. Scott and Courtney the same can be said for Dave and Sky. - Darellfat

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13 Love for Some Characters/Crap for Others
14 Can We Please Get Some Serious Antagonists

Heather was an idiot. Courtney, just plain crap. Alejandro, seriously!?! Scott, seriously, make his team lose!?! Mal just broke peoples stuff and Sugar, just plain stupid. Jacques and Josee were just crap, and all they do is laugh evilly and hurt the cadets.

As of late we got Max a very sorry excuse for a villain. Sugar a crossbread between Owen and Heather. Scarlett had potential but she got elimanated in the same episode she did something.
Amy could have been a great one. Except she kept bithing to her sister lets see you try that with ever or Jasmine - Darellfat

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15 Lindsay going home first on All-Stars
16 Too Many Joke Characters

Pahkitew island has had to many joke characters. Ella, Shawn, Rodney, Max, Beardo, and Leonard is number one what was his purpose.
Topher is debatable. I would say Scarlett became a joke at the end. - Darellfat

17 Almost No Development

Gwen development went down as soon as action hit. It started to come back in all stars. I'm pretty sure Sierra stop being Cody crazy, why is she crazy again. She could of done so much in all stars.

I don't know what happen to Heather in action. Becoming friends with Leshawna and coming in ninth place. Heather you are way better than that. Thank god she came back in world tour.

Now we come to the characters that lost all development given to them. Mike and Duncan lost it all. You would think Jo learned her lesson. - Darellfat

18 It Plays on Cartoon Network

Seriously. We shouldn't be showing this kind of stuff to our kids. The whole series has characters flipping each other off and perverted sex jokes (remember that one episode where Cody felt kinda happy that Gwen touched his naked butt? )

Guys, Cartoon Network has a variety of PG shows! Clarence, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, etc. So I don't see how it's wrong. This isn't Adult Swim or MTV material. Sure, it has a few adult jokes here and there but most kids shows do too. They say "crap" and "suck" several times in Adventure Time and the cursing part wasn't very kid friendly, I admit, but at least they censored everything. The part in X-Tremendous Torture wasn't so bad since they censored it, do you know how many times in Y-7 shows they censor boy parts? Like in TAWOG. Come on, guys! Total Drama isn't for adults. It's just a kid show with some mild sexual things. The show is fit for probably ages 12 and up, when your parents teach you about sex and stuff

Total drama RIPPED OFF the Minecraft sucks show! WIPE TOTAL DRAMA OFF THIS PLANET AND AIR THE MINECRAFT SUCKS SHOW on Cartoon Network!

How did this trash ever get green lit? - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

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19 Eliminations Are Too Predictable

Lately eliminations have become dumb and predictable. A better example for a unpredictable elimation is the great outdoors. Brigdjette burned down the tent while Katie and Satie got lost and cost them the challenge. Maybe a good twist like when Harold rigged the votes on Courtney.

20 Amy

Meh... I like Amy1 She's better than Leonard, Sugar, and the stupid overrated dave.

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