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21 Courtney's Elimination In Season 5

The overall episode was bad. Really bad. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

22 Total Drama Went Downhill In Season 5 and 6
23 Owen

One of the grossest characters ever created...

Owens the best how could anyone not like him

24 Sugar
25 Duncan Cheating On Courtney

I wanted to push Duncan out of the plane when I seen this. I thought he was finally becoming a better person by dating Courtney, and then he turns on everybody and becomes the biggest low down scum there is.

Duncan left a diamond for a rock.

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26 Max
27 Anne Maria
28 Bring Back the Classic Contestants

The fans don't seem to get much of a voice anymore. Some of the fans favorite character are getting eliminated early. B

Fan favorites like Dawn or Bridgejette left out the blue. If they can't come back as competitors why not interns. - Darellfat

29 You can't keep up with it

Same thing with anime - Ihaskitty1234

30 Running Out of Ideas
31 Seasons 4 and 5

But All-Stars was a great season!

32 Chris

You act like he's a real person so go see a therapist because he's a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. He hosts the show with his mean personality which makes him funny. He doesn't care about the contestants. Ok WHO CARES? This is a FICTIONAL SHOW PEOPLE don't act like the contestants have real life feelings

Such a sadistic, worthless piece of crap.He has no care for ANYONE whatsoever and he even didn't care that he let the eliminated contestants in the balloons( final wreckening) floated away.

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33 Bridgette's Early Eliminations
34 Duncan and Courtney's Break Up

Best couple on the show gets ruined. Like really? Why.

35 Gwen and Trent's Break Up

Trent and Gwen belong together. They were my favorite season 1 couple and then they got ruined. I hope they fix this. They really have lame reasons for breaking these couples up.

36 Duncan Turning Into a Douchebag
37 Jacques from Ridonculous Race
38 Rock and Lindsay Are Not a Couple

They never met. How can you ship two people that never met? - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

They never even met before. Rock first appeared in The Ridonculous Race, AFTER Lindsay, along with several other contestants, died out in the sun.


39 Chet Not Having Enough Screen Time

Chet deserves more recognition and attention!

40 Sadie's Lack of Screen Time

I want to see more of her, she deserves more credit than she is given

It's dissapointing that she's only a contestant in season 1. I'm really hoping she'll be able to compete in another season, without Katie this time.

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