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41 Jacques from Ridonculous Race
42 Rock and Lindsay Are Not a Couple

They never even met before. Rock first appeared in The Ridonculous Race, AFTER Lindsay, along with several other contestants, died out in the sun.


43 Chet Not Having Enough Screen Time

Chet deserves more recognition and attention!

44 Sadie's Lack of Screen Time

I want to see more of her, she deserves more credit than she is given

It's dissapointing that she's only a contestant in season 1. I'm really hoping she'll be able to compete in another season, without Katie this time.

45 Mike receiving hate when he's the best V 1 Comment
46 They don't give Sadie enough screen time
47 Carrie Didn't End Up With Devin V 1 Comment
48 Jen and Tom not winning the Ridonculous Race

I thought they would!

49 Sanders not getting enough screen time

Doesn't deserve it, we need MacArthur to have it all.

50 Ezekiel Always Being the First One Out In Every Season

So in the first season, he actually deserved it, but after that, they should've had someone else get kicked.

Well, we won't be seeing him anymore after being a zombie and stealing the money for himself in World Tour.

51 Bringing Back Leonard In the Ridonculous Race But Having Him and Tammy Eliminated First

I wanted them to win.

52 Max sucking at being a villain

What kind of villain is he suppose to be anyway?

V 1 Comment
53 The lack of recognition Silent B gets

He's cool, and needs more recognition in the show for sure.

54 They didn't make Jay and Jo a couple

These two belong together!

55 Zoey is always the damsel in distress
56 Miles and Laurie not winning The Ridonculous Race

They were going to use the money for a good cause.

57 The amount of abuse Harold gets

I understand a little, but they overdo it with him.

58 Sierra can't get Cody to love her back
59 The Izzy/Owen breakup

They broke up this couple that was the best. What is wrong with Tom McGillis?

60 Heather winning World Tour and not receiving the prize money

That was a huge slap in the face, after all her hard work.

Same for Alejandro, and Owen for giving it all up.

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