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1 Michael Bay's Directing

Michael Bay does NOT know how to make a good Transformers movie. In fact, his movies have almost NOTHING to do with the Transformers since the focus is more on the humans than on the robot characters. I'm sorry, but there's no excuse for that! If you're going to make movies about the Transformers, then they should BE ABOUT THE TRANSFORMERS! PERIOD! The 1986 animated movie is a good example!

Why can't film critics and audiences stop hating Michael Bay? I mean, what's wrong with his directing?

I feel you, bro. Last time I checked, people watch movies for whatever they want to see, not just the story or quality!

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2 The Obnoxious and Annoying Characters

Sam Witwicky takes the cake. Because not only was he annoying and obnoxious and acted like a spider monkey on drugs, but he just became more and more intolerable as time went on. Thank God he never returned for the fourth movie. And I hope he doesn't come back. Like, EVER.

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3 They Were All Successful at The Box Office

Bashing on movies that earned lots of money for some reason really makes you jealous. Are you or not?

Probably, it's the toys that make that much a year. Go look up "To Sell Toys" at the Transformers wiki.

They were good with the box office... And absolutely nothing else

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5 In The Action Scenes You Can't Tell What's Going on

According to screen junkies, the action scenes "look like junkyards having sex with each other"

6 Optimus Prime Getting Killed Off Half Way Through The 2nd Movie

At least it didn't make many children cry in the theater unlike transformers the movie of 1986

7 Gross Out Gags
8 Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

The second movie was the most atrocious out of the Bayformers series. Its everything wrong with the first movie, but even worse. And no, Optimus Prime's death in the 1986 movie had some weight to it. And not to mention that movie treated him like a CHARACTER. But to Bay, he's nothing more than a marketing ploy. It was predictable that he would be back before the film was over. Seriously, people, Transformers movies have so much potential to be so much better. But Bay has demonstrated that this is how NOT to do it. This is an example of what happens when you allow the rights to a franchise to fall into the disreputable hands of someone who does what he does just for money and nothing else.

I ain't gonna say I hate the movie, but it's alright. The reason why the haters target this film so much is because it's dialogue aren't that great, bad flaws and they still hate Megan Fox's guts for no reason. You can love this movie all you want, but still the haters will still hating till they die.

Why do many people hate this movie so much? Megan Fox isn't a bad actress and is smoking hot. Optimus dying was a great plot twist. The only things that really sucked about this movie was the fight at the end where the fallen got his ass totally kicked. He didn't even stand a chance even with megatron. Megatron is a horrible character but he is in all of the movies.

Worst film of 2009.

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9 Carley Spencer

She should be #1! She supports all and every girl stereotype there is! And this is an action movie! The girls are supposed to be OPPOSING the stereotypes, not supporting them! - Remaining

Definitely. Carly spoiled the movie for me and my younger siblings. She's so annoying and screams for EVERYTHING non-stop. And she just HAD to be blonde. My goodness, it's always blonde. I can't stand it and just because of her horribly stereotypical and annoying acting, I now dislike DoTM. - xMagnoblade

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11 Jazz's Death

Jazz's death was so premature and anticlimactic. We don't even get to know his character or anything. They just killed him off just like that. But then again, considering how the first three movies were barely even about the Transformers and focused way too much on the stupid and annoying human characters (who make me embarrassed to be apart of this species), I guess we really can't expect much from Michael Bay, now can we?

This is so unfair Jazz and he is also too young. I will say thank you to Michael Bay if he put him in the movie again.

We miss you so much Jazz and we hope you will be repaired again.

I think Michael bay does not even like transformers!

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12 Humans Helping Decepticons

This actually sounds interesting. Evil humans working with evil living robots. They should probably use more human antagonists. - xMagnoblade

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13 The 5th One is Coming Out
14 All The Movies Are Exactly The Same

That is most certainly true. And that's a BIG problem. Because they all follow the same plot. There's nothing new, no plot twists or character development, no coherent storylines, its just the same garbage over and over again. In fact, by this point, the movies have become so predictable that I've lost faith. Do you really expect the movies to make sense at this point when the writers and producers care so little about the franchise that they based their movies off of? Even Michael Bay doesn't care. He just does what he does just to make a buck. That's pretty much all they care about nowadays.

That could be true, but their fanbases are way different thanks to their opinions.

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15 The Witwicky Family

They are utterly despicable, annoying, and serve absolutely no purpose to the plot. And I think Sam's mom is a crack-head. Oh, what am I thinking? The plots in these movies make little to no sense at all!

God... The mother is the only one I find funny.

16 The Fanbase

The critics are not the problem here. Biased and arrogant? You bet they are, but at least they have a good reason to be hated on. It's the fanboys and fangirls who WORSHIP the Transformers movies especially in particular! It's okay to like Michael Bay and Transformers, but it's NOT okay to shove them down people's throats! I don't know how old you guys are, but when Michael Bay is finished with Transformers, that's it! Troll and flame me to death all you want, but popularity doesn't last forever and I mean it! In other words, just let it go!

Broken. That's all I have to say about it over the movies.

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17 Transformers: Age of Extinction

The fourth movie was a little bit better than the first three atrocities, but that's not saying much. But I will give Michael Bay credit for balancing out the focus so that its not too much on the humans or on the robots. And thank God they got rid of Sam Witwicky. Because he was just becoming more and more annoying as time went on. The franchise doesn't need Sam.

I wasted my money's worth from my wallet to see it in IMAX 3D. The longest ever in the franchise and most loudest than its predecessors.

18 The Writing

Even the writing could be so much better.

19 Lack of Character Development

This is one of the problems that is most obvious in the Michael Bay Transformers series. And they say that the original cartoon was full of problems.

20 The Lengths of The Films

The movies last too long than they need to. Especially with all their filler and nonsensical stories. And all the other issues that plague them.

I know they are EXTREMELY long. But that doesn't matter because the movies are EPIC

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