Top Ten Worst Things About Traveling On a Airplane

Traveling on a plane to go on holiday or to get back isn't a nice thing to do. Here's the worst things about traveling by aeroplane.
The Top Ten
1 Landing Ear Pains

When it comes to landing, the worst thing are those horrible pains that some people (me included) get horrible pains in both their ears. If you do, I feel for you.

I suffer from this. It's really very annoying.

Yeah, gum does not work.

Its hurts my ears
I just put my hands in my ears and hold for 5 minutes

2 Limited Leg Room

Oh, how I hate this. At 6'4", with my legs being disproportionate to the rest of me, I can barely fit anywhere. But plane seats are the worst.

I'm a big guy, 6'2" to be precise. I hate being crushed into a seat where my legs are crying for more room.

3 Crying Babies

Annoying wherever you are but they seem to cry excessively when in the cabin. Think of my ears! Please!

4 Same Old Safety Demonstration

Would it hurt to change it up a bit, make it interesting but still meaningful? South West Airlines are good at changing it up like a boss. Many other airlines can learn a lot from them.

Where I live they not only have it in English but also in French which I find a little unnecessary.

5 Those "Boop" Sounds

You know what I mean. For me, worse than crying babies as these sounds are what can tell you that you can take your seat belt off or you have to put it back on for turbulence or whatever. More than never, these sounds don't mean anything and it feels like a sleep prevention system more than anything.

Engine start-ups are great! Airplanes sounds don't drive me crazy at all. The Boeing 777 has a great sound

6 Getting Up to Let Someone Get to the Toilet

The positive about an aisle seat is the legroom to the side of you. The negative is that you have to get out to let the other people out who want the toilet. This is a real pain.

I never rode on an airplane, but it seems it's awful. I feel for you.

7 In Flight Meals

We all know they're disgusting and overly expensive... I'd rather not even if I was hungry.

8 Aisle Armrests

The armrests between the seats can be pulled up out of the way, so I'm not bothered about those ones. It's the ones on the aisle seats that can't be retracted that are the problem. They love to torture your elbow and I swear I just wanted to break the armrest off, throw it to the floor as hard as I could then stamp and jump on it repeatedly.

9 Going Through Security at the Airport
10 Non Reclining Seats

The terrors of many budget airlines these days. Uncomfortable, non reclinable seats.

The Contenders
11 Rude Cabin Crew

Some of them seem to be pretty stressed and because of this they just don't care.

But I don't think so, flights have the best cabin crews.

12 Kids Kicking Seats
13 Fear of Crashing
14 Fights
15 Tickets are So Expensive
16 Dirty Bathrooms
17 Luggage Regulations
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